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A JYP trainee garners great interests of late, “The 2nd Nich Khun?”

A trainee from JYP Entertainment has been garnering much interests from netizens lately.

Recently photos of this trainee taken together with the JYP singers were posted and circulated on various online community sites, and is of hot issue amongst the netizens.

In some of the photos, he was seen posing together with WonderGirls HyeRim and 2PM JunHo. His good looks have earned him much praises from the netizens, “He looks like the 2nd Nich Khun”, “I hope he debuts soon”, “I wonder what group he will debut in” etc.



68 Responses

  1. everything is about being pretty, the guy is cute so netizens want him to debut quickly ! ridiculous and superficial.

  2. LOL, we are such shallow people xD! Hehe, wow he’s beautiful, quite handsome indeed. I hope he can deliver and knock our socks off because I don’t want to watch another pretty face with no talent moving across my monitor.

  3. he is cute but he doesn’t look like nichkhun…
    nichkhun is cuter than him… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. awww I’ve been interested in this guy since last yr. LOL. i dont know his name though. hahaha

  5. Hm okai he’s handsome but he DOESNT look like Khunnie xD No way !
    He reminds me more of Wang Zi o.o

  6. i thought he quit jype already?

  7. oh another pretty boy well he doesn’t look like nichkhun.. i still prefer nichkhun over him ๐Ÿ˜› but this guy looks sightly like the wang zi from lollipop taiwanese boyband.

  8. I thought, his face is familiar =.= But I can’t remember anything.

  9. he look like Nakayama Yuya,from JE in some pics…
    and wow he’s taiwanese?? so pretty^^

  10. He’s taiwanese..

    People call him Umi/Yangbum.

    I hope Crossfire isn’t just a rumor.

  11. khun looks innocent/angel like with soft features for a guy, yes feminine but not completely a girl, but this guy just looks like a very pretty girl,
    he looks taiwanese-ish?

  12. maybe this is for jyp upcoming boy that call crossfire something? if not my mistake ;O

  13. he’s cute! got double eyelids also. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. the only downside is that, jype seems to market manly idols. he just looks a little prettyboy-ish.

    fyi, he quite jype academy some time ago. which is quite a shame because i was looking forward to his debut.

    ps. i love jype trainees. they’re so cool, so chill. they’re not the typical koreans, very influenced by westerners.

  15. he quitted JYP ages ago ~
    he was a trainee in JYP, he did some performances before
    but he couldnโ€™t stand the tough condition of training, and I believe there are some other reasons
    so he quitted, and then gone back to Taiwan
    He is now appearing in some TV shows in Taiwan

    If you can read chinese ~ here is his blog

  16. he’s taiwanese and he is not in JYPE anymore. his name is yang bum.

  17. he looks chinese, he’s taiwanese is he?? he looks like one of those bang bang tang guys :p

  18. I tot he left JYPE already…???I remember reading his blog lolz…

  19. aww how cute !!!! but seriously, why he called 2nd nichkhun ? she don’t look alike nichkhun i think

  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and KPOP UPdates, maiๅฝกrss. maiๅฝกrss said: K Bites: A JYP trainee garners great interests of late, โ€œThe 2nd Nich Khun?โ€ http://bit.ly/axzPTz […]

  21. how old is he wow he is good looking not up to par with my jj but definitely really hot if he sings well then ill totally be his fan debut soon with a good song

  22. I’ve never heard of Yang Fan (don’t really follow cpop even though I’m Chinese…) but I could tell he was Chinese lol. Right when I saw the 3rd pic I thought: “Nope, he’s not Korean. He’s Chinese”
    So yeah not really surprised it turns out he’s Taiwanese

  23. He looks like a Tomboy. LOL. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Doesn’t he look like that guy in that picture of some guy with CL of 2ne1?

  25. isn’t it kind of an insult to call a guy pretty?
    cute is fine though….idk, maybe I’m just old fashioned.

    Him and Nickhun both have the big eyes and thick eyebrows.

  26. He is a bit TOO GIRLY
    usually i LOVE that but he is a bit too much~~~~~

  27. OMG I know why this guy looks so familiar! Isn’t he the guy that CL of 2ne1 took a picture with? There’s a predebut pic lying around of her and him–and she used to be a JYP TRAINEE!!! *Spazzes*

    here’s the image! It’s definitely him!

