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2PM to show gratitude to fans through new MV of ‘I Will Give You My Life’

2PM reveals a new MV last week to reveal their gratitude to fans.

The MV revealed is for ballad song ‘I Will Give You My Life’ and it is produced to express the group’s gratitude to fans’ support and love. The video also featured some of the happy moments 2PM spent with fans as well as the process of producing ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’.

The group’s agency said, “The MV shows the happy moments 2PM shared with fans. We hope that everyone will continue to show support and show interests for 2PM who will always do their best.”

Meanwhile, 2PM is doing guest opening performance for WonderGirls’ American concert tour.



72 Responses

  1. Heechul has talent you know -__-
    he can sing, he can act, he can entertaining people, he can dance -__-
    just fyi, hee is one of the dancer back to 2008 too
    if you don‘t know anything, stop bashing people please
    same goes to 2pm
    i‘m not even a hottest, but i pity them
    let them do whatever they want
    if you don‘t like them why do you waste your time to read and watch the mv? -___-
    such lame people
    so, gtfo from this
    Oh and stop bringing the artist that don‘t have any business in this
    all of you make me sick -__-

  2. BOTH sides of the fandom are being completely STUPID and childish abt this. regardless of whatever supposedly legit (or less than legit) reasons y’all have for hating or not hating on 2PM, both sides of y’all fans or supposedly non-fans (yet, you’re still here commenting =__=”) are being completely undoubtedly STUPID abt this. arguing like IDIOTS. troll or no troll.

    let them do whatever the fuck they want. if there are still 2PM fans out there who will support them no matter what, then what fucking right do you have to stop them or judge them poorly for it???

    and if 2pm chooses to do a fucking MV (that should be meaningless to haters, and therefore should not give a damn abt it, yet you’re still here commenting =__=”) to honor what fans they have left, then for the love of whatever spiritual being y’all believe in, let them fucking do it.

    stop being IDIOTIC ppl! grow up. stop fighting. if you hate them, LEAVE. if you don’t give a crap abt this crap group then WHY are you HERE??? and fans should just learn to NOT feed the trolls.

    “once upon a time, Kbites was so peaceful…”

  3. such lovely comments here….

    once upon a time, Kbites was so peaceful…

    • I know~~~

      well got to give it up to the haters…they work so hard at what they do jajaja
      oh well

      at least for me…2PM ROCKS !!!

  4. I miss the old 2pm.

    The 2pm that were irreverently mischievous on camera, that didn’t care if they looked like complete idiots, who laughed and enjoyed being on stage. The ones who kept on goofing off, but made it look like so much fun that you couldn’t help but like them for it.

    What happened to songs like 10 out of 10? What’s up with all the “I’m too cool for you” image that they have going now?

    I used to like Taec a LOT but he’s no longer the dork that I enjoyed watching. It’s almost as though now that he’s gained more fame, he’s put on that “cool” vibe, and it’s really not appealing to me at all.

    Bring back my 2pm dorks!

  5. […] OSEN, Translations: K Bites ArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayArrayCheck out other headlines below…Orange Caramel […]

  6. i didn’t finish the mv.
    somehow i don’t feel the “real” 2pm, or should i say 6pm anymore.

    whatever they do to their careers, best of luck to them.

  7. this is so funny. I agreed some haters showed they are really stupid.

  8. WTF honestly 2pm dudes are overrated. JYP needs to promote 2AM more , esp JoKwon.

  9. 2pm guys are so annoying.
    Taecwhore SUCKS!!!!

  10. can this group be more lame. I think not.

  11. aww! it made me shed a tear! T^T 2PM FIGHT!! ^_^

  12. THIS!!! on the Taecwhore part!! lmao!

  13. oh the irony 2PM showing their fans ”gratitude”!…PLEAS!!

    Don’t they no that ppl with brains don’t give a shit abt them anymore, after they why the treated their loyal fans…they need to disappear in to kpop oblivion!

    and Taecwhore needs to be punched in the face repeatedly for been such a gay ass douche bag.

    • Oh LND.. Another 2od puppet

      • Oh K…another lame ass fucktard who thinks any1 who doesn’t like 6pm belongs to 2od.

