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SoHee, “I received comments like ‘Did you do that eye makeup because you wanted double eyelids’ and I felt hurt”

WonderGirls SoHee talks about the misunderstanding she received for her eyeliner makeup.

The WonderGirls were on KBS Happy Together Season 3 aired on 11th June when the MCs asked SoHee, “Your eye makeup is such that the eyeliner goes up to the eye lids.”

SoHee then said shyly, “I had received bashing comments on that. On news reports about me, I’ve seen comments like ‘Did you do that makeup because you wanted double eyelids’ and I was very hurt by that.”

Meanwhile, on the show the members pick YooBin as the member who looks the most different when without makeup.



32 Responses

  1. it’s true she is not the prettiest female idol in korea,but she is the cutest!!!!she has cute + serious aura..
    she is not flirty…that is why people likes her..

  2. i love how confident she is. she looks adorable. i love that she has single lids and is PROUD.

  3. She’s not the gorgeous type, but she’s cute.

    And I like the screenshot above. She looks like a 15-year-old kid. It’s good to be Asian. You look younger than your actual age.

  4. Sohee your single eyelids and your mandu face are what makes you unique and beautiful. Don’t mind about what other say. 😉

  5. Eurgh what do these people want? If she had eyelid surgery then they will pick on her about being plastic. She didn’t get it she gets picked on still for not having it. Gosh Korea is a strange place. Damn if you did and damn if you didn’t.

  6. They always look pretty, especially when the make-up set

  7. Sohee is cute and pretty with or without!

  8. So Hee definitely is the girl break the Korean Beautiful concept
    With Korean, beautiful = high and small nose, double eye lid, V line face
    So Hee has single eyelid, mandu face and her nose quite big, but overall she is too cute. No one can deny her charming, yes she is not Perfect beautiful, but her charming is special, if u look at her u never mistaken her with anybody, not likemany Korean actress and singer using plastic surgery and then have a similar face, high and small nose, Vline face, double eye lid etc…

    1 more thing i have never seen anybody who has thin lips but sexy as So Hee’s lips 🙂

    • So true!
      Idol groups are role models for young girls so having a girl like Sohee, who is pretty and confident with her natural look even though it’s different from the korean beauty standards of v line face, double eye lids, etc.
      Plastic surgery has become something so common in Suoth Korea, that most idol groups members have undergone some sort of surgery and they all look similar to eachother.
      So having a girl with a natural and unique look like Sohee makes her stand out. She has mandu face and single eyed lids and she’s way prettier than all the unatural v-line, small face, double eyelid idols out there.

  9. Actually that sounds like what a little kid would ask. The stylist who styles them should be slapped for some of the looks created for 2DT. Sohee eye make up is a good example. But the best example was Lim messed up wig on the lastest M!Count down. Dam stylist!!!

  10. Awww ):

    its okay girl, we all know youre insanely adorable

  11. those are some big ass double eyelids then huh?

    ah well that’s nothing. captain jack sparrow wanted to have a lot more eyes on his face.

  12. ‘Did you do that makeup because you wanted double eyelids’ LOL WTF sohee.

  13. (: heck them sohee, hwaiting!

  14. i love how wonder girls are au natural.

    • ‘the members pick YooBin as the member who looks the most different when without makeup.’ 😉

    • Yeeun is pretty questionable.

      • you should see her without makeup, she looks the same predebut (except for the polished eye brows and hair etc).

  15. I was reading a magazine yesterday and in one of the ads i say a female model with the same eye make up as Sohee, i was kinda surprised haha. I think it looks cute on Sohee (and she doesn’t need double eyelids ^^ ).

  16. the thing about sohee is that she’s one of the rare artists out there right now with single lids that are actually proud of them. actually she’s one of the few artists out there who debuted with her natural single lids and never once complained about them.

    • agreed. i like that she embraces what she has. i hope more artists follow her example, even if it’s hard to.

      i think there’s something very weird when interviewers insist on bringing up what they’d have corrected if they got plastic surgery, it doesn’t promote good body image at all.

    • True.

    • think beg’s gain could be another lol

      • but she wanted double eye lids, she said just recently she’s learned to accept them, since fans love her so much because of her single eye lids.

  17. she look so fine with single eyelid

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