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WGM SeoHyun-Jung YongHwa goes on last vacation as preparing couple

On MBC We Got Married aired on 12th June, Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun go on their last vacation together as preparing couples on a sunrise railway vacation.

It seems that this is the first time that the 2 are on a night train vacation, and they had stayed up late having fun. And by Jung YongHwa’s sugggestion, the 2 had also roamed the cafe inside the train. The 2 then went on to sing their songs in a karaoke booth in the cafe. Jung YongHwa sang ‘Loner’ and SeoHyun with ‘Oh!’, she even showed the choreography to the song inside the booth.

After which, they tried to get some sleep in order to see the sunrise, but they were unable to sleep. SeoHyun even prepared couple blindfolders and neckrest for YongHwa. In the end, when they finally arrived at JeongDong station, everywhere was dark and it even started pouring.

So the 2 went to find a cafe where they can rest and drink tea. YongHwa said, “It has already been a month. We have become much close. But it is weird to know that this is our last vacation already as preparing couples.” SeoHyun then said, “A bright future awaits.” with a smile.

And while waiting for sunrise, the 2 had fell asleep in the cafe. They woke up just before sunrise, and after which they had written commemorative letters to each other. But it turned out that while waiting in the cafe, day has arrived. Because of the rain, they were unable to see the sun due to the dark clouds in the sky.

The 2 then went to the beach where SeoHyun said, “The rain seems to be telling us that as official couple now, we will be able to break through any difficulty and obstacles to come”. The 2 graduated from preparing couples as they shouted “Let’s live well together”.



20 Responses

  1. Wahhhhhhhhh, wanna see this ep…but Seo Hyun with SNSD will promote in Japan in this August..how can this couple continue?? Feel so bad..I wanna see them more, plz don’t leave show!!

  2. haha must’ve been pretty expensive when they were always out XDDDDDD~ CANT WAIT TO SEE THEIR HOUSE LIFE 🙂


  4. they rock !

  5. what does preparing couples mean?

    anyway, Seohyun is so sweet!
    I love YongSeo <333

  6. sorry to say..they are kind of boring to watch. hope more things will happen when they get their apartment?

    • to each their own

    • i don’t think so.. if you watched from the start. it would be fun. because they show their own charm that u cannot find in other couple

    • I agree. sometimes they seem more like friends than a couple to me. It’s good that yonghwa became more ‘obedient’ but in turn he lost his fun side too. The first few episodes were fun to watch because of their opposing characters. But now because yonghwa is becoming more like seohyun it’s starting to get a bit boring since we all know seohyun ain’t the playful type

  7. preparing couples? what does that mean? as in “preparing to leave the show?”

    • No, I believe now they officially (for the show)become “married” like how the other couples in the show are. So I’m guessing they’ll be living in their little house then?!

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  9. I feel like they’re like a younger version of the HwangBo-Hyeonjung coupling; HJ became even more famous because of this show. Same thing is happening to YongHwa. Except HB wasn’t as lucky as SeoHyun; SeoHyun popular because she’s the maknae of SNSD.

    • Haha, i’d say Hwangbo was pretty lucky when it came to WGM. The single-handedly revived her career. Before WGM, people had stopped caring about Hwangbo a long time ago. But after apperaring on WGM, she was actually able to come out as a singer again, and appear on alot of different shows.

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  11. ohhh…that’s so sweet 🙂
    they “officially” a married couple!!

  12. its kinda cute…^^

  13. kyaa…thx dearie !!!

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