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Despite criticisms, the love-line between TaecYeon and YoonA continues this week on Family Outing

The love-line between TaecYeon and YoonA continues on Family Outing 2 this week.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 13th June, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn was guest appearance on the show, and the love-line for GaIn and Jo Kwon, and YoonA and TaecYeon are one of the higlights of the show.

With the urging of the other Family members, GaIn and Jo Kwon took a walk in the DamYang Bamboo Park. And TaecYeon and YoonA who had received great attention from the Family members from last week’s episode, continues to show off their love-line on the show with TaecYeon saying to YoonA, “To me, you are the best bamboo shoot.”

And during the balloon-bursting match between Kim HeeChul and YoonA, YoonA had decided to take revenge on HeeChul for calling her a grandmother from the previous episode. She told Kim HeeChul in confrontation, “If you make fun of me one more time, you are dead.”  With that, the 2 got into a rough match to burst each other’s balloon tied to their back. Seeing that, the Family members told TaecYeon, “Help YoonA out”. TaecYeon then stepped in to help burst HeeChul’s balloon.

With the praises pouring in from the Family members, TaecYeon was seen shy and he even turned red in his ears.

Meanwhile, the show was criticised with the over emphasis of the love-line between the 2 during the last episode.

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145 Responses

  1. just 1 comment – FO1 IS THE BEST!!!! cannot replace the original cast especially with them being a little older/mature and more real. probably HEEKWON may pull up the ratings but don’t think that much. gotta just sit back and see!!!! Fighting!!!!

  2. the easiest way is too keep focus to HeeKwon, and lack TaecYoon. they’re sucks. HeeKwon is the real attraction for this show, no others. taecyoon are playing fake romeo-juliet drama bcos the PD thought love will gain audiences. bah.

  3. I thought this was funny and cute! I don’t understand why people got upset. Is it a cultural thing about proper behavior? (I’m not Korean.) I thought he was chivalrous, helping the girl.

  4. Ughh why do they keep focusing on the 2 most OVERRATED n talentless members in SNSD n 2PM when they have HeeChul & Kwon who are WAY more entertaining… Stupid PDs.

  5. people here are funny.

    complain all you like, its all everyone ever does, complain. my god.

    how is snsd in the comments anyways? thats almost as irrelevant as saying “i hate the backstreet boys”. theyre both nowhere to be found so leave the rest of snsd out of this.

    the show is not scripted @vipwong. this has been discussed before. even if it was, the pd directs editors and allow them to have say in what to keep in as broadcast footage so obviously certain parts can be edited out and some edited in.

    that being said, it is not taec and yoona’s fault. they are friends and act like friends. dont fault them for that because its what WE all do. the rest of the family members spotlight their friendship because its entertaining. wouldnt you “tease” a couple friends? but like i said, they can edit those parts out, but they didnt and so the show’s operators are more at fault. but then again, fans are never pleased. its hard to find that fine line between overboard and underwhelming.

    but im glad people did note it is the PD’s fault but the pd isnt a one man show.

    in the end. whatever. lol. stop complaining and just dont watch the show if it realy ticks you off. if you dont watch it, ratings drop and they lose money which leads to cancellation of the show. that’ll save you the trouble of having to complain. if that isnt your motive, dont complain and enjoy what they are giving you, which is entertainment

    • I’ve never see friendship between stars with different gender acted like this.

      Nah… this show wouldn’t be dropped soon since the production crews think that FO2 would follow FO1. Low rating at first, high rating later.

      But… from the way the show is going, I don’t think FO2 could stay behind FO1.

      If I’m not mistaken, the PD’s only provide a guide/script the way the show should head to. The show members provide the dialog and actions.

      So, I still believe Taecyeon still hold responsibility for his actions here.

      • WORD!
        The PD stated that the gifts were Taecyeon’s idea and his choice of song was his own choice…
        Honestly, i felt very uncomfortable watching that ab-chest dance….><

      • sure but how does taec know the “limit” to his friendly gestures is all im saying.

        you dont know, and hes just acting out of being friends with the girl. i’d do the same thing honestly. if people dont like it, well, it sucks for them i guess.

        but taec IS getting better at variety. he was very raw when starting out and well, like Qrizta said, that ab dance was eh. so theres a learning curve.

        i think the start of FO2 has to be kim wonhee and yoon sanghyun. they are hilarious. no wonder kim wonhee is the mother of gag

