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Face-off between SNSD and KARA this August with their Japanese debuts

Korean popular girlgroups So Nyeo Shi Dae and KARA will be having a face-off with their Japanese debut this August.

According to SM Entertainment on 11th, So Nyeo Shi Dae will be holding a large scale fan event on 25th Augustu in Tokyo. At the same time, after the showcase, the girls will be debuting official through a single released under record company Universal Music Japan in September.

As for KARA, they will be releasing their debut JApanese album in August, after their successful fanclub establishment party and press conference held previously in May. The girls have also released their Japanese version repackaged album in April, which had gone up to Oricon Daily top 10 chart.

There is great interests as plans for the 2 girls to debut in Japan are announced. There was also coverage from Japanese news media about this. On 11th May, Japanese news media SanKai Sports released 2 news report – one on the Japanese debut of So Nyeo Shi Dae and the other on KARA.

SanKai Sports reported, “Even though in the past few years, we have seen Dong Bang Shin Ki do well in Japan, as well as Big Bang as newcomers, this year we are set to see more action from the girlgroups. Last May, we also see girlgroup 4Minute debut with the Japanese version of their hit ‘Muzik’. T-ara also did a CF filming here.”

S: MTStarNews


81 Responses

  1. Oh Beautyful !!

  2. yay i’m actually happy about this! cuz it time for female groups in kpop to takeover japan! ii love both group so i think both of them will do very well like BB,DBsk and BOA!

  3. go KARA…ang snsd………….i think kara should make a single for japan cause they’d be like in big advantage is snsd’ll release their album (if ur talking about face-off) but i wish they would give more time for kara to settle in japan fist cause seriously they are so underrated when it comes to rivalities like this!! but anyways KARA fighting!!

    • go KARA…and snsd………….i think kara should make a single for japan cause they’d be like in big disadvantage if

  4. สู้ๆนะค่ะโซยอซิเด

  5. SoKa line in Japan ! It will be awersome ! KARA and SNSD will show to Japan why K-pop idols are so loved around Asia lol. But I don’t think we will have a real face up since when SNSD will release their single, KARA will probably end their promotion lol.

  6. Good luck to both!!!
    But aren’t they both in the same company (Universal Japan?) so I doubt they’re being set up to rival each other…
    Anyways good luck SoKa Line!

  7. I hope Kara will be a bit more successful than snsd in japan.
    Cos i love both group and i like Kara a bit more and i hope after their popularity for japan+korea will be the same.

  8. I think KARA is the korean girl group with the best chance of suceeding in Japan. KARA always had the jpop cutesy feel mainting at the same time a unique korean feel too. Also they already have a loyal fanbase in Japan including the support of a famous japanese stars like that actor and ARASHI.

    SNSD might have SM ent’s money and marketing power backing them, but in Japan they’ll be seen as korean copy of Morning Mosume and/or copy of AK48. Like someone said above if they use their lolita concept to promote themselves they might get japanese fanboys and old men to support them. But japanese men aren’t crazy for korean women like Japanese women are crazy for korean men. So if japanese men had to chose between korean girls and japanese girls, they’d prefer the original Morning Mosume and the million of girls of AK48.

    KARA at least won’t be compared to other japanese girl-group and they at least have a type of looks that fits japanese beauty standards. While SNSD doesn’t.

    • PS:
      We all know SNSD is cutesy group too. But they’re to much like Morning Mosume to be taken seriously in Japan. Imagine if Morning Mosume tried to debut in Korea… Do you think koreans would take them seriously? Probably not because of pride.

      Same thing in Japan… They already have Morning Mosume so why would they want a korean copy of Morning Mosume. If they want to see a girlgroup with many pretty members they also have AK48, so why would they care about SNSD?

      KARA at least won’t be accused of being copies of other japanese group. And at least KARA would be unique among other Japanese female idol groups.

      • EllieS2, why always you talk shit??
        what a biased fan girl LOL
        ‘think before write’

      • Yeah yeah, it’s EllieS2 again. You will always against SNSD, no matter what. Knew it already.

      • And there go Sones again… They are very childish and can’t accept different opinions.

        I’m not talking shit about your precious group. Talking shit and bashing SNSD would be calling them a bunch of plastic bitches and other offensive remarks. I’m NOT doing that.

        I’m just stating the obvious:
        SNSD is a group made by SM ent based on Morning Mosume, therefore they are the korean version of Morning Mosume (This is a FACT!). When SNSD debuted, japanese people bashed them saying they were ‘copying Morning Mosume’. Now think about it:

        Do you think Japanese people will care about a korean version of a japanese group when they have the original Morning Mosume and a popular group like AK48 out there? Is there something about SNSD that is unique compared to Morning Mosume and AK48? No. So will they stand out in Japan? No.

