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KBS Music Bank 11.06.2010 – SS501 wins #1 with ‘Love Ya’

With all the hype of the return of SS501 to the K-Pop scene in this summer, they proved that they are still strong by winning K-Chart today on Music Bank with their comeback song ‘Love Ya’. Congratulations to the boys!

With all the comeback and debut performances, K-Pop scene is surely getting more fun and merrier!

Go under the cut to see the performances!


37 Responses

  1. i can watch song joong gi forevah! LOL. sorry for spaazing. can’t wait for sunkyungkwan scandal.XD


    i love seeing ss501’s jungmin..^^ and i love their perf.
    i a bit surprised ’cause suju didn’t win today. it seems that people has really diff’rent taste…or that’s just me. 😛

    i guess 8eight didn’t perform..

  2. Secret are just milking it now -.-

  3. ss501 FIGHTING!!

  4. no t-max so sad but yay ss501 for winning

  5. oh come on people, SS501 is one of the older group among the tones of newbies and they already have a permanent fanbase in korea, is not surprising that they win. Apart from that, their songs are always great so don’t fight over it. There will only be something very wrong if they don’t make it to the chart!

  6. Whoaa, Leeteuk doing Kyuhyun’s part was sooo cool O:

  7. for a moment… I couldn’t tell the difference between Secret and Sistar.

  8. I started to get tired of SECRET
    honestly, can they just stop promoting their song =.=
    It’s getting annoying :-<

  9. Yay SS501 congratulations~!

  10. SS501!!!! yess! i’ve been waiting for this and many more to come heehee xDD

  11. yay! congratz SS501 .<

  12. I m so happy and proud to be a TRIPLE S , they truly deserve it.
    SS501 FTW!!

  13. I’m HAPPY!

  14. awesome ss501 . love the dance and song

  15. yey SS501!!!!

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  17. Congrats to SS501! I love their song!

    And for SuJu, even if they didn’t win, i still gonna support them & proud of them. SS501 & SuJu fighting!

  18. congrats SS501 ^_^

  19. i want bonamana win! they will win again! sure

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  21. OMO what about SuJu 😦
    Bonamana >>>>>>> 2DT + Love ya

    • what??? sorry but bonamana SUCKS!!

      SS501 is the best korean boy group.Congrats boy
      SS501 Hwaiting <33333333 !!!!!

      • dont say this ss501 dont need more antis
        i am a huge fan of them and their song is very nice
        suju also there song is great
        both group are great i like them both ^^

        i didnt like 2dt <<<<< sorry for wg fans
        & suju win 3 times so now its ss501 time to win atleast one

      • Oh no KHJ you must be kidding me about best Korean boy group after they’ve had so many anti’s especially people saying they are bland.

      • Well, read through the posts each post to see who are the antis around here.
        Clearly, some are insanely uncomfortable with SS501 winning this week that with each supportive comment, there are at least 2 more discouraging statements following it.
        If I were to choose, SS501 is the better of the two.
        Heck, that is my personal preference.
        And, SS501 is NOT bland.
        Of the two, SS501 has the more distinctive style and is the sunbae of SJ.
        Triple S is an older fanclub than E.L.F.

      • “SS501 is the best korean boy group” LOL no. DBSK is.

      • DBSK is not a group anymore LOL now is JYJ + ‘Homin’.
        SS501 boys are talented and hot (unlike SJ).. honestly they are better tha superjunior.
        koreans loves SS501

        even TripleS is more powerful than elf.
        SS501 = #1 !!!!!

      • @3S501: are you trying to fan the flames?

    • ok, Suju already won triple crown- we ELFs should just be happy. It’s enough.

      Even though I prefer SS501’s other song “Let Me Be The One” congrats boys.

    • are you KIDDING?! Bonamana = Sorry Sorry 2. so unoriginal.

      • k-pop isn’t original to begin with.

      • Why is it unoriginal?
        It’s still different song and btw the composer is the same person so of course the song can sound familiar
        Just like 2PM’s Tired of Waiting and I Hate You.

  22. congrat to SS501!!

    wow, they even down on their knees for thanking the fans and viewers.

    again congrats

  23. Su Ju fighting!! win it next week when Kyuhyun is back!! (hopefully he is back next week I MISS HIM!!)

  24. Go 4minute !!!!!! ❤
    love mblaq performance ^^

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