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So Nyeo Shi Dae set for Japanese debut this August!

Girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae will debut in Japan coming August .

According to Japanese new media on 11th June, So Nyeo Shi Dae will be releasing DVD ‘The Coming of So Nyeo Shi Dae’ on 11th Augustu will be including the MVs of their 7 songs. And on the 25th, they will be holding a large scale event with about 10K fans in Tokyo Odaiba.

In the news report, it is revealed that after the DVD release, the girls are also set for their official Japanese debut with a single in September. It was reported earlier that the official from Universal Music in Japan had signed a contract with the girls immediately in May after seeing their MVs.

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57 Responses

  1. i hope they won’t fully promote there..i mean, they’ll be gone in korea for a while.
    and same like some who said it here, there’s a lot of competition for snsd, 4minute and kara..and t-ara.

    trust me, as a jpop fan, i know. japan’s got morning musume, akb48, well there’s rookie rock band scandal [although they’re not pop-ish, they’re part of the competition]…but i guess they can prove the japanese otherwise..

    best of luck these girls.. πŸ™‚

    • actually, there is also a girlgroup with a real talent, named BRIGHT..they’re under the same label as tohoshinki, Rythym Zone. ❀ *oot..xD*

  2. I hope SME remembers to keep them primarily active in Korea. The Japanese market is much bigger. Maybe it’s because I am Korean, but I feel like the Korean market is easier to handle in terms of debut. Anyways, idol groups typically tend to come back to Korea from Japan less famous than they were. I hope this doesn’t happen to SNSD (and 4minute and KARA).

    • Yup..debuting in japan means you gambling your famous there..i mean one’s really need to be really focus in order to grab japanese market. just like what tohoshinki did.they didn’t get it instantly, they had to sing in a place like a stair? a really small stage. ;______;..they practice japanese really hard..they had to go back and forth..and yeah, i admit it, the decrease of cassiopeia, eventho dbsk still have the largset fanbase in korea, but still..you really need to sacrifice a lot..and now, they have gain it, japanese’s hearts..tohoshinki receive so many love from the japanese..and it can be done with a really hard work.. oh my toho boys..TT_____TT

  3. there goes another group out of korea market… T_T

  4. I’ve always wanted to see SND rock Japan.
    They’re under some VERY STIFF competition though. AKB48 is like the leader of Girl groups in Japan now and their sales are really high.
    SNSD is gonna need to charm people’s pants off if they wanna make a mark, it’ll take a while too but I think they’ll do well. Good luck to them!

    • yea…just like how they debuted,they need to show their underwear and make all the korean army guys drool over them and now they must do it again for the Japanese guys.

      • LOL simple minded people

      • @lolol It’s the truth right from the very beginning in SME head.

      • Another troll jealous of SNSD’s success. πŸ™‚

      • Lols….Why should i be jealous….Delusional sones. Don’t you know, you don’t need to be jealous to hate a person? Simple minded people.

      • @tess: yeah, but snsd didn’t become huge as they are now until Gee came. Last i checked I didn’t see panties.

        get your head out of the gutter.

      • @gummybear, yeah but you can tell their short is very short and in genie, tiffatny shorts is so short that you can see her butt line. It was posted in korean site too. I’m sure the korean guys fainted after seeing that.

      • and I’m sure their would’ve been a high jump in percentage of patients admitted to the hospital that day. Except we’ll never know. So you need to stop passing that as facts.

        You’re only generalizing.


    THEY ARE BOTH 9!!!! OF course JAPANESE FANS won’t be happy with a foreign group with 9 members as well.

    • But Morning Musume used to be successful in the past. Not anymore.

      • if snsd would promote fully, they still have AKB8 to think about. snsd should promote as a vocal group, ala dbsk.

      • @boom lols…as if they can sing that good. Yoona and hyoyeon can’t sing. They trying to be like dbsk? HELL no. Their singing are just mediocre.

    • morning musume??? momusu?? (I’m big fan of them since 6 years ago, Aichan Rocks!) well they used to be popular and even J national girl group, but not anymore 😦
      AKB48 is more~ famous now

      • Got to give credit to Momosu since they still manage to sells their album quite good…

        AKB48 still new to Japan… so I don’t think people should compare those two groups…

  6. wow I’m so excited ^^ cant wait for their new songs.
    I support the girls all the way.