        If you don’t agree with my comment, show me that you’re a smart SONE and explain the reasons why you disagree with it, instead of being childish and labeling me as anti and whatever.

      • ^I made the comment above. Forgot to add name.

      • well, I remember SM state about SNSD, korean MM..
        I dunno what japan people will think about SNSD, maybe they’ll success, maybe not
        because actually japanese people more like cute people better than cool people. i don’t state that KARA is more cute than SNSD, but compare with their height, KARA win.
        some of SNSD member are too tall, that make them not too cute (in Japanese people eyes)
        but still, everything depends on japanese public and also marketing!
        SM have a great marketing strategy, better than DSP
        well, good luck girls~
        my pray for you too~ kekekeke XD

  9. i really hope kara will success this time.Compare to SNSD i think kara is really suitable with japan market.They also good in japanese language..i don’t like SNSD since they are too many and not suitable in Japan.huhuhuhu..i always support kara…

  10. you know, i think kara might win in this ‘battle’ (for once). since japan LOVES cutesy concept. kara portrays cute better in every way, despite how annoying it is, it should work for them in japan.

  11. Honestly, I don’t know/think SNSD or Kara will do well because they bring nothing new to the Japanese music industry. Japan already has ‘cutesy’ J-POP girl groups. Also, AKB48 and other Japanese girl groups have a lot of members, so, SNSD is just going to end up like any other girl group (maybe). Maybe, SNSD and Kara can prove me wrong.

    Another thing is that even though 2NE1 hasn’t officially debuted in Japan they still have a huge following (not to mention they aren’t like other Japanese girl groups). They were on a number of Japanese TV shows and went to the MTV Japan awards with BB and got to perform. Which probably gave them even more exposer.

    The best of luck to SNSD and Kara though.

  12. As long as both groups perform cute songs, I think they will advance well:
    SNSD: Gee, Oh!, Kissing You
    KARA: Pretty Girl, Honey, Rock U

  13. snsd is better than Kara i much I hate the kara very

  14. I have a feeling that KARA would be more successful because they fit the Japanese market just right but I’m pretty sure SME would put up some mean promotions for the girls so it’s safe to say that this point, both groups are on equal footing. Most ppl say SNSD has the Morning Musume ‘disadvantage’, but it depends on what SNSD would do really. MM and AKB48 doesn’t just sing/dance — I think just like JE boys these gals do pretty much everything and are actually grouped and placed in different areas according to their strengths.

    Anyway, are KARA and SNSD really gonna promote full-time, ala BoA and DBSK (before)? I mean if they’re gonna do cross-promotions only, there’s no need to stress over this.

  15. Good luck to both SNSD and kara on their japan debuts~!

    but since i’m more biased i hope SNSD will be really successful!


  16. the thing is people are saying that kara will have more sucess because they got to no.7 on the oricon charts here something to think about 1. kara was promoted in japan by that famous guy (don’t get me wrong am happy for kara like them.) which is why they got there 2. 54 spot on the charts is amazing considering that SNSD never PROMOTED get where am going with this. don’t count SNSD out their the most hard working people i have ever seen in my live am nervous but excited over their japanese debut.

    SNSD & KARA FTW!!!

    • SNSD’s album was not released in Japan anyway. KARA entered the Oricon because it was released there. It would have been sad if they didn’t chart with their Japanese DVD.

      SNSD charted the Oricon without even releasing their album in Japan, it was a Korean album that was not even supposed to enter the Oricon.

      When did KARA chart the Oricon with their Korean albums ? I think it never happened. That just show how strong SNSD is. Let’s see what will happen with their Japanese releases. 🙂 We’ll see who wins.

      • Well y’know their song was still avaliable to purchase for the Japanese people which means they obv wanted it to put it out there to sell..

    • ” don’t count SNSD out their the most hard working people i have ever seen in my live ”

      they must be the ONLY celebrities you have seen then.

      • LMAO THIS.
        no matter what i believe in SNSD rising due to support from fellow labelmates eg DBSK and SJ.
        Kara on the other hand, i didnt really know they were even close w SS501 lol

      • I doubt the members of TVXQ will help promote them they hate SM and they want nothing to do with them so….

      • lol true. have you seen how hard dbsk works? how hard wonder girls work? not tryna belittle snsd, but seriously… tiffany even claims she has like 10 hours of sleep and plays games and watch gossip girls and whatnot. to add to that, they just seriously suck on stage. when they make mistakes, they laugh.. where’s the professionalism? it’s been three years since they debuted.

      • ^ seriously, SNSD always laugh on stage, except for RunDevilRun (but I didn’t saw mistakes for that… I didn’t watch a lot of performances too).

