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Rain, “Even though I’m envious of Se7en-Park HanByul, I will not reveal my girlfriend if I had one”

Singer Rain reveals that he will not reveal his future girlfriend to the  public.

On MBC Golden Fishery aired on 9th June, Rain was special appearance and he talked about his junior singer Se7en and his girlfriend Park HanByul, “We keep in touch often. And I’m envious of them.”

The MCs Kim KookJin, Yoon JongShin and Kim GooRa then urged Rain, “Reveal yours.” Rain then replied, “I need to have a girlfriend to talk about it.”

He added, “Even if I have a girlfriend, I will not reveal her.” But when asked if there are evidence found out on his girlfriend, what he would do is, “And I have to talk about it” which roused laughter from the other star appearances.

S: Newsen


17 Responses

  1. what? se7en’s girlfriend is Park HanByul? really? O_O
    how come i did not know about this? T_T

    one day we will find out there secrets regarding big bang and 2ne1…!!

  3. se7en kept his relationship secret for 7 years.
    but YG kept his relationship secret for 9 years!
    i think its a yg thing to be very good at keeping secrets.

  4. LOL it seems like it runs in the YG Fam. Se7en hid it for 7 years (coincedence? lol) and YG for 9 years!
    rain should deff. ask them for advice when he does have a girlfriend lol XD

  5. well technically, Se7en didn’t reveal it…it was because Se7en’s cyworld pictures got leaked…YG people seriously got hiding secrets! LOL…YG, himself hide his gurl for 9 years!

    If I were Rain, I would not reveal my boyfriend/girlfriend either…

  6. of curs honey, you’re grinding on stage will not be effective anymore if fans will know you already practicing that your gf lol

  7. Nice to know he keeps in touch with Se7en! I’m fan of Se7en & Rain! I happy for Se7en because if he’s been in a relationship with Park han Byul since their debut it means they love each other a lot. They should marry! 😀
    Now it’s time to Rain get a girlfriend too. He works so hards, it would be good for him to have someone to take care of him.

  8. hyori hyori hyori

  9. ooooo…..
    but se7en covered it for 7 years….it quite bit long time…

    • ehehehehe I think all celebs are now asking for Se7en’s advice on how to date in secret. ehehehehe

      I’m more amazed for the fact that he and Park Han Byul were able to be loyal to eachother and maintain their relationship for so long even after both debuted.

    • more like 8 now. lol

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