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KARA Goo Hara passed her driving examinations!

KARA Goo Hara is known to have passed her driving examinations.

Goo Hara had passed her driving examinations on 10th June. Known to have attained a tractor certification on KBS 2TV Invincible Youth, Goo Hara now will no longer need to take public transportation or to relay on others to travel around.

Goo Hara wrote on her Twitter on 10th June, “I’ve passed the 2 driving examinations today. Feeling happy~ Kkya~”

Meanwhile, KARA will release their Japanese album in July~August.

S: Newsen


13 Responses

  1. so proud of her

  2. goo hara….gud luck

  3. woot woot!! good for her

  4. driving a tractor im sure is diff from driving a car?
    can she drive a lorry w her licence then, out of curiosity?

  5. congrats!!

    time for me to take you out!<3 then you drive the next time for kicksss

  6. she is such a natural beauty!

  7. In Korea, you’re legal to drive when you’re 20 hence Hara is now legal in Korea cause she is 20 in Korea

  8. Wow… Do Koreans get their licenses late or something? I had mine since I was 16 o_o Puahaha, or maybe it’s just cause they are busy so they don’t have time to go take the exams.

    • Don’t know bout Korea but in my country we can take it when we are 18. and there lots of rumors of its gonna be increase to 21.. So, it different for difference countries

    • In almost all european countries, you’re able to get your licence at 18 only.

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