  6. Before everyone starts bashing Taecyeon, this might all be scripted. Like people say if the whole Yoona-Taec is the PD’s idea, then maybe they are telling Taec to do these things in which case it must be pretty awkward for him. However if not I don’t understand why Taec would get involved, especially since Heechul is a lot older

  7. @shosh i so agree with you! i wanted to see NICOLE in this episode more. i barely even saw her. i only saw her less than 5 minutes out of the whole episode. man this sucks. this dang it stupid love line. takes up so much time…

  8. WTH..!!!
    This is Soo ridicules ..!!!
    Yoona+SNSD = SUCKS and go 2 hell, i wasn’t hating SNSD before, i was just don’t like them,, BUT now ! they really ugly stupid girls who think they are the best girl group in Kpop !!!

    AND taec .!!! omg why is he being like that -_-”
    i was keeping my temper the whole time, BUT now i can’t
    He is being more NAIVE. !!!

    and Poor heechul, i’d have punished taec really!

    uhhh, I Need BIG Bang comback soon T__T << VIP

  9. Isn’t the Yoona and Heechul fight supposed to be like Street fighter? Then why did Taec butt in like Tekken Tag Tournament? Fail on the PDs part.

    Actually fail everything on the PDs part. If they would just script a show on HeeKwon more, pretty sure the ratings would go up.

    but w/e PDs, it’s your funeral.

  10. Whatever. Heechul is a bitch as well.

  11. sorry this sesone is stupid
    the sesone 1 amazing not like now
    i feel sorry about kwon & heechul

  12. I lost respect for Taecyeon. that guy is annoying as hell..
    now I HATE Taecyeon and 2PM.

  13. Got really pissed on what he did to Heechul on FO2 today.. even though its just for the show, he should have at least gave Heechul some respect. He’s his senior afterall. Tsk.

    • Heechul dont has respect for seniors too. thats why a lot of koreans(who are not fan girls) didnt like him.

      • Yes he does, why else does he have lots of friends in the industry? Everybody likes him, including Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Gura etc.

      • oh and you would think since heechul’s good friends w JCS u would know that he does have respect

  14. N’importe quoi……….>.>

  15. Okay all in all, FAMILY OUTING SEASON ONE FTW!

  16. I hate Taec so the more hate he gets from ppl the happier I am keep it coming guys hahah

  17. taec.. you really didn’t need to kick the balloon so hard to make it pop.. damn you.

  18. i think its partially real and it isnt that bad i like the yoona heechul

  19. do they really think that this type of thing will increase the ratings? what others think no matter to them if it does; but what about the other participants on the show? so should the show be called Taec/Yoona 2 instead of Family Outing 2?

  20. i realy hate snsd

    • i dont hate all them but i think i am going to hate yoona
      i like sooyoung , taeyoun , jessica
      and tiffany <<< i hated her at first because her antis
      but i think she has a white heart
      and the rest of snsd as well

    • why ?

  21. Hell yeah they can date all they want but what irks me most is the fact that they had previously denied all possible feelings btw one another and now went on to show lovey dovey shitt. JUST GO WE GOT MARRIED!!!

    • I knw rite!you dont just go doing things that imply you like somebody and then be embarrassed and shy over it after that. So bs!And this time i can say Taec was the one initiate the loveline :@ Taec totally cos the atmosphere to go awkward and sour.

  22. fuckers. irritating shit. taec and yoona are just attention seekers trying to act. how annoying. screw both of them la.

    • honestly Jokwon is just an attention seeker.
      he’s really annoying in FO2 and wgm.

      • he likes attention but he’s not annoying. w/o him, wgm 2 wont get high ratings.

      • Totally agree with ‘donghaeLover’
        Jokwon’s soooo annoying. I don’t like how he love attention ughhhh :/

      • He is a bit of an attention seeker in FO2 but w/o him this show would be dead, boring, etc. Period. I only considered to watch it b/c he came aboard.

  23. ENOUGH ALREADY….! Boring…. Fake…. WTF

  24. FO2 is getting all the attention they need, but negative attention and this amount of attention is not even reflected in the ratings. good luck to them man.

  25. now i made up my mind, i will never watch this show again. they shouldn’t even use the name family outing. oh i really really miss the old cast.

  26. AGAIN?! so annoying!!!! i feel bad for the other casts and guests. damnit!!! they should change the PDs or remove taecyeon and yoona!!!!!!

