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Rain, “Noona Lee Hyori is the best female solo singer in Korea”

Singer Rain picks Lee Hyori as the best female solo singer.

Rain was on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 9th June when he was asked what he think of Lee Hyori as a member of the opposite gender and his answer was, “She is like a noona.”

Rain, “I think of her as the best female singer of our country.” MC Shin JungHwa then teased him with the question, “Do you think that she and Um JungHwa are of the same level?” which had everyone in the studio bursting in laughter.



26 Responses

  1. just get married BiRi!.. you compliment each other too much, just get married please.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i love hyori but dunno i just don’t really like it when she’s on stage singing..

  3. “She is like a noona”,yes,a very special and important noona to Rain.

    who says Rain can’t date with his Hyori noona?
    BiRi’s so cute.

  4. of course she’s the best… no one can beat her…

    for hyori antis don’t try post a bashing comment….

  5. Guess that depends what “best solo singer” means to you. If they said “best female vocalist” then definitely there are better singers. I think Rain means overall as performer, singer, etc. I hate to compare but I would think if that crown goes to anyone it would be BoA. She excels in everything and has made a tremendous impact everywhere. But it’s my opinion… Rain has his. And Rain and Hyori seem to be close right… what is he gonna say… ? =)

  6. i love boa but she is in japan and has been for a while hyori wins in korea so what im saying is boa boa return hyori u are awesome 2

    • That’s true too. Hyori is probably on top of her game in Korea now with her new album. BoA has been gone for long time. But she’s returning soon after Japan. Oh boy! get ready!!! =)

  7. his opinion,is his opinion, your own, is your own. though I gotta give it to Shin Junghwa with the Um Junghwa comment, she is also one of the top females. Honestly I can’t pick out a top for females in korea theres like a handful of really good ones to choose from. Even if album sales/popularity don’t match my terms for best call for some other qualifications

  8. I agree that Boa has better voice that Hyori, but to Hyori it exceeds what many lack and it is a charisma, because of it she is the best feminine singer of Korea, she is powerful in the scene

  9. Frankly, I’m getting tired of Rain-Hyori.
    Rain should date Hyori, then get married. Or whatever. They seem to adore each other anyway.

    Rain-Hyori. Taec-Yoona…. Haisshh, boring.

  10. i think in this context he meant as a solo singer performer. not based on her singing talents

  11. Hyori baby.
    Rain is the one who is asked here.

  12. Yeah, but Hyori is dynamic onstage. Much more so than Boa. I like boa alot but Hyori captivates onstage!!!!

  13. bull crap.

    She cant even sing well…..

    Boa by MILES. she beats Lee hyori AND him both together

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t agree that Hyori is the best…

    • whatever, that is his choice. they didnt ask you who is the best female singer?
      they asked Rain. why are you jealous, LOL

      • Agree with you “lover” @d: what’s wrong with you? . if u are fan of Boa and everyone else, you can post your opinion in the post talk about Boa,… But This topic talk about HYORI, ok. And I’m a huge fan of she. SHUT UP. Go Go Hyori โค

    • agree
      hyori is the queen of kpop but boa is better than her

    • wtf why are you always bringing Boa back everywhere? Boa is not performing atm. so please…

      and like “lover” said, it’s HIS opinion, not yours.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • She is not the bset singer.She is not the best singer.But she is the best permormancer.She is HYOLEE.

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