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SS501 reveals their feelings on winning #1, “We are excited but why does our heart feel so heavy?”

SS501 members talk about their feelings getting #1.

SS501 won #1 on KBS Music Bank on 11th June with their comeback title song ‘Love Ya’. And they wrote about their feelings winning #1 on their official homepage. Member JungMin wrote, “It is not because we are good that we won but its because Triples are great supporters. Because of that we are even more grateful. Even though I’m feeling very excited, I don’t know why my heart felt so heavy.”

HyungJoon wrote, “Really happy. This is the award made by 5 of us and the Triples. Let’s be like that for the days to come alright? Thank you.” KyuJong wrote, “Thanks to all of you, we got #1. Thank you. Recently, everyone has been busy studying up for the exams and cheering for the world cup. My conditions is not good today but I felt like all of it has disappeared. Really thankful.”

“The clock hung up in my room has the stationery given by my fans which wrote, ‘We will support you and be with you until you become our #1 and the world’s #1’. Whenever I see it, I feel like I need to work hard to pay back to everyone.”



13 Responses

  1. is this cause their contract was ending and there were rumors about them disbanding?
    regardless, hope they stay as one and break that 5 year curse thingy

    • what are you talking about ? LOL

      it’s because they won, so they are thankful for the fans.

  2. this is it! Sookyoeng posted this so others could know how great the boys are, this is the side that only fans know.. I think other Kpop fans should know this too, one more thing to appreciate them..

  3. love u even more now!!

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  5. […] reveals their feelings on winning #1, “We are excited but why does our heart feel […]

  6. to jung min

    triple s is getting stronger because of ss501’s hard work.

  7. how can you not love these guys? they care SO much about their fans. it’s amazing how humble they still are after 5 years.

  8. wahhh.. ss501 is so humble ne…
    i really addicted to LOVE YA eventhough i am not a fan. they are great… and wow so humble.. i am so touched when they bow deeply to audience yesterday, even i see they bow to their hoobae…
    anyway congratz… definitely you deserve the award lah… ^^

  9. Saranghae SS501, SS501 hwaiting & TS hwaiting!
    I was overjoyed when they won, I personally believe for a comeback, they were totally amazing and deserved to win. I’m still feeling touched when they bowed to fans.. how well-mannered…it just shows the love, up most respect & appreciation they have for us TS. TS is definitely the source of strength behind their success of course, & we’e going to continue to love & support them forever.

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