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Mnet M!Countdown 10.06.2010 – C.N Blue wins #1 + Infinite’s debut stage

After releasing their 1st minialbum ‘First Invasion’ on the 9th, rookie group Infinite had their debut stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 10th June performing their debut title song ‘Come Back Again’.

Group C.N Blue also won their 1st #1 with their latest hit ‘Love’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

C.N Blue ‘Love’ + Win

SeeYa and T-ara ‘Coffee’

T-max ‘Don’t Be Rude’

X-Cross ‘My Love’

MBLAQ ‘What You Want’ and ‘Y’

WonderGirls ‘2DT’

SISTAR ‘Intro’ and ‘Push Push’


26 Responses

  1. oh my. i miss out saying MBLAQ. they are great too. although they lost but i hope they will be successful one day. i miss MBLAQ ! i like their Y performance 😀 gogo MBLAQ. <3<3<3
    fighting ! ^^

  2. Yea! Infinite surely rock the stage manzx ! (Y) their dance are really really like WOW ! great awesome. havent seen such great dance performance already. really very power and their singing are great too. kind of like the leader alr. but i still cant recognize all their names yet. which is L ? haha !

    & oh ya. gratx to CN.BLUE ! wooooot (Y) jungyonghwa fighting. CN-BLUE fighting. they are really great and awesome too. they deserve it manzx. <3<3<3

  3. Ok so just went back to checkout Infinite’s performance and I gotta say Im absolutely in love with that dance so well choreographed. I just gotta say DANG that was hot stuff lol.

  4. YES C.N. Blue finally won!!! Im so happy for them, they totally deserve it. I love their song and they are great musicians. C.N. Blue hwaiting!!!!

  5. hyuna seems to have no energy today

  6. love 4minute performance

  7. Infinite is really, really good!! This is their first stage ever but they even did LOADS better than the veteran groups performing today!

  8. Infinite performance was Very Good…But vocally on high notes they dont sing it but rather they dance all I hear is the MR So Poor.

  9. Infinite is awesome i think they are better than Beast and MBLAQ in my opinion.

  10. Kind of messy the ballad of MBLAQ, they surely need to practice their singing, but I like their Y performance…

  11. where the hell are ss501?

  12. 숙희 is such a great singer!

  13. Congrats 2 C.N.Blue..Jung Yonghwa n his band members totally deserve de win..C.N.Blue is 1 of those groups who can sing n play instruments well.. Great musicians..It’s a breath of fresh air frm de other dancing groups..seeing Yonghwa sing always puts a smile on my face coz his voice is mesmerising.. 🙂 Infinite r a new group dat i wil contnue keepin tabs on..Hope dat Infinite wil b successful n b on de same par s their seniors 1 day.. Infinite hwaiting! 🙂

  14. WOW.

    I am impressed with Infinite.

    They have stage charisma, stage presence. Their dancing is amazing and their live singing is flawless.

    Stage manners can be improved though. They only need to do more performances and I think their stage manners will improve.

    The last time I was awed by a debut performance was way back in 2006, when Big Bang debuted.

    I’ll definitely watch out for Infinite 🙂

  15. yayaayayay cn blue!!
    finally some good music that deserves to be #1

    and dang infinite was good!
    i’ve havent seen a group that dances good and do vocally well when debut in a while!

    boy groups better watch out because this is competition!!
    plus their song was good and i like their dance!

  16. What WG 2DT?!! Wow ^_^
    right where’s SS501 ?! @_@

  17. infinite was so synchronized!!!!
    i love their debut. hehe~ 🙂
    and of course congrats to CN Blue for bagging #1 today. “Love” deserved to be #1. 🙂 so “everybody clap clap clap!”!! LOL.

  18. Ahhh, I loved infintes perfomance! Congrats to cnblue :)!

  19. yay CNBLUE


  21. where is ss501? why they don’t perfom

  22. CN Blue totally deserve the recognition. They are talented singers and musicians with a unique style…that should be the criteria for the awards.
    I hope they continue to succeed !

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