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WonderGirls members talk about their ideal guys – YooBin with ‘Big Bang’ and YeEun with ‘Cheon JungMyung’

The WonderGirls were on KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 aired on 10th June when they revealed the male entertainments whom they like.

YooBin said, “I like Big Bang TaeYang”, while HyeRim said, “Yesterday, I liked C.N Blue. And today I like the Super Junior oppas.”

Also YeEun revealed, “Recently I’ve been watching drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ and I grew to like Cheon JungMyung.”

Meanwhile, YooBin revealed an episode on the show where before she had entered high school, she had cut her hair and dyed it despite her mother’s objections.

S: Newsen


23 Responses

  1. yoobin shi…day by day..i think u r honestly like taeyang and not only for just lip-service…
    taeyang dear,please notice her feeling…hehe

    lim,why dun u just said kyuyhun’s name?muauauahaha

  2. woa, big bang and Cheon Jung Myung, i also like them :X:X:X

  3. Wonder Bang fighting!!!!

    Thanks Yoobin for keeping the Wonder Bang love live!!!! 😀 ehehehe

    I prefer her with TOP, but I wouldn’t mind to see her with Taeyang! 😛

    Hopefully there will be a Wonder Bang performance this year.

  4. oh there is a picture, of yoobin with a very boyish haircut, she looked hot~ hah~ WonderGirls!~

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, KPOP UPdates. KPOP UPdates said: http://bit.ly/ceApEu wonder girls tolk about their ideal guys http://bit.ly/aYLlgn […]

  6. Yoobin is a devout christian so Taeyang would love it…lol
    however, with US promotion… No chance of meeting…

    N I shall say WG members have good taste.
    Yeeun seems to like a guy with fair complexion and baby face. Cheon JungMyung and Onew….^^

    hyelim….lol 2PM, CNBLUE n now SJ… Well SJ oppas are JJANG!

  7. I love Yoobin (btw just saw her in concert in the US and it was awwwweeeesome!).
    And I like how she sticks to one! Taeyang! That would be one hotttt-asssss couple. There you go, Taeyang wanted a girlfriend this year, its perfect. 😉

    And as for Jung Myung, I love him too! He is one of my fave actors, loved him in CS.

  8. Yoobin is sooo pretty! ^___^


  9. LOL Yoobin is so loyal! i like it ^__^

  10. I’ve always liked SunYe-YoungBae pairing bcuz of wonderbang but, I’m starting to ship doubleYB ❤
    I love that pic of YeEun&YooBin, they are so cute n pretty ^__^

  11. If WonderBang happen again this end-year music show, hope Yoo Bin can pairing wt Tae Yang 🙂 Although i love TopBin ^^

  12. oh Yoobin+Taeyang=WonderBang love

    oh Taeyang is coming back in late June
    hoping to hear his thought on this lol

  13. the girls look soo cute and pretty 🙂

  14. Yoobin + Taeyang = <33333
    but i love to see her with Top ^_^

  15. Yoobin has been pretty faithful with her love for Taeyang….first on Win Win, then on Sketchbook and now on Happy Together~ and she even said “Young Bae” instead of Taeyang…usually only close friends who call him that would accidentally say it~~ I’m letting my imagination get the better of me, but I have no qualms about the two of them getting together!

  16. Yooyang! ❤

  17. hyerim, you have good taste 😉

  18. i love how yoobin is staying truthful to taeyang throughout all these shows xD

    …although i do perfer her and top.. xD nonetheless, her and TY would be adorbs. taeyang is an all-around perfect man. i can see why Yoobin likes him 😉

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