  27. i agree with most of u, the PD’s sure are a bunch of idiots, with Heechul & Kwon on the line up its actually a guarantee for golden variety, but instead they still holding on that “i don’t know what” loveline thing, i got nothing againts that couple, but if they want to continue using FO as the name the PD’s should stick to original FO concept, which is family activities.
    As FO 1 loyal fan, i felt sick with this coz its make FO plumbing so hard, even during FO1 having hard times they never become this low using forced loveline

  28. Already I am fed up of this program
    FO a good show became boring and odious
    It hurts

  29. dun know what to feel for taec …
    but its not like they didnt show heechul and jokown at all…if u watch the full ep ..
    but i think taecyoon twist should keep on going but at a low level along with all the other stuffss

  30. Wow his teeth is REEEEEALY big.

  31. OMG that was sooo lame of taec!! i was all smiling watching the clip till his dopey ass self came and ruined the moment!

    Heechul face was like ” wtf is problem!”…even yoona was surprised.

    even tho this is scripted i still think taecyeon is a douche bag!

  32. Family Outing 2’s PDs must be a bunch of idiots!
    The show’s ratings is low and it’s recieving lots of criticism yet they continue the love lines that viewers hate. Are they trying to ruin the show even more? Do they have a secret plan to ruin the show?

    I really DON’T understand why they continue with these Yoona-Taecyeon love lines even though viewers hate it and asked PDs to stop it. PDs should start reading the articles about FO2 and read FO2’s message board. If they do that, they’ll see how much criticisms and hate FO2 is recieving because of these stupid fake love lines.

    If PDs continue insisting in these yoona-taecyeon love lines they will make viewers even more annoyed and mad. Soon, FO2 will soon lose all their viewers (which by the way isn’t a lot) and the show will soon be cancelled.

    I feel sorry for Heechul and Kwon for getting involved in this messy TV show that is only ruining their images. And PDs are really stupid for wasting the gag talents of Kwon and Heechul in order to focus on a boring fake love line.

    • totally agree
      I hope that Heechul and Jo Kwon go out of this FO’s parody

      • Heechul sucks too.. the only good one here is Jo Kwon 😀

      • You noob, I guess you don’t know that Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk praised Heechul on his variety skills before.


    • Jo Kwon y Heechul they are the better of the program, they deserve to be in a better show

      • Yeah! SBS should cancel Family Outing 2 and start a new program with Heechul and Jo Kwon as MCs! I bet it would be way more fun than this boring FO2.

      • If you don’t like it, don’t watch it LOL.

  33. That was a bad move on Taecyeon part…
    HeeChul and Yoona are really close friends, it was not in his best position to interfere.

    In my opinion, the only member that probably have a good sense of how to act on camera is Nic-khun.

  34. I’m perfectly fine with the loveline thing, I mean wtf, let them do what they wanna do and people should stop expecting it’ll be the same with Family Outing 1 and all they’re trying to do is to make it big through another way… but treating Heedictator like that? Ha. Taec, ily but prepare for hell.

  35. […] Newsen, Translations: K Bites ArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArray Tags: Family Outing 2, GaIn, Jo Kwon, Kim […]

  36. 1N2D! Eel bak il!

  37. Plus Heechul is his sunbae

  38. if “You are the best bamboo shoot” is the best love-line the PD can think of… they’d better hire the new PD.
    At first I was really sorry to see Taec and Yoona getting bashed because I thought it’s all the PD’s faults.
    But now Taec is really getting on my nerves. WTH, he actually looks super happy to receive all the attention. Still feel sorry for Yoona, although I’m not even a SONE.
    Most of all I feel extremely sorry for JOKWON and HEECHUL!!

    • I agree with u…
      Taec looks so happy with all this.
      Esp after reading the statement from the PD about how Taec initiated to prepare the perfume himself in prev ep and also how he was the one who chose to dance to that annoying ab chest dance….=.=

      After recruiting heechul, this is all the PD can think of??
      HeeKwon are like the best variety male idol. I bet it will be useless eventhough they recruit someone like Sooyoung or Sunny who are known to be good in variety.

    • I’ve said from the beginning that Taec shouldn’t be a part of this variety show after Gayo Daejun and Yoona should be replaced with someone funny like Hyoyeon or Sooyoung.

  39. atleast fo2 is being talked about not just for their bad ratings..lol

  40. fo2 is not based on taecyoon …if watch the whole ep..its minor taec yoona here and there…but somehow its most of their cuts that gains most attention…..adam couple was also there ….