  17. snsd will eat kara and every group in japan alive like what they did last year to kara, 2ne1, 4minute, t-ara, etc. soshi ftw!!

    • lol KARA is also a force to reckon with. And yeah morning musume and AKB48 are waayyyyyyyy BIG. I don’t see 4minute fitting in the Japanese Market, not anytime soon.

      disadvantage for SNSD:
      1. TOO TALL for a girl group
      2. THEY ARE 9! -> Morning Musume is 9 as well and obviously they will have antis cause of that

      Kara and SNSD is in the same company….we’ll see how that goes.

      • Too tall. ROFL. That was a good one.

      • have you seen taeyeon, sunny and tiffany? they’re like stubby.

      • I just need say something… AKB48 is a huge force to reckon with, I agree. While singles sales may not be the only thing that determines popularity, AKB48’s sales way overpower Morning Musume’s (or any H!P girl groups, under the same management with MM).

        AKB48 managed to reach 300,000 on first day, while MM probably finds it hard to break 20,000. For a slightly different girlgroup comparison, Perfume had about 80,000 on first day sales. Not to talk down MM or H!P groups, but they aren’t selling as well as they did years ago.

        Anyway, there are many different types of bands and groups in Japan which can become popular (unlike Korea, which is idol-focused), so I wouldn’t write off 4minute as of now yet ^^ Idols aren’t the only thing in Japan, and perhaps SNSD and Kara may find other types of fans as well.

    • Actually I think Kara has the lead for recent Kpop girl groups entering Jpop. SNSD is playing catch up and is bound to face the problem with the Morning Musume issues as well as AKB48 issues. Kara has already shown a effort to learn the language which SNSD has yet to show they have. That is why 4minute hit a snag because their language skills showed poorly. SNSD is rushing in vs Kara prepared so it is interesting to see the out come. As to SNSD eating everyone alive is a joke! XD SNSD steps aside when Wonder Girls are around.

      • SNSD has yet to shown?
        SeoHyun has been studying Japanese for the longest time now and she is often seen studying Japanese shows. A few members can speak basic Japanese. SooYoung also happens to be fluent in Japanese considering she have debuted in Japan before she debuted in SNSD. SM planned for SNSD to debut in Japan since the beginning. It has been a goal for almost every single one of their groups/artists.
        Please do some research.

      • SNSD is not being rushed to Japan. Putting SooYoung who was active in Japan for 2 years before her official debut with SNSD is already indicating SME is planning to debut SNSD in Japan. Even if you read the members profile in 2007, their language proficiencies mostly: Korea (fluent), Chinese(basic), Japanese(Basic), English(Basic). IT was in 2007. They have been preparing since then. It is just the right time now for SME to bring SNSD to Japan after they are quite received there.Mind you, SNSD entered Oricon Chart even without promoting while other artists Korean/Japanese have to struggle for it. SME even organized fan meeting estimated for 10,000 audience. That’s pretty big for a yet to debut group.

        Anyway, KARA & SNSD are in the same label. Labelmate. Pointless to debate on this. Maybe the next time you know, they shared a house together, shared a studio together.

    • actually when SNSD and 2NE1 promoted at the same time, 2NE1 ate SNSD alive. so there you go.

      • when did it happen? it didnt happen and it will never happen in their lives

      • Haha 2NE1 ate SNSD alive ? Sorry but selling more doesn’t mean “eating SNSD alive”.

        SNSD has always sold more than WG and WG was still more popular and it was still all about WG. And history is repeating itself here. 2NE1 may sell more, they are far from being as popular as SNSD and I doubt they will ever achieve SNSD’s achievements.

        You should have been in Korea when SNSD and 2NE1 were promoting. On TV, in stores… the song you always could hear was ‘Genie’. And it was like 1st in the category “Public’s preference” during 16 weeks on Music Bank.

        Korean people love SNSD way more than 2NE1. Even if 2NE1 sells more, it’s just because they have a bunch of VIPs supporting them. At least SNSD has its own fanbase AND Korean public. Period.

      • @hiney, The difference between SNSD and 2ne1 is that way during SNSD debuts, they show off their panties and bodies and that makes them popular among the korean old mens and young guys. Selling their bodies is the only way SNSD can gain popularity. Looked at WG, they don’t wear clothes like SNSD. Sohee is the maknae and she didn’t wear anything inappropriate unlike seohyun who wears skirt so short. That’s how SNSD gain popular. Their fans don’t care about their talents but only cares about their looks and bodies.

