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‘Twitter maniac’ Kim HeeChul reveals photo taken during gathering with Lee HongKi, Choi JongHoon and Simon D

Known as Twitter maniac, Super Junior Kim HeeChul recently posted up a photo taken together with FT Island Lee HongKi, Choi JongHoon and Supreme Team Simon D.

Kim HeeChul posted up the photo on his Twitter account on 9th  June and wrote, “JongHoon, SSam-D, HongKi and myself ㅋㅋ In the photo, our body looks unproportionate (head seemingly bigger than body)ㅋㅋ I had a great time and I realised once again that we should live life with a smile!! I had drank in my stage costume….;;”

Meanwhile, netizens’ comments to the photo include, “The gathering seemed fun”, “I didn’t know that Kim HeeChul and SimonD are close” etc.


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  1. whats heechul’s twitter?

  2. Hongki is wearing his PJ pant ^^

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  5. awwww hongki<333333333

  6. ^ are you a kamilia ? whatever. I guess you are right cus all these guys are prettier than those kara members

    • and I guess you r not a Kamilia either cus no one uses their fanclub name to bash others. If you are an anti of KR then you should stop doing this bcus it is really dirty

  7. these guys are all gays

  8. Oh yay Hongki and Heechul, i miss FT Island. So glad to see him after so long. ^w^

  9. someone’s missing…ohh! Jonghyun!! then it’ll be an Blood A party.lol

  10. nice to see them posting pics in twitter. i get my own dose of kpop twitter love from the boys of U-Kiss daily.

    you shoud follow them too!

  11. Heechul is friends with lots of people in the k-industry.

    HongChul is back<3

  12. ughh I’m so tired of ‘News’ about Heechul twitter :s

  13. this is totally cute!

  14. 4 of de cutest guys in k-pop takin a pic 2gether..uber cute..Cool 2 knw dat they r close..Esp hongki n heechul..2 of my fave guyz eva.. 🙂 Make mi wish i was der.. :p

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