    • yeah, like HYORI and KJK, right???? -______-

      • loll i thought the same thing. good point. yejin too, a love triangle.

        oh, and fans wanted chunhee and yejin to date.

  42. i like the whole taeyoon thing but maybe not in this show …

  43. seem the pd desperate to gain high rating

  44. family outing became an idol outing..before family outing rarely have an idol as a guest..but now..every week? to think that some members are already idols..gawd

  45. fo2 shouldn’t be called family outing in the first place
    it became an idol show..
    they should change the name if the pf is planning to go on with this LOL
    and those who say “awww i love yoona and taec couple, nothing will stop them” wtf? of course somethin will stop them! poor viewer rate will stop them! BAM

  46. نشبه هالنسنسد مالت عليها ترفع الظغط , وهو صاير غثيث بعد ,

    • حده غثيث حسافه على ايام جيبوم كان نكته الحين شاف نفسه حيل
      عيل اكو واحد مثله يسوي بهيتشول جذي

      • ماشية في حالي واقسم اني شايفة كلام عربي من بين الردود دي ^^
        شكلكم تكرهوها بقوة وهو كمان
        بس صراحة زودوها وهو ساير زي الكلب عندها وهيا مو معبرتوا وتمثيلها وااااااااضح
        ياخي يفكونا منهم المشكله اسم البرنامج فاميلي اوتينغ مو كبل اوتينغ

      • wtf? LOL

  47. this is getting to a joke now
    they are family members aren’t they
    isn’t this
    well not really but you do get the jist of that
    them two really make the show really uncomfortable to watch
    i can understand if it was so hee or hee chul
    or jo kwon and ga in
    but really
    i remember watching “love letter” and all those “xman” shows
    and for most of the time, i never saw a segment where any other of the celebs jumped in when it wasn’t there turn
    so taec squashes hee chul’s balloon
    for F*** sake, if you are not in the comp, just sit down and watch and cheer
    don’t interfere

    then after he pops hee chuls balloon
    he suddenly becomes shy and his ears go red
    why should he be shy,
    he thought about squashing the baloon, he acted on that impulse
    it wasn’t a spontaneous thing, and then he acts shy like he is a little boy, dont be half assed
    if you did it, just take responsibility and be confident
    dont be a d***

    i have lost respect for all 2pm members except nick khun

    • me too lost respect for all SNSD members esp Yoona

      • dun like the other snsd members but yoona..i cant hate her

      • ^ suddenly it becomes SNSD LOL and Yoona, she’s the victim. Taec keeps playing the line, and the media keeps using them while Taec just said 1 line, and it becomes headline. and the funny thing is, people actually arguing because of this, and hating on others LOL some jokes really..

        The main prob here is, media keeps using them because there is audience: you haters/fans. I’m not surprise if one day Taec just smiled at Yoona, and it becomes a news. Heh!!

        If you want FO2 to stop playing this, you should give no reaction. Your reaction means they still have attention, and that is what they need regardless you hate it or love it. If you wanna blame their stupidness, blame yourself 1st. I’m done with this issue.

      • @niv: No, they are both the people who listen to the PD and have to do what they say for the show. They aren’t victims.

    • “so taec squashes hee chul’s balloon
      for F*** sake, if you are not in the comp, just sit down and watch and cheer
      don’t interfere”

      Agreed, you can tell it was scripted for him to do so. There was no point in doing so, he didn’t need to come to Yoona’s rescue. It was fine before he kicked at Heechul’s balloon.

      I wouldn’t say I have lost respect for the 2PM members especially Taec just lost respect for FO2 and the PD’s who made it. I just hate Yoona not the other SNSD members either.

    • “i have lost respect for all 2pm members except nick khun”
      are you serious?
      sometimes jealousy makes people say sth. like you did.

  48. my only comfort for this ep is gain-jokwon moments. ❤
    and i didnt even know nicole was on this ep. more screen time for others pleaseee.
    i'm so gna write a letter of complain soon (when i learn to type korean)

  49. does he really think someone believes him when he says “i didnt date sine predebut and its just a rumor blablabla” wtf? is he stupid? i like him but dunno why but because of yoona i have some negative feelings towards him o_O

  50. lol Im glad that Im not the only one who hate Taecyeon and Yoona love line sorry but their love line is not only boring but also so fake I think family outing PDs are trying to create the next Kim Jong Kook and Eun Hye but its not working

    • The PD’s must be extremely bored, they should not have put the two together after Gayo Daejun as well.

