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Fun Fact of Kpop: When they first debuted…

Stumbled across a collage of photos of girlgroups and female singers when they first debuted posted by a netizen on a online portal community site, and I thought I should share it.

Go under the cut to see how your favourite girlgroups have looked like when they first debut.

This is not supposed to be a full list of all girlgroups and female singers.

But it sure is satisfactory to see how the girlgroups and singers have grown since their debut. Have more photos of female singers and girlgroups when they first debut? Share them in the comments section below.

86 Responses

  1. I only know K-Pop since the mid of 2008, so I don’t know these old pics.

    And hey.. WHO IS CSJH?
    Did they really good?
    I haven’t heard about them..
    What happened with them cuz I don’t think they’ve released any song since 2008.
    Have they disbanded?

    I read comments here saying that they’re great and mentioned as the female DBSK. I love DBSK. They’re great. Do these girl really that great?
    Woah… I’m curiuos on them.
    Can anyone please share me link to their songs please?
    I really really wanna hear them.

    THank you..

    • Maybe you should search for their videos on Youtube, and see if they’re good or not.
      For me, i think they’re one of the best girl group (in terms of singing & dancing) in Korea.

  2. wow only kara has like the prettiest and more representable looks in their fist debut, they already look like veterans…*sigh* why are they so underratted?

  3. Loving After School’s debut look! *O*
    Never knew 😀
    This is a nice post ❤ Thanks for sharing!

    • They debut last year same with T-Ara, that’s why you will not see their difference look

  4. I love SNSD and i miss BoA.

  5. the only face whose real are Son Dambi, BoA, and Ga-in. nowadays, the rest are just plastics.

  6. I wonder why no ones has mention how After School have got THE looks even from before? Srsly, how gorgeous can they be?

  7. gah memories…

    oh wonder girls, please bring back those irony days, i don’t want to hear another retro dance track, it’s getting a lil bit too much

    i miss old kara the most, they have really lost the voice when sunghee left

    snsd have really matured…then again, they all have…

  8. man, i demand a male idol group of version of this article! sookyeong-unni, post one please?? 😀 i want to see debut pics of DBSK, bigbang, suju etc.. 😛

    after school is really sexy since debut, although i’ve observed that bekah seems the only one who dresses more conservative..? but it’s okay..she’s really pretty.
    SNSD pics are well…they seem so tired..with the eyebags and all…but yeah, they really looked young.

    i want csjh to come back badly.. TT i miss them

    • oh yeah, i think 2ne1 and 4minute are not included here because they just debuted last year…yeah, but about t-ara…i don’t know..hehe~

  9. wonder girl’s debut pictures were kinda ehhh ugly

  10. i think kara , after school and brown eyed girls do not change!
    tnx 4 sharing

  11. I miss the old KARA the most. The original line-up was my favorite in the WonSoKa line, along with Black Pearl.

  12. whatever happened to that one member from kara? did she pursue some other career? all i remember was that she left the group because her parents wanted her to go to a university instead of being a singer? is that correct?

    • yes it’s true. sunghee was allowed to be a part of KARA on the condition that she had to keep up with her studies. but when she didn’t and started getting bad grades, her parents pulled her out of KARA so that she could fully concentrate on studies.

      a shame, since she had one of the most powerful vocals in idol girlgroups at the time.

  13. jessica look so haggard in those pics..but she is very beautiful now 🙂

  14. But if you think about it, none of those idol groups members can’t leave because each of them have contracts. Not many people know, but Yoona was persuaded to leave SNSD because of her unfair contracts; just like how JaeChunSu and Hangeng. But, no, she prefer to stay with her 8 sisters. I respect her for that.

    When WonSoKa debuted in 2007, I was big fan of these three groups. But then my fav Hyunah and Sunghee left their respective groups 😦

    I hope SNSD, BEG, Davichi, and CSJH will stay with their original debut line-up until the end!

  15. CSJH ❤

  16. Where are 2ne1’s photos?!

  17. KARAA~~

  18. SNSD debuted with eye bags… they look so tired 😦 but now they are GORGEOUS!!!!!! :DDD

  19. lee hyori looked so cute in her FinKL days! and now she’s so sexy!

  20. BoA is so cute!she grew up so much
    but that picture didn’t come from when she debuted. LMAO.

    • yes! u rite ^^
      I just wanna say that.
      BoA debuted at 2000 and that photo..
      I think from 2001/ 2002 ♥
      finally I meet old Jumping BoA here! 😀

  21. omg Sunghee<333 & JungAh w/long hair<3

  22. snsd and brown eyed girls changed the most. but they look better now so no prob. lol

  23. Kpop is so terrible now

    everything is about selca, cyworld selca, photos posted by netizens..

    its like no real news anymore about music, achievement,

  24. jewelry had a couple of member changes so did, T-ara, SeeYa(recently), After School, KARA, Wonder Girls,

  25. the first pic of snsd was shocking for me
    jessica still was at her puberty stage along with soo young, seo hyun and really, but now they look even better
    i was even more surprised with when wondergirls debut
    my god what concepts were they going for
    and the most change i think over the years were
    cos most of them had some sort of plastic surgery and if they didn’t their makeup artist changed their face completely
    i mean completely

    • Lol, only one of the people in that picture was in the modern Jewelry (Park Jung Ah). Thats why all their faces look different.

