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T-ara SoYeon, “I was envious of SNSD”

T-ara SoYeon reveals that she has envy towards So Nyeo Shi Dae.

Recently on cable channel tvN talk show ‘Taxi’, T-ara members were featured and SoYeon said, “When I look at So Nyeo Shi Dae while promoting as T-ara, I have felt envy. When I first debuted, the cheers I have when I perform on stage and the attitude of the staff compared to when I performed with So Nyeo Shi Dae are different and I am envious. I thought to myself if T-ara can be successful quickly, it would be good.”

Meanwhile, SoYeon used to train under SM Entertainment and was also casted to be in So Nyeo Shi Dae but she left the group.

The show is set to air on 10th June at 12 midnight.


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  1. i think so yeon is the best female singer no matter where she is.she has got deep voice and she sing with passion.

  2. I was reading and the one phrase that stood out to me was
    “The attitude of the staff” changed.
    So that means the staff treats Snsd better O.o?
    Well..snsd did work hard and T-ara is what I still consider to be a rookie

    • That stood out to me as well. I assume they get more attention b/c they are more liked. Nothing you can really do about that. *shrug*

    • you can really see on TV when SNSD received awards, the members high-5 and bowing to every staffs they meet, including cameraman who was holding camera on his right hand, but high-5 with them on the left hand, indicating how close and respectful they’re (so that’s why I don’t get why people said SNSD is not respectful & rude lol. Even staffs working with them complimented how friendly, professional & respectful the members are. If not, how can they get so many loves in Korea, and get various CFs & shows?). That’s all begin with how SNSD deals with people, they don’t simply earn it.

  3. Didn’t know her much till this article, went to youtube her and i am truthfully amazed on her voice. She would definitely be the leader of SNSD if she didn’t leave

  4. it’s cool that she’s being honest about it. i mean, of course you’d notice how the staff (esp dudes) is all crazy about the fact that SNSD is in the building, but with t-ara…not so much. after all t-ara is still relatively new. it’s a phase most idols have to go through.

    she would’ve fit SNSD just as well as tae yeon does- awesome deep voice but with a cutesy outer appearance. and it won’t be hard to get noticed if you have one of the best vocals in the group, which means more lines and more camera time during performances.

    all in all, i’m happy she got to debut. and if i may add, i do enjoy t-ara’s music more so than the cutesy stuff snsd usually does (although i’m more of an snsd fan overall).

  5. uhm even in T-ARA she’s overshadowed!
    what more in SNSD?
    She’s a good singer BUT she doesn’t have the appeal!
    It’s an IDOL world, and she sucks being an idol

    • what r you saying
      why are you saying that
      i think she is much better then them
      they all the same and she is something else she is cute and i think she is much better with out them i like her much better without them
      she is best idol ever

    • lol, no appeal? wow, you smoking some deep shit.

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  7. she’d be one top 3 singers in snsd if she stayed. dont blame her for being envious though, i’d be too if i was casted for snsd and left but they’re so popular now. she’d be popular in snsd too, she’s got the voice and looks anw

  8. Soyeon is my favourite in Tara after watching her on some show (which i have now forgotten-had cheerleading and stuff also fx victoria was on it too). She is really carefree and funny and ridiculously dorky. I could imagine her in snsd, would have been one to best singers along side Taeyeon.

    • ya you r so right about this she is so funny unlike the snsd members which they are all the time cute and soft i hate that they are like that all the time i feel like that she is so real not like them pretend to be something else when they are soft and cute all the time she is so funny with a great personality
      and i think snsd lost a lot by letting her

      • @moony, well I’m sorry you don’t see snsd as funny. They don’t always act cute, look how Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon are like on variety shows – completely dorky.

        and no snsd didn’t let Soyeon go, Soyeon left on her own accord.

      • Haha you don’t know SNSD at all !!! Just watch Winwin, they were so down to earth, funny and natural !

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  10. I have a hard time imagining her in SNSD. Not because I hate her or anything, but she looks like she’d be better doing more mature concepts.

    Nevertheless, can’t really blame her for feeling envious, I would too.

  11. by the way i use to have the same felling like her cuz i think is t-ara much better then snsd t-ara don’t have the same usual image like snsd i bored of them but t-ara in a constant change all the time they make me want to see whats coming next not like snsd always the same image always the same thing
    u think that she is better with out them cuz her fame didn’t come from nothing they become famous in a very short time and they really deserve that Unlike snsd
    i love her he is so great
    love T-Ara

  12. she look like a 12 yr old, doesn’t fit in SNSD at all. More suited for t-ara.