  51. this loveline is getting really annoying!! Fake and stupid!! I feel sorry for the other members especially heechul! He is such a talented man but he is getting a lot of bad reputation because of this stupid show. 1N2D will never be beaten unless they change the cast and concept of FO2. 1N2D FTW!!

  52. I can’t stand the Taecyeon-Yoona “love line” especially on the Family Outing 2 episode. I hate that the media and the PD’s of this show keep putting more and more rumors to get fans mad and make it seem like they really ARE dating after all even though it’s scripted and fake.

  53. Hahhaaha @crazyxcami toona good one! 😀 yea they should end it gosh it’s getting too fake. And yes, pity heechul and kwon, they have to be a part of this drowning show, a waste of their talents 😦 (no offense)

  54. why did Taec do that is all fun then he just ruin the mood.

  55. i’v been wating soo long for nicole in tis ep
    it is unfair for her or the fans ….
    tec yonna take sooooo much time in this show

  56. no one dare to do this to Heenim
    it really funny at first but Tecyon move killed it

  57. The loveline doesn’t work, why can’t the producers just see that? It’s killing the show and they’re still using it!! Idiots!!

  58. well…I’d approve taec+other snsd member and not Yoona.
    she might be an extremely lovely girl but somehow to me she’s not that likeable.

    • to us guys her personality is what separates her from others. she doesn’t try and act all pretty or cute. she’s “game” to do almost anything, even embarrassing stuff. all the while still managing to be feminine and innocent. not to mention pretty (maybe not the prettiest, but still).

      of course this could all be an act and she could be a mean bitch in reality, but somehow i doubt that.

      for girls it’s a different story, what with jealousy and cattiness kicking in. they’d die before they admit it though.

  59. if they don’t get some BIG NAMES as guests there wouldnt be any show at all!
    i just feel bad for Kwon & Heechul..
    since they get affected by having low ratings
    if TOONA shit doesnt end it’ll be the end of their show aswell.

    • Doesn’t matter if they get big names they did last week they paid alot for WG to make their first korean variety show come back and they still decided to cut most of their scenes out even that was why most Wonderfuls tuned in for a bit then changed the channel. Which explains how it peaked 20% then got an average of only 6% … the PDs should have just stopped the show after FO1 major disappointment.

    • LOL TOONA ^_^

  60. “To me, you are the best bamboo shoot.”

    Was that seriously supposed to be romantic?

    • i think it’s a parody of his line in the cabi cf…where he tells yoona, “to me you’re the best cabi” or something like that.

    • The “to me, you’re the best cabi” from the end of the Caribbean Bay MV that came out with Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Chansung, Yoona, Yuri and Seohyun.

      Although this was funny because the family elders wanted them to act like a couple, like Jokwon & Gain, but it was so awkward to see them holding hands LOLOL
      A) they wanted to FINISH THE ACTING ASAP
      or B) so shy to show how close they are on camera.

      But it is most likely the former lol. Go watch the episode! Search “heechul” or “yoona” on Youtube and sort by Upload Date…..

  61. Whatever FO2 PD really do know how to lose viewers… they can kiss their jobs goodbye when the show gets cancelled.

  62. XDDDDDDDDDD TAEC SHOULD SHOW RESPECT INFRONT OF ELDER XD wwoaa if i were heechul i wouldve punch him into pul XDDDDDDDDD und yoona ^-^ yeahyoona.. haha.. =_=

    • i know right? if i was Heechul id be like ‘WTF what do u think ur doing?’ then punch him..

      • i really like both taec and hee chul and after this clip.. i got offended by taec.. i don’t understand wat he said in the end but what he think he’s doing? it’s game between yoona and heechul.. why he come out? and show those movements and face that annoyed ppl.. what is wrong with him? heechul is older and is a sunbae.. ==”””

      • haha if Heechul punched Taec he would break his had. But I agree if it wasn’t fake Taec shouldn’t have got involved

  63. its getting annoying -_-

    • that was exactly what i thought before i watched the clip.

      But after watching it doesn’t seem as fake as i expected it to be. But i still hope FO2 will stop using this to gain viewer ratings

      • I agree with you. It’s not as bad as it seems actually.
        But, I believe they could do without the loveline.
        Personally, I think this is their last resort. The PD must have got no other ways/plans to increase the ratings, thus the loveline.
        Or not, this might be Taecyeon and Yoona’s real feelings? Who knows? 😀

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