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Best friends Baek JiYoung and Yuri reveal new summer bikini photoshoot!

Singer Baek JiYoung and good friend Cool Yuri released their new summer swimming suit photoshoot, garnering great interests from netizens.

The photoshoot was for the 2 close friends’ shopping mall ‘IAmYuri’. And one of their new summer fashion items is bikinis, and the 2 had personally modelled for the items in their good bodies.

An official from IAmYuri revealed that the 2 had been able to maintain a great body shap through weight training.

Go under the cut for more photos.



12 Responses

  1. they are sooo amazingly good looking!

    their bodies are perfect summer bodies

  2. omg! Their figure are so good! I hope i can be like them! Skinny!

  3. I’m loving Yuri’s body…It looks healthy and she has a nice tan whereas BJY’s just looks skinny 😦 But they both look gorgeous πŸ˜€ love some of the bikin’s…i want! its a shame its winter in australia though.

  4. pretty πŸ™‚

  5. my my they are gorjuz

  6. yuri looks great. baek ji young looks…skinny. could just be the angle, but i doubt it. us guys love us some meat in our girls. well…most of us anyways. personally, i’d rather a girl be chubby than stick skinny.

  7. Wow they look great.
    *runs off to the gym*

  8. wait…is this YURI from the duo ‘Griflriends’?
    the funny Yuri from Xmen?
    the one who coupled with Yochunnie?

    wahh : D she was just awesome back then but now you hear rarely of her.

  9. I’m so jealous of their bodies. My gosh.

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