    • you r saying that cuz you got use to the idea that she is a t-ara member not snsd but if it was snsd member you would say she fit them more

    • lol, and taeyeon doesn’t?


  13. ooo she was once in snsd?? i didnt know tat…

  14. Wow so the leader was supposed to be hear not taeyeon? :O that’s a bummer. But I think she fits the t-ara image better 🙂 hehe

  15. T-ara FIGHTING!

  16. if u think about it..SNSD is the most popular girl group and she was ‘supposedly’ the LEADER. at first so ofcourse she’d be jealous cause that should be her right now.

    its okay Soyeon!<3 T-Ara is doing great nowadays. in no time u guys will reach the top.

    T-Ara & SNSD FIGHTING! ^^

  17. i’m glad she’s in T-ara. who knows how much attention she could’ve received being in a group with 9/10 members. in T-ara, she gets a lot of recognition as the lead vocal. whatever the reason was for her leaving SNSD, it worked out for the best all around.

  18. I think the T-ara concepts match her more imo

  19. compared to snsd’s debut, they’re gaining popularity at a faster rate. they just debuted and snsd debuted 2 years ahead of her. it took sm 2 years and a billion publicity stunts to get them to where they are

    • erm…
      I meant i donn’t know whhat billion of publicity stunt you mentioned because as a fan i have known nothing of this sort…
      Actually SNSD,WG and Kara started the girl group trend.. thus allowing those just debuted girl group to rise very fast.You got to know in 2007 the kpop industry only give priority to male idols..Female idols are not really appreciated..
      Sure they may rise faster due to their sunbaes help to pave the route but i am sure they have a limit they can rise to..
      On the contrary ,SNSD popularity sees no limit and is still rising..It is evident in all aspect …CF,Album sales,Awards etc etc Popularity..

    • Umm, no. Hard work, and not publicity stunts, got SNSD where they are right now. (And that goes for other idol groups as well). Publicity stunts can only get you so far. Do you seriously think that it’s publicity stunts that enabled all of their albums and mini-albums to sell over 100,000 copies each? Or publicity stunts that made LG and Samsung want to hire them as cf models? The public cannot be that gullible and these conglomerates are anything but intelligent.

    • It was much harder for a girl group in 2007. Why did you think there was so few girl groups ? Because companies didn’t want to take the risk to debut one. Boys band succeeded more easily at that time, they got more fans, so they sold more albums and so they brought more money.

      But SNSD and WG changed that. INTW won a Cyworld Digital Music Award Song of the Month… Which is quite something for a debut song ! And SNSD was the only girl group who topped m!countdown with 4 different songs from the same album. T-Ara’s sales are far from SNSD’s…

      And don’t even need to mention WG’s success with Tell Me.

      • True without the success of WG and SNSD back in 2007 girlgroups won’t have such an easy time today. It was dominated by male acts such as DBSK, SuJu, Big Bang, Rain etc. the two groups overcame these groups to be number 1 on the charts… imagine today if DBSK. Big Bang or Suju came back at once no one will be able to overtake them not matter how many girlgroups you throw at them. So it is kinda silly that people deny the fact about WG and SNSD not contributing to anything. Most companies base their girlgroups on those two groups: you have the addicting repetive songs, cute, highly erotic yet pure, powerful costume like concepts like Nobody or Genie. And you can’t even deny it, the same thing is happening with then black, sexy concept which most girlgroup is using at the moment: SNSD, BEG. Kara, T-ara, 4 Minute list goes on.

      • Who opened the doors for other girlgroups was Wonder Girls. They started the trend with ‘Tell Me’. Wonder Girls were able to archieve sucess even without the support of their sunbae, Rain. SNSD were always overshadowed by Wonder Girls and they didn’t had impact in korean music when they debuted and even with the collaborations and support of their sunbaes and of SM ent publicity stunts to get them popular, SNSD were pretty much disliked by most korean people. SNSD only archieved real sucess when Wonder girls left Korea to USA, and SNSD’s breakthrough hit was ‘Gee’ which is a song influenced by the concept and style of ‘Tell Me’.
        So it’s wrong to say SNSD open the doors for girlgroups because they only had impact in Korea in 2009 whne they released ‘Gee’, a song influenced by Wonder Girls style.
        So who really opened the doors for girlgroups in Korea and who started the girl power in Korea was Wonder Girls because they opened the doors for girl groups like older groups like SNSD & Kara and for new gruops like T-Ara, 2ne1, 4minute, f(x), etc..