      • Jay says stop spreading the hate… You know your his bitch lol
        listen to what he says

      • i just laugh at your comment that you made of LND being a jay bitch but wouldnt that make you a 2pm bitch. lol

    • once again fucktard… ta wrong. cos i’m not even a jay fan…..

      wow ur so lame u think any1 who dislikes these talentless male strippers are either 2od ppl or jay fans….lol ur such dumb ass….ever considered that their just shit?!?….and pointless, but wait why wud u?.ur THEIR bitch right! lol

      • Why you bitching about the conferenc then? You know you were crying yourself to sleep back then.

        Listen to your jaysus and keep you mouth shut. Spread the love not hate.

      • can some1 translate here, cos i don’t speak reatard.

        were in any of my comments did i mention the conference?!? which i haven’t listened to cos i have a life unlike u i’m guessin. and i don’t no why u keep bringing jay it to this cos like i said b4 i’m not his fan, so that means shit all to me mate.

        don’t get a pissed of at me buddy cos u don’t like the truth…u no what they say….

        if the truth hurts say ouch!

        ”You know you were crying yourself to sleep back then”….lol just…..LOL!

      • “Don’t they no that ppl with brains don’t give a shit abt them anymore, after they why the treated their loyal fans…they need to disappear in to kpop oblivion!”

        please…stay in school little girl

      • Lnd just stop, you’re embarrasing yourself

      • seriously i laugh everytime 2pm fans get all defensive and cry for a group of people they dont even know.

      • and the award for lamest comeback comments goes *drum roll*…….K, and Sara!!! congrats!!….

        lol @ k, u found ONE mistake in 5 comments. well done Sherlock give yourself a pat on the back!..lol… u have to be like the dumbest hottest i’ve come across and that’s saying a LOT.

        sara…exactly how am i ”embarrassing” myself?!? u no u can’t argue with me on that fact 6pm can’t sing for shit expect junsu, and that the only ”’ talent” they have is stripping. and if u don’t well…. it’s ur ears that are bleeding not mine.

        ”seriously i laugh everytime 2pm fans get all defensive and cry for a group of people they dont even know”…

        lol don’t forget delusional and dumb for thinking they actually care about them!…u gotta love 6pm fans their just so special aren’t they…lol

      • ”seriously i laugh everytime 2pm antis get all offensive and bash for a group of people they dont even know”…

  14. i don’t get why haters bother to leave comment. please use your valuable time to send all your love for your oh-so-perfectly-flawless gasoo instead.

    i like the MV. not their best, but behind-the-scenes stuff is always nice in my book. =)

  15. I’m not a hottest but some of the comments sound really rude. I would be really happy if my fav band released and mv like that. Hottest, just enjoy it ^^

  16. ”2PM who will always do their best”….at what being talentless and sucking?

    I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again Nickhun and Junsu should leave this sinking ship while they still can.

    lol… anyway i’m sure their 3 fans out there will appreciate their ”gratitude”.

  17. Wow… mean comments above…
    I like them no more but some were being too mean.

    Fanservice?? I bet hottests love this….^^
    I aint gonna watch this coz I bet this will be like I Hate You MV…LOL
    Plus I can’t help but cringe everytime I watch them now esp with less fabric covering them unless they dance to a cool choreo.

  18. They need to stop faking that fake brotherhood they got going on no one believes that shit

    • You know what, I take that back.

      Jay did say that he still loved 2pm and that they were still homies

      • 1st Jason is real
        2nd Jason is fake
        it’s so obvious,lmao
        btw i don’t like 2pm and Jay
        i just laughed seeing all these comments here

  19. this group is so overrated.

  20. They should change the name of their group from 2PM to “Number 2 B.M.”!

  21. 2PM really cares about their fans?! Yeah right. That’s so hard to believe after they pretty much threw out their fans back in Feb. They’re such fakes.

    • this video is to thank their loyal fans

      not the ones that abandoned them just beacuse one member left because of his issues

      plus even with all the criticism they are still a huge hit, winning awards and everything XD

      so to all haters out there: seriously why do you even watch the video? If you dont like them anymore then just stay away..believe me 2PM still has a fan base they can rely on… and no amount of haters of comments is going to change that

      • “plus even with all the criticism they are still a huge hit, winning awards and everything XD”

        are u joking? wahahah. cd hoarding by jype. that is!

        loyal fans?
        issues of one member??

        kidding kidding

    • Lol TTT… Another 2od puppet

  22. LOL

  23. Love it ❤

  24. They can keep their life cuz I want 3 minutes of mine back after watching that

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