    • Actually Jewelry been changing a lot of members too.
      Only Jungah & Inyoung stay in Jewelry the longest.

      Jung Yoo Jin & Jun Eun Mi was in Jewelry during debut but left
      than they replace them with Cho Min Ah & Lee Ji Hyun
      & than replace them with Ha Joo Yeon & Kim Eun Jung


      I don’t really think it was plastic surgery cause yeah members change a lot. But any ways what do I know…maybe they did or maybe not, however, just to let you know that they do change members too.

  26. t-Ara! <333

  27. wow that first “group” pic of SeeYa is awful. i know Gyuri was always the ‘face’ of the group but wow. you can barely see Boram and Yeonji.

    • if you saw the whole collection each of them got to be in the center of that pic.

  28. oh my girls… i wish sunghee back to kara

  29. 2007 girl groups Rocks !!!
    SNSD + WG + Kara = <33333

  30. they’ve all come a long way T_T Wonder Girls, SNSD, Kara WonSonKa *cry* my babies have come a long way.

  31. after school looked pretty darn hot in those debut pics!

  32. ilove wonder girls

    wonder girls fighting

  33. Oh they’re growing now~~~ It’s fun to see their past photos XD

  34. after school still looks sexy XD
    they havent change at all lol

  35. wow Boa and Jewelery so weird seeing them like that i love them both tons

  36. wow After School is so sexy and hot back in their debut day esp. the leader and jungah
    i want jungah long hair back lol
    anyway other groups well they look better and prettier now than before

  37. it’s nice to look at old pics again
    i want ppl to get along and not fight over who is the best, just enjoy the music

  38. notice that more than half of these groups have gone through a member change (some, more than once).

    kudos to snsd for having so many members, and yet remain unchanged after debut (cross your fingers that it remains that way).

    sigh for csjh…why oh why SME…

    • Well, there were 12 girls and many member changes before the final 9. Although the full 12 never debuted they were still all close since they trained for years together (especially Stella), sad they didn’t all make the final cut. But i still love all 9

      • thats not “change” since it before they release a single..that should be call elimination instead since

    • Did it ever cross your mind that maybe no one from snsd has left because they can’t? Just something to think about 🙂

      • That is so true! *cough* *contract* *cough*

      • because the other girl idols don’t sign contract 😀

      • true true

      • Yeah, slave contract that is.

      • Hangeng was supposed to have signed the same contract and he left because he wanted to. Yoona would have done the same thing if she wanted to leave SNSD.

      • The difference is that Hangeng had to sue to be able to leave.

      • @Erm…,every artist that has signed a contract probably has signed very similar contracts…it’s probably just as hard as other artists to break their contracts as it would be for SNSD…

        i’m also shocked SNSD haven’t changed members. BUT SM usually is pretty good about keeping their groups as one.

  39. I’M SO GLAD YOU ALSO PUT CSJH. Most people forget them but they are the best girl group.

    • yes! I agree!!
      and CSJH is the best especially if it comes to vocals!!!
      I’m still waiting for them,,,
      i wonder when they’ll be back!

      • honestly T-ara is way better. their vocals jang !!

      • @hyomin47

        Are you kidding me? T-ara has nothing on CSJH. o_o

      • @hyomin47 WTF LOL?
        CSJH are the female equivalent of dbsk ok. they’re goddesses, mind you. their vocals are heavenly too.

      • Did you hear T-ara girls sing??? all of them are Awesome!!
        and they can dance very well too. (so much better than stephanie)

      • i gotto admit CSJH is way better singers then any other girl group!
        and they achieved alot more then tiara has

      • While T-ara does have great vocals, I honestly think that when you compare the live singing of CSJH and T-ara while dancing, CSJH kills it. There are a few members in T-ara that just really doesn’t bring it live in performances (Qri). And I love both groups.

      • @hyomin47. you gotta be kidding me! CSJH is way bettetr!!

      • @hyomin47 and i believe u said that because u never heard CSJH yet…SM always the best when in comes to vocal..

      • are you freaking serious? put stephanie with any t-ara member and let’s see who wins.

        of all girl groups, csjh is the best. All vocal, performance, dance- wise…………..

        They’re just an amazing group of female artists.

  40. May I say, they all look fine. What I miss though is that when Wonder Girls debuted with Irony, they don’t perform that song anymore. Like it’s a bad song and replace Tell Me with it.

    I also miss Candy Funky Style from 4minute no matter what anyone says.

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