      • ^ That is so wrong. Why did SNSD sell so much more albums if nobody liked them and if they were overshadowed by WG ? SNSD sucked in digital sales and WG sucked in album sales. Both played a big part in bringing back the girl groups wave, it’s a fact. Girls’ Generation and Kissing You were HUGE hits, admit it or not but it’s true. Not as big as Tell Me but it was definitely a great hit.

        Honestly, WG and SNSD are the biggest girl group right now but WG fans need to realize that WG was not the ONLY successful girl group in 2007. Why do they always feel the need to tell that WG was the best ? Do they need to feel reassured because this period fades away now ?

      • ^ It’s true WG gained popularity with Tell Me but that was around the time SNSD debuted too. Their 1st single Irony is not well known. but you can’t deny the fact SNSD contributed too. SNSD may not received massive popularity as WG, and especially when they’re always compared with WG. SNSD didn’t receive support due to antis movement, mostly from DBSK & SuJu fans back then due to their closeness with their idols – no matter how antis deny this, this is the original & the 1st fact why SNSD has antis in the 1st place. They didn’t receive support from their own SM Town supporter. DBSk & SuJu fans alone were enough to ruin their career because those 2 groups are big! SNSD seemed didn’t receive support that much because of these fans, but they’re actually did receive support from public. As much as people relate SNSD to cutesy image, they didn’t debut as cute/girlish group. They had dance, powerful image compared to WG. I agree the part WG started the repetitive lyrics & simple but catchy song which boosted their popularity and I do agree to the point SNSD is overshadowed by WG. Even until now, when SNSD is at the top of their career, they said – because WG is not in Korea. That’s how people underestimate SNSD. That’s also due to the fact WG debuted 1st, the girl group of this era from the 3 big companies. but it’s denying how big SNSD is now, because WG is not in Korea. No, it’s not. SNSD new concept is well received by the public, after they switched their powerful group to cute group.

        and sorry, Gee is not WG’s style. WG is more to retro while SNSD is more to pop/bubblepop genre. Different! and I can’t imagine WG singing Gee. WG has this mature vibe compared to lively SNSD. These are their strength, and see, if you look at current girl group now, you can tell, this is influenced by WG that is influenced by SNSD. You can deny it, but WG & SNSD both create the girl group craze now. WG may start it, but girl groups influx in 2009, when SNSD was hugely accepted by the public and 2009 is totally SNSD’s year. SNSD & WG debuted in 2007. It has 2 years gap, but the girlgroups influx in 2009? Why, because of the success of SNSD, and they see the bright hope to invest in girl group after seeing JYP advancing WG to America. In 2009 too, KARA revived as a strong competitor to SNSD & WG (but KARA is from a small company compared to JYP,YG & SME.). These 3, is dubbed as WonSoKa line for reasons. They debuted in 2007, and gain their own fame respectively and aspires many people around them. These 3 idol girl groups went through a lot of hardship to get the acceptance of the public who used to support male group more. but now, girl group is everywhere!

    • lol @ someone

      you got OWNED ..

  20. http://snsdkorean.wordpress.com/2010/01/02/the-making-of-so-nyuh-shi-dae/

    ^this pretty much explains why SoYeon left snsd.

    I think things happen for a reason. She would’ve never been the best singer in T-Ara if she never left snsd.

    She’s a core member of T-Ara and I’m glad she’s there.

    • She’s a good singer, but I wouldn’t say she’s the best singer in T-ara. I do think Hyomin and Eunjung are just as good, if not better than her. Unfortunately Hyomin and Eunjung are stuck with the rapping parts since the other girls can’t rap.

      If she didn’t leave SNSD, she would have been the leader and definitely one of the more popular members. Oh well – things happen for a reason.

      • lol, it’s just that I prefer SoYeon’s voice^^

      • as far as the range goes, Soyeon beats Hyomin and Eunjung by a mile, and personally, I think Soyeon’s tone is also more preferable.

      • Soyeon’s range kills Hyomin’s and Eunjung’s. Hyomin’s pretty dam good, though.

    • Thank you for posting that up. I’m not a Sone so I had no idea about SNSD’s history but after reading that I’m like O.o
      The current members had to have worked their asses off to be where they’re at now. I seriously have much respect for them now. They definately deserve to be where they’re at now.

      • ah, you’re welcome :]

      • yeah..the 9 current girls need to compete with so many people to be in SNSD…only people who are hardworking and stand still from ‘SM hell training’ are chosen

    • That was some good recap of the group’s history, even tho I’ve never followed them that much. That was one hell of a ride for the most of them, I guess.

      I think Soyeon fits T-ara more, kinda like how HyunA meshes well with 4minute. What matters most is that Soyeon and the others were able to make thier idol dreams push through once more.