  28. He look Taiwanese o.o and HyeRim looks amazing :] I hope he doesn’t debut soon cause he’ll be overshadowed by the other rookies, UNLESS he’s really good :]

  29. he looks cute next to hyerim. and hyerim looks really pretty in that photo!
    junho looks like rain in the second and that guy looks like a girl lol

  30. HE IS WAY HOTTT! that last pic…YUMMY!
    i see no resemblance between him & nickhun whatsoever though. he is way cuter than Nickhun.
    ugh what a hottie!

  31. What a beautiful kid! Taiwan men are noted for their good looks and hot tempers[I know from personal experience], I’m sure that Yang Fan could make short work of JunHo in a fight. In the looks dept., Yang Fan and JunHo are like the “Tsuki to Suppon”, the Lovely Moon and the Muddy Snapping Turtle! JunHo seems to ENJOYING the cheek-to-cheek O-O*-* photo op!

  32. His cute but Nickhun is more hotter then him and way cutier imo.

  33. this guy just needs to change his hairstyle!

  34. he looks like a girl =__=

  35. cute.. but not as handsome as nichkhun(:

  36. Gosh I see it but for a second, I thought he was a girl. :O

  37. He’s Taiwanese. From what I heard, he is not in JYPE anymore.

  38. Handsome but does not look like Nickhun. Lim looks hot in that pic wish they would keep her hair like that

  39. woah. i guess jyp likes the pretty type alot

  40. HE’S CUTE!! I wonder what he is? Korean or maybe japanese?hmm…

  41. OMG lol…he’s so pretty…prettier than most girls…I hope he has a good personality like Khun :3

  42. He comes over so familiar to me, so I searched a while, and it seems like he is from taiwan, he had did an audition for bang bang tang and if I’m not wrong his name is yang fan (ๆฅŠๅ‡ก). And yeah he dances even very girly… but he has the looks =)

    • Don’t tell me he’s the one in hit-5..

    • thought so!!! iam right!!!!
      i was thinking if he’s more of a chinese/taiwanese…he even looked like wang zi to me, in the 3rd pic..or is it just me?! O_O

  43. He looks gay. So feminine. lol
    Not my type and please don’t compare this dude to khun!

    • yeah rrrright, khun is sooo manly!

      • well, honestly, he is … manly.
        his pretty boy looks give him a “feminine” image… but when you get to know him, you’ll understand.

      • Well, khun has a pretty face but he is manly guy.
        This kid looks pretty and feminine, just look at his smile. So fragile lol

  44. he doesn’t look like nichkhun at all.

  45. Lim in the photo wt him is so cute ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cant stop laughing when compare his eyes and JunHo eyes ha ha

  46. wow he’s good looking
    though i dont think he looks like nichkhun
    but he does look like a girl lol

  47. now why can’t they just let hyerim have that hairstyle instead of the unflattering one she almost always has lately? the poor girl.

    also hopefully “nich khun 2.0” can bring more to the table than his looks. i too thought it was a chick in the first pics. he’d even be pretty as a girl. lol.

  48. i think he should be considered as heechul 2.0 because khun has the doll qualities while this guy just looks like a girl.

  49. i thought he’s a she in those pic with hyerim n junho… XDDD

  50. eh not my kind of guy….he looks like a typical pretty korean boy…not my kind of guy at all….needs more manlinest in him…look at those hands. o.o

    looking forward to see what he’s got though…

  51. He looks gay

  52. at first i though she was a tomboy, but he is definitly good looking, too good looking^^

  53. what a different eyes size between him and Junho
    O_O -_-

  54. He sure is pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ tho in the 1st and 2nd pics he looks TOO girly ….i seriously thought he was a chick ๐Ÿ˜› I think nickkhun is a bit cuter mostly cuz this guy looks a little too “sculpted.” Not saying he got PS~ ! Be just looks so perfect whereas NIckkhun gets things like wrinkles around his eyes when he laughs so he looks more human (in like an “boy next door kinda way ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Tho if I had a neighbor like Nickhun i’d be stalking him 24/7 ๐Ÿ˜›

  55. HE’S CUTE ! .. But for ME he doesen’t look like Nick Khun ?!! hmm But he’s really C U T E ~ thou ( :

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