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Captured On Camera! Close friends Goo HyeSun and Kim Joon on the set for Invincible Baseball

More of close friends Goo Hye Sun and T-Max Kim Joon on the set for KBS Invincible Baseball revealed!

As reported earlier, Goo HyeSun has showed up to show support for Kim Joon for the filming. She even packed food for her close friend from drama Boys Over Flowers.

Go under the cut for more photos.


24 Responses

  1. I do agree to qeenahs comment. I like GHS and KJ to be more than close friend. For me they match well as a true couple, with same age and matureness in ways of thinking. By just looking the video/photo clips of the two of them, i can feel there is something bonding between them. I do hope it would be a reality in the near future that KJ will be his soulmate/partner in life.

  2. They look good together. They weren’t close in BOF before according to the prints but I think they became closer thereafter. I saw their pictures in Hye Sun’s minihompy during the BOF graduation in Yokohama. She uploaded it it in her minihompy and Kim Joon also put up their pictures together (him and Hye Sun) in his twitter page. Hmmmm! Makes me think something’s going on other than friendship. Exciting!

  3. by the way where is the cheer leaders
    aren’t they in the show any more………??

  4. Aww..It’s cute dat she packed food 4 kim joon..Wat a cute pair of bffs..=p

  5. They look good together ^^

  6. i dun think goo hye sun has anemic maybe her skin is just so naturally white and fair that’s explains why she looks pale ?

  7. OMG, they so need to get together. TOO CUTE!

  8. Goo HyeSun looks so pale; maybe she is anemic? Many Korean girls are so skinny; it’s probably difficult to get enough iron in their diet?

  9. i think they like each other. HAHAHA. lol

  10. hmm…maybe they got something going one! lol Kim Joon is HOT!!! wish he had a better role in Boys before flowers…

  11. 0:32 is that Oh Ji Ho or Marco?
    I haven’t seen Marco in ages, but I heard he was on a variety show. is this the tv show he is part of? Marco is funny! I loved him in WGM.

    • Marco is on this show .. I think
      but the person was Oh Ji Ho πŸ™‚
      I love them bothhh

      • Oh Ji Ho and Marco are both handsome! But I would totrally watch this show just because of Marco! Marco is HILARIOUS! eheheheh πŸ˜€

  12. I think Koo Hye Sun had more chemistry with Kim Joon than with Lee Min Ho. And Lee Min Ho had more chemistry with Min Jung (actress that played his wife).

    I think Koo Hye Sun & Kim Joon should date! They look good together! πŸ˜€

  13. its good that they maintain a good relationship i really like joon wow he looks do handsome

  14. She’s really pretty but I wish she’d get rid of that hairstyle lol. She’s had that for over 18 months now ;\

  15. she’s adorbs!!^^

  16. is Kim Joon half white?

    • No. But I think he looks a bit japanese because he’s so similar to Yamada Takayuki.

  17. I miss BOF T_T

  18. hahaha so cute
    thanks ^^

  19. she is too cute

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