    So Nyuh Shi Dae Fighting !!! SNSD FighTaeng ❀
    Shoujo Jidai Gambatte!!! SoShi GambaTaeng ❀

  7. Sooyoung fighting

  8. @tees: just shut up alrd will ya anti? try to trash the girls like what you did in 2008? and you know what the girls will still stay strong and do their best in Japan no matter what happens. 2008 is like the darkest year for SNSD and they still stay strong and succeed like today.

    @SONEs: the girls need our support more than ever now. Just support and love the girls in whatever they do and have faith in them πŸ™‚
    SNSD ftw!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lols… I didn’t bash them in 2008. I didn’t know kpop back in 2008. You know me since 2008? Lols…Delusional Insones.

      • I think cheerup was referring to antis in general as opposed to you specifically, tree xD Wow, delusional insones that’s really clever (sarcasm right there).

  9. Shoujo Jidai FIGHT-O <333~ !!!!

  10. im worried too… but hey who knows…even kara and 4min are there…they can support each other being under same label πŸ™‚ worried and excited i hope they do well

  11. I can’t wait to hear there Japanese songs.
    Lets go soshi lets go !!! ❀ Shoujo Jidai ❀

  12. I wish them all the luck!
    SNSD Fighting!

  13. weeee..it’s not surprising anymore,since they are quite famo even they didn’t debut in each country,,

    wonder when will SUJU,SHINEE,SNSD and all SM family debut in Indonesia??(day dreaming,haha) XP

    congrats gals,the power of 9 bring u there ^^

    • No!!! if SNSD debut in Indo, Peterporn will try to get them…Eww… lol
      But a concert will be great. ^^

      • kekeke peterporn…i like..
        big news to in malaysia…

      • kekeke peterporn…i like..
        big news tooo in malaysia…

      • bhuahahaha.. XD

        no way!!then i’ll kill peterporn,how dare he touch soshi!!
        Luna & CT are enough for him,,

        @astro : even this rumours being a big news in malaysia??
        and he was no.1 on TT!!
        eeeeew..i feel shame cos of him,, >o<"

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Ava Bianca Arreola. Ava Bianca Arreola said: RT @sookyeong: So Nyeo Shi Dae set for Japanese debut this August!http://twurl.nl/mhenxg […]

  15. i have a feeling they’re gonna fail cause many great girl groups in Japan especially AKB48

    • true unless they show off their panties, they might succeed

    • i agree. im quite worried about them. but who knows. i still believe they can pawn all japanese stars and give them a run for their money!!

    • Kara and 4minute are gonna fail too
      korean girl groups sucks.

      • KARA, their style suits japan more. Not sure about 4minute. For SNSD, there’s no need for them to be in Japan. There’s morning musume and akb48. These girls will trash SNSD anyways. 9 members trying to be beat a 48 members.

      • and you’re saying 5 girls can?

        You won’t know exactly what happens, so just wait for it.

      • I think Kara will be successful if they do Mister or Lupin instead of the cute songs like honey/wanna/umbrella.

    • Yup… but their largest worry are Morning Musume…

      I love morning musume.. they can be cool sometime..

      • true
        I remember that in some old post that the Japanese thought that SNSD is copying momusu style

        I never see kpop girl group shine in Japan though (ex: CSJH)
        only the boy survive (DBSK & Big Bang)

        But I still hope the best for the girl and also any kpop girl band in japan market
        I really want to heard their japanese / jpop song
        because I like both kpop and jpop style

  16. haha
    now SNSD is BigBang’s Labelmate
    never imagined SNSD would be under the same company as BigBang

    • Kara and 4minute are on that label too, so its not that hard to imagine.

    • I thought Universal only in charge for Big Bang album sales and promotions only. YGE Japan still in charge of album creating process.

  17. lets go soshi lets go yay make a hit i wish you all the best but i wonder when yoona and taeyeon will quit oh no but on the other hand more snsd mv’s …….lets go soshi lets go

  18. That’s a first. They’re not partnered up with Avex and are with Universal Music instead. I wonder if it has anything to do with TVXQ.

    • Potentially….

    • According to what I read avex terminated their contract with SME and I think the reason behind it is b/c SME were the ones that stopped TVXQ/Toho activities in Japan so of course that made avex not happy

      • good luck b/c honestly they need it

      • I haven’t kept up with BoA activities lately, but does anyone know if this has affected her also since she’s with Avex too?

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