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Jay Park poses with his management CEO’s son

2PM ex-member JaeBum reveals a photo with him posing with his American management company CEO’s son.

JaeBum who is currently staying in the States, posted up the photo on his Twitter on 14th June. In the photo, the 2 of them were seen smiling brightly at the camera. JaeBum wrote, “jay park and Ted Sherman lol~ guess who’s son he is.ㅋㅋ”

Ned Sherman is the CEO of American digital entertainment company DMW(Digital Media Wire). And he announced on the company’s homepage late May that JaeBum has signed with the company to build on his artiste career in the future.

Meanwhile, JaeBum will be returning to Korea in mid June to do filming for his upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.

S: MTStarNews


20 Responses

  1. Agree 10000% with @haneul

  2. what translation are u talking abt? this is from his twitter.

    • lol, it’s the translation from an korean article. there’s the reference at the end.

      “S: MTStarNews”

  3. Jay Park sounds beta without de ex-2pm member thingy..Can’t decide whos cuter?Jay or his ceo kid? Ted is cuter coz he’z still a kid,i guess..hehe.. =p

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Jay Park poses with his management CEO’s son http://bit.ly/d0jEgK […]

  5. Sorry but i would prefer to read JaeBum’s name be mentioned independently instead of 2PM ex-member..

    Not to blame you, Sook Yeong but just to highlight this..
    I know this is direct translation from Korean article..

    Anyway, glad to know that Jay been doing quite well..
    Is it only me? Jay lost some weights… Or, maybe the camera angle..

    • I agree…sook yeong I beg of you to stop relating Jay’s name to 2PM even though it was the article

      • If it’s a translated article, then having him listed down as 2PM’s ex-member is pretty standard. They tend to do this no matter how long the artist has been out of the group. (Ex, they still list Yoon Kye Sang as and ex-g.o.d. member and Yoon Eun Hye as ex-Baby V.O.X. member even though they’ve been out of the group for forever) You have to hit it really big (ex they dont really call Hyori Ex-Finkl member Lee Hyori) for them to drop it. The reporters want the largest amount of people to know who they are talking about, and if they don’t say he’s ex-2PM member, a crapload of people will read the article and be like “Who the frick is this guy?”

        Also I never get why His fans get so butthurt when they say anything about him and 2PM. He’s said multiple times that he’s fine with the 2PM members, and even said to go listen to their new songs, but for some reason his fans seem to hate 2PM references, even though that’s his only claim to fame. I mean if he was never in 2PM, he wouldn’t have become a celebrity and no one would care even if he was casted in an american movie.

      • agree with @Haneul.

      • Agree with Haneul~

        You don’t forget your roots. :]

    • I think most people would rather see Jay’s name not associated with 2PM, but unfortunelly korean news articles always add the ‘ex-2PM’ tag with him.

      Hopefully when ‘Hype Nation’ is released and when jay release his solo album, journalist will call him only Jay Park/ Jaebeom Park and not ‘ex-2pm’ member.

      • he will ALWAYS be an ex-2pm member – check Haneul’s post above. Besides Jay’s said many times it’s cool with him and it’s not an insult to be have been an ex-2pm.

        Jay fans need to build a bridge and get over it.

  6. lol the hottest nanny boy out there. JAY!!! 😀

  7. They look awesome. . .

  8. Is Ted the kid’s real name? Or did Jay just combine the names of the parents to add to the mystery? xD He’s such a dork. ❤

    • No, its probably the little boy’s real name.

    • I think Jay combined Ned’s name with Tinzar’s name because I remember Tinzar had a tweet about her chosing her son’s name and I don’t remember her mentioning the name ‘Ted’. lol.

  9. TWO cuties! Very Nice!

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