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Rain joins Twitter, and funny conversation with MBLAQ G.O on Twitter revealed

World star Rain joins the ‘Twitter holic’.

Rain posted up tweets on his Twitter account on 9th June realtime. He started with, “So if I leave posts like these, it will be seen? Keuuu~ This is charming!” – showing the features of a starter at the social media tool.

Rain then posted up a reply to people asking for his location, “Don’t keep asking me where I am, I won’t tell you anyway!!!” showing the cute side of him through his messages. He then posted another tweet, “Hare” which had many curious and he tweeted again, “Oh ho all my women who don’t have a sense, when I said ‘hare’, everyone should follow with ‘Yeah!’.”

In his earlier tweet, he had dropped the joking around and got on a serious note saying, “Hi everyone. Even though I haven’t been using the social media tools officially all this while, I have started Twitter to keep in touch with everyone. Please show me much interests.”

Some of first tweets he posted when he signed up for Twitter on 25th May includes:

  • “Hello i am rain”
  • “But this is a little difficult.”
  • “Totally difficult ㅠㅠ”
  • “Today our Blaqies won #1 and if I receive an award at the MTV, I will leave the next 10 years without any other wishes. If the 2 of us won awards, it’s party people for next weekend~~~~~~~^^!!!!

S: SeoulNTN

There is also an interesting conversation on Twitter between Rain and MBLAQ G.O

  • G.O: “JiHoon hyung. This is G.O. keke I have followed you”
  • G.O: “Hyung keke you ignored 3 of my messages hehe”
  • Rain: “I know. It’s you G.O. Happy with that? From now on, leave me messages on Twitter on what you are doing and whether you are practising.”
  • G.O: “…………Yes..hyung nim”
  • [1 hour later] Rain: “Where are you?’
  • G.O: “We are at the shop~~! Today we have a broadcast at hwaseong, once again congratulations hyung!
  • G.O: “Hyungnim, we MBLAQ are bowling hehe”

17 Responses

  1. is he deleting all of his time line? i don’t see any update on his twitter..

  2. why i opened his twitter acc,dont have any message on his twitter -_-

  3. I’m gonna join him right now
    I will follow him oppa
    i love you

  4. Lucu banget deh rain oppa~
    Hahaha you’re too funny..

  5. BWAHAHA!! they remind me of hwang tae kyung and go mi nam in You’re Beautiful keke XD

  6. LOL..!!!

    when i read G.O’s “Hyungnim, we MBLAQ are bowling hehe”.. i imagined it like a mafia scene.. xDD

  7. it’s real rain twitter mblaq g.o, seungho & his dancers tweet to him..it’s confirm

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rain has twitter!!!! Is this for real????????
    MBLAQ sent message to him! I hope it’s real! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove Rain!

  9. hey! ya i agree with the previous person!

    i thought this was rain’s twitter http://twitter.com/jungjihoonrain

    • MBLAQ’s twitter accounts are real and they replied and chatted with @29rain through twitter so I think Rain’s real twitter account is really @29rain (hopefully).

    • if that is the real Rain, why would he/she restricted her tweets? Isn’t Rain want to share his updates with his fans?

  10. How do we know that is the real Rain, cuz I know there is another account http://twitter.com/jungjihoonrain and some people think that is the real Rain.

  11. Lolol Rain checking up on them.

    Cute. =)

    Thx for the trans. Ü

  12. HAHAHAHA! the conversation is hilarious! how cute is that!

  13. how cute!!!
    i love their relationship 🙂

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