      • both fans should cut it out. all of you are spitting major bullshit one way or another.

        tess: LOL. snsd are not selling their bodies, wtf are you talking about? They have amazing album sales, have achieved feats most girl groups haven’t achieved yet. show off some panties? gtfo. obviously ur reasons are bullshit. They’re the top girl group now and they worked hard for it. Stop being so ignorant. you thought they’re at the top because they showed their legs? LOL. how stupid could people get.

        hiney: 2ne1 did not eat snsd alive, yes. But you have to admit, they put up a good competition that you wouldn’t expect from a girl group rookie. yes, snsd is loved more. but don’t be quick on doubting 2ne1 (or any rookie for that matters) future.

        and that VIPs thing. yes, a big number are VIPS but mind you that they’re not there just because. they GENUINELY love 2ne1’s music. if these VIPs were just supporting them because of BigBang, 2ne1 would just be like f(x) — loved by Smtowners but still not creating that much of an impact.

        Point is, just because you guys are iffed doesn’t mean you’ll completely discredit the other artist. Or even start bashing them. just saying.


  19. Who has a better chance of conquering? Kara because they have already entered the Oricon board at 7 compared to SNSD’s 50. Not to mention they are the most oversickly cutesy group in Korea and they have JPOP stars at their disposal and SS501. But then again the 2 TVXQ members who hadn’t pressed charges against SM may lender support for SNSD. I think it’ll be a intresting battle… For me, despite not being a Kamillia, I would like to see Kara on top mainly since in Korea they have struggled for years to get to the top and if they automatically get famous in Japan becoming the top Korean girlgroup in Japan it is kinda amusing. But I’m cool with SNSD just feel that the Japanese will compare to Morning Musume and you know about Japanese pride and all… Anyways you forgot to add 4 Minute and T-ARA who also are trying to break into the Japanese Market.

  20. Shouji Jidai ga suki…

  21. perfect market for some mediocre, overly-cutesy groups.

    • bwahhahahahahahahaha, hey its funny but dont say that abt my kara!!! —- or actually my nicole

    • if you look at it, a bit risky actually.. because SNSD was dubbed as copying Morning Musume back then. but if Japanese move on, yes, SNSD will conquer the 2nd biggest market in the world + the people who appreciate their music more.

      • japan willl not care about SNSD music SNSD only have to bring there bikini and blink a lot of times and make cute faces all the fanboys will go crazy for them.

      • @nana: that’s awfully something rude for you to say. SNSD made it on the oricon charts without even promoting.

      • i just telling the truth have you seen what the top girl group do AK48 Morning Musume they release a lot of bikini shots and act cute all the time i bet you japan fanboys did not buy SNSD album for there music.

      • Nana, you’re just one jealous hater making assumptions ! Why are fanboys labelled as perverts ? SNSD never did bikini pics or MVs or whatever.

        If they had success only thanks to their good looks, you have to remember that they would have been successful since their debut. ITNW and their mini skirts ? They still had to work hard and produce better and better music.

        So stop saying they don’t sell thanks to their songs.

      • im not talking about korea japan is what im talking about ok .

      • another delusional.

        snsd might not dress in bikinis, but their photos are SUGGESTIVE. their first album photobook had their legs. LEGS. their recent photobook has also got a photo (photos) of their LEGS. have you seen ‘oh!’? there was a scene where they focused on one of their LEGS. there are a lot more instances.
        just how wrong is that? if you see wonder girls, kara, 2ne1 etc, they were never marketed like that. it’s disgusting. people with half a brain-cell know to which crowd snsd are being marketed at (as sex objects and soft porn)

      • yeah sure. Cuz none of the girl groups you mentioned never showed their legs before.

      • if you really observe, you’ll know.

  22. go go Kara and SNSD, fighting Seungyeon

  23. Imawa Shoujo Jidai !!!!
    korekaramo Shoujo Jidai !!!!
    eienni Shoujo Jidai !!!!

  24. As if yoona can sing. I wonder how she sounds in japanese language.

    • …Okay..Hara isn’t the best singer either.

    • why don’t you antis just leave SNSD alone? well I guess antis have no life eh?

      well if the 2 groups were against each other on J charts then I guess I’ll just have to give Soshi my full support 🙂 but until then I support SoKa <33333333333!!

  25. I think it will be very interesting for SNSD and Kara to be labelmates >o<

  26. Well they’re not really AGAINST each other in Japan. They’re under the same label and I’m sure UMG will not want to put these two very successful groups against each other. But yay, good luck to KARA and SNSD! ❤

  27. i’m sorry but yoona looks really weird in that picture…..
    good luck to both groups

  28. Awesome! Good luck, SNSD!!!

  29. 少女時代 <3333~

  30. OMO cant wait for their japanese single !!!
    Shoujo Jidai Gambaette kudasai !!!!

  31. snsd debut single will be out in September.

  32. Go SoKa line!

  33. lets go soshi lets go i love snsd but like kara 2 in this rivalry no one loses the fans only win more awesome muzik yay korea take japan by storm k pop girl groups domination

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