    • you are so wrong
      don’t you see that she gas the best voice ever why do you say that if she stayed there no one will notice her cuz you can see your self come on they are 9 who can even pic his favorite
      by the way her voice is the best better then any one in snsd

      • Expected, because she was meant to be SNSD’s main vocalist & SNSD’s leader, but she left before SNSD was officially announced. but having the best voice doesn’t mean you’re easily stood out. Well, look at Luna from f(x). She has like the best vocals among idol, yet, she’s not that popular compare to her own members..

        I think now it’s better that way – she’s in T-ARA and SNSD as 9 members. If she still debuted with SNSD, she probably couldn’t stand their damn hectic schedule since she couldn’t even withstand the harsh training. Comparing SNSD & T-ARA, T-ARA actually gains fame faster that SNSD, and they don’t have to stand antis as harsh as what SNSD went through. Even now, the success of SNSD still takes lots of hardwork, time, energy and spiritually strong… They’re every where, explaining their hectic schedule.

        but I understand her feeling, and a bit regret of letting go what she could possibly have and share now. She was supposed to be the leader of SNSD and their main vocalist after all. but because she left, we have Taeyeon, the kid leader and quite an outstanding vocalist too.

      • Ermmmm. Soyeon? Best voice ever?
        The only reason i can possibly come up with why you feel soyeon voice is better than anyone in snsd or even has the best voice among the female idol groups is due to taeyeon voice deteriorating throughout 2009 due to SM excessive promotion. (Chin chin drained so much out of her)
        Seriously, just search youtube for videos dating 2007-2008 and listen to taeyeon. Her voice was awesome.
        I will admit if soyeon was in snsd, she will be the main vocalist together with taeyeon. But comparing a fresh soyeon with a worn out taeyeon is hard to take.
        When you are carrying a group of 4 dancers (Hyo, Yoon, Yul, Soo), Sunny who is good but not when dancing at live perf, Tiffany who had vocal nodules problems which made her voice shaky, Jessica who has on/off days in live perf and Seohyun who is stable but struggles to bring raw emotion into her voice, Taeyeon really had to step up all by herself as she had no one to share the burden with.
        As others have said, WG, SNSD and KARA started the whole girl/group movement worthy of the glory days of SES/FINKL/BabyVOX.
        Leaving aside CSJH(who are awesome), if Soyeon is currently right now in SNSD, i would consider SNSD to be the best vocalist female idol group right now. (Sorry BEG :p)
        Having said that, out of the 2007 girl groups[WG, SNSD, Kara], there was a vocalist who IMO was equal to the 2007-2008 taeyeon. I like SNSD a lot but even i have to admit how awesome this vocalist was. It was none other than the former KARA singer, Kim Sunghee.
        If there was ever a group whose main vocalist literally carried the whole group, it would have been the original Kara. Not that i belittle SeungYeon, Gyrui and Nicole but compared to Sunghee, they pale in comparison.

      • @taengluv: What? Taeyeon’s deteriorating voice has nothing to do with Soyeon. It doesn’t matter how she used to sound. We’re not talking about the past. Besides, Soyeon had been training for just as long, and has been singing just as long. wtf is the difference?

    • When ppl talk about SNSD, they always say that they envious about SNSD- The Best girl group in Korea. But they did not mention about how hard for SNSD to be on top. When SNSD first debuted, they did not live in fame or paradise. 2008 broke my heart, Sones’ hearts and SNSD’s hearts. At that time, SNSD had their own fans but they also had antis who were as many as SONEs. Can you image how hard it is? You were trained in a long time,3-7 years. You tried very hard to have a chance to be on stage. Finally, you made it. However, when you were on stage, ppl kept silent during your performance. You were bashed for whatever you did. Yes, that happened to SNSD. Do you think that you will have enough strength and belief to move on? I don’t know what your answers are, but I think that I can’t. But 9 SNSD girls were holding each other hands and moving on despite how many antis want to bring them down.

      Those reasons made SNSD stronger and special. Sometimes I thank those antis for what they did in the past. Because of them, SNSD bond is unbreakable. Because of them, SONEs love SNSD even more. SNSD is fate. 9 different kids who have 9 different charms and personalities are living and working together like sisters and friends. I can proudly say that “SNSD is the BEST girl group in Korea and they deserve it.”

      If Soyeon did not quit, I don’t know how SNSD would be. But SNSD is perfect as 9. I don’t even think about replace anyone of them.
      There were many rookie groups but T-Ara stood out the most. I hope T-Ara will have their time to shine. They have their own charms. They might not be more famous than SNSD (because SNSD is still active and I’m biased ^^), but at least they will become one of the most successful group in Korea.


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