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MBC Music Core 12.06.2010 – Special MCs Han SeungYeon, Goo Hara and Kim HyunJoong

Today on MBC Music Core, KARA Han SeungYeon, Goo Hara and SS501 Kim HyunJoong were the special MCs on the show. The show has been inviting stars to the be special MCs after the former MCs SNSD Yuri and Tiffany left the show.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

44 Responses

  1. Infinite debut is pretty goof. For a rookie band, I’m impressed πŸ™‚ ^____^ I started to like them.
    William, that didn’t understand the video.
    Is really simple , at first you don’t really know what the video is about but if you saw the ending : they found a dog right?
    Come back title is probably talking about the dog.X)
    Is just like a bunch of friend,well the member are trying to search for the dog, It also seems like the song is about a girl but unlike the other video that is always talking about love towards people. They used a comic side of it.
    I like them , seriously look at their dance , they dance perfectly to the rythm and they all moving at the same times.That’s my opinion!

    • What’s sad is one member is singing, so I’m not sure if you’re impressed with the band or the member only. They don’t even sing that one part in the chorus (the ending when it goes high), or the chorus in general so I don’t really know what the other 6-7 (i dont’ know how many members) are doing there.

  2. has anyone heard infinites new single
    and their mv, i cant really even comprehend the crap they did
    its reaally bad with no flow and shit
    i rather listen to suju bad bononmamamas whatever song than to listen to infinite worse song
    but then again bring back 2pm ok dance so i can laugh out loud
    im being an arse cos im not a 2pm follower without jaebum

    really keen to see what jaebum will do when he comes back to korea for hype nation

    bye all

    • lol bitter.but i suppose i can half see where ur coming from. i thought i was the only one who thought that ‘okay dance’ looked weird but then it started topping charts /:
      infinite’s alright i think, give them a chance. however i think only 1 person sings out of 7 lol.
      hype nation better be good after all that hype.

    • so coming from a jay fan right ?
      you make all of them look bad…

  3. i feel great things coming from infinite.

    their song is sick. their beat and rhythm is very distinct and it has a great feel to it.

    i like suju but imo, their latest song sounds very similar to shinee’s ring ding dong. if its been said before, excuse the redundancy for i havent been reading many comments lately.

    ss501 is alright. i can see why they’ve won and will probably win many times. but like i said, infinite is quite the unique bunch. same with cnblue but this is the mainstream scene, rock doesnt seem to hold itself much when considering mainstream kPOP.

  4. aww, the mblaq audio is all off
    but i like what they’re wearing here more than their past outfits
    always seems like they get the short end of the stick when it comes to stage outfits

    and also, i’m really enjoying ss501’s comeback.

  5. I didn’t know that in the Infinite song only the leader sings… how dissapointing. i’ll wait until the other members are able to get a part of a song until i start liking them.

  6. Suju<3333

    Where is T-Max?

  7. oh i love dsp mcing…

  8. hmm i know this isn’t the first time someone has said smth like this, but im really getting sick of idols taking off their shirts…

    and yea, im talking about joon. im a great fan of mblaq and i like joon (cause he’s so freaking hilarious XD) but sometimes i really get abit irritated cause he keeps, idk, showing off his bod? :X

    anw on a side note, did anyone notice the “opening” thingum on mir’s back? did his shirt spilt open because of the big movements of the dance, or is it just design? o.0

    • indeed, joon takes off his clothes alot (but on stage only). atleast in this one, he actually had a wardrobe malfunction in which his button flew off at the very beginning, showing his abs too early…so b/c of this i am supposing he took it all off to emphasize the ending more lol.
      and the slits are designs. baby-face doong has it too.

      ok how can they be cute and masculine at the same time? am i sounding like an mblaq fan now? hehe, i guess i am. they just look so hardworking, and i’m a sucker for those. their abilities and talents aren’t too bad either, so it’s worth rooting for them.

  9. woohh actually ss501 doesnt always have rap parts, but yeahh if there are then leader and baby do it, kyu jong added to them this time. im happy with that cuz he had the chance to show off another talent, btw dsp family is jjang, so cute, even if it’s their first time to work together like that no awkwardness at all..

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  11. he’s a good mc! kim hyun joong hwaiting. :DD

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  13. i have a pet peeve about korean idol groups..do you really need a rapper or someone rapping in your group? I mean damn is it like a requirement? what happen to good singing harmony groups. Some idols should not even be rapping but companies need to make use of them somehow I wont name names but damn can we get a regular group maybe at least with no rapper in it?

    • haha agreed. I dont hate it or anything, but it’s mostly like that.

    • actuly i like their rab
      b\c for me american rap are all the same <<< they are very good but the same ^^
      so for me i prefer k rap

      • Yeah but at least American rappers are passionate about their rapping and their skills are 10x better. They can freestyle and write their own lyrics and its not written for them like idol rappers. GD is probably one the few idol who has passion for rapping, grew up on it and he contributes writing credits to his songs.

      • Right… passion about dissing people, committing crime and degrading women is so awesome.

        Face it, with a few exceptions, mainstream rap everywhere in the world is pretty crappy.

    • Errrm snsd don’t have rappers :p

      • oh, right! i didn’t think of them hahah. yea, now that i think of it, they really dont! O: cool.

    • and TOP too. don’t forget abt TOP. he started underground after all. but i kinda agree. if you can’t rap then just don’t. out of the new gen idols, i think BEAST junghyun is doin alright. but others are kinda meh. i don’t hate them, i just don’t prefer them.

      some ppl can be trained to rap. some just don’t have the natural skill for it and they don’t catch on. taecyeon for example is one of some who got kinda good over time and that CNBlue younghwa guy.

      but still, it can never really beat natural rapping abilities.

    • i understand your pet peeve.

      but i guess its become a staple. somewhat like how songs have came to have a first verse, chorus, second verse, chorus, and a bridge

  14. i wish they get to mc again. if fany and yuri are not back.

  15. Already FAN of Infinite ..x3

  16. it was awesome

  17. JUSt watched the whole mc cut it was , Dsp family is really cute.


  19. ss501 the best!!!!!!!!! and mc hyun joong soooooooo cute πŸ™‚

    • I agree, he was so kawaii today !!!! Loved it. ss501 were just simply the best, hands down. ss501 hwaiting XD

  20. Ouch SuJu please stop singing, my ears are bleeding.

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