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Rain confesses, “I have let go of MBLAQ”

Rain talks about idol group MBLAQ whom he had personally groomed for singer debut.

Rain was on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 9th June when he talks about why he no longer interferes with what idol group MBLAQ do.

He said, “For an idol group, I expected them to be charismatic. I tried to restrain them, but seeing them on variety shows, they are just so funny. So in such a case, I thought they still will receive love from the masses anyway, so I just let them off.”

Rain also talked about his mentor Park JinYoung on the show, “He is really tight. He was a hysteria. Jinyoungie hyung had been strict with me, like commanding ‘Don’t be funny with me’.”

Rain added, “He also told me not to get out of the car. In this way, I can be seen with the charismatic mysterious concept. There are times when I groom MBLAQ, I wasn’t like what I think. And during these times, I thought to myself ‘What a wonderful student I am’.”



14 Responses

  1. Guess it’s a gd thing dat Rain doesn’t restrict Mblaq on variety shows animore.. If nt,it wil b borin seein Mblaq all straight up without humor..@ least i get 2 c mir’s cute n funny side dat alwayz crack me up n put a smile on my face everytime he’s on a variety show..

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and uthe nuuna 유라, Sam AlAsmi. Sam AlAsmi said: LOL Rain! I'm soooo happy that you gave up on them https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/rain-i-have-let-go-of-mblaq-why/ […]

  3. I guess Rain oppa just accept MBLAQ who they are now..hehe..its good that he wot restrict them again..haha

  4. I was expect them to be charismatic. for the first time I saw them on magazine especially GO and LeeJoon but after idol army I was shocked how funny they are I love them so much
    they are my second favorite idol after Super Junior (it was 2pm but after the s*** that happened T_T)

  5. this guy is weird. He said he took part in his clothing line with the designs, management and all and yet when the clothing went to shit, he said he is just a model and nothing else

    and now with mblaq, how come he groom them, he is out of the country most of the time. The group is only using his name for publicity and Rain promoting the group only.

    • they are Rain’s group. Rain is biggest shareholder in Jtune, thus it is his company. Just like JYP, he is not the CEO of JYPE anymore but he still gets the last word because he’s the biggest shareholder in JYPE. There are times when Rain listens to the radio when mblaq’s the guest and scolds them when he hear something he doesnt like. He produced and wrote mblaq’s Y. He contributed in Oh Yeah and Y choreography.. he’s the one that got Lee Joon in Ninja Assassin… Rain must been in Korea for awhile xcept when he had to go to MTV MOVIE awards because he’s an upcoming drama and full album coming.

      so don’t say shit if you dont know..

      • Actually, JYP has in the past sold off a huge portion of his shares in order to get more funds. But now his lack of shares means that he has hardly any say in JYPE..

        JYP has more say in JYPE USA though..

    • you don’t know the history, so don’t talk a s**t

  6. ……so what’s the reason? he didnt want them to be funny? I guess he wanted them to be more serious about music & not so much into variety shows, kinda like YG does with Big Bang?

    Well I think he did a great job with them so far! ^^ They have turned out to be charismatic and funny at the same time. Rain shouldn’t feel that he has to be stric like JYP was to him, there are other ways to groom a group and have fun but have their respect at the same time.

    Bi Fighting! MBLAQ Fighting! ^__^

    • YG doesn’t really care if they want to do varieties or not it’s up to them only thing he said was for Daesung not to act dumb. Other than that he’s said a couple times, if a member wants to go on it’s up to them. prolly just have to fit it in the schedules

  7. How did you groom them rain, with your spread wide open buttocks?

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