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Jo Kwon and Kim HeeChul saved ‘Family Outing 2’ with double the dose of variety

Idol group ‘variety-dols’ Super Junior HeeChul and 2AM Jo Kwon brings the double effect for SBS Family Outing 2.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 13th June, during the talent show time, the 2 had displayed their unique performances. , winning the attention of the other Family members.

The talent show was put up to celebrate the birthday of the 100-year-old grandmother at the village the Family members visited. Kim HeeChul performed the song ‘Swallowtail’ by Kim HeungKook, while Jo Kwon performed ‘Wa’ by Lee JungHyun.

The performances put up by the 2 had brought double the laughter for TV viewers. Netizens posted up on online bulletin board after the show, “HeeChul and Jo Kwon is the best in variety”, “The 2 were so funny. It is no joke to put these 2 together on a show” etc.



26 Responses

  1. I want more of the SOHEECHUL couple like last weeks episode 🙂

  2. Kwonnie and Heechul brought the house down! They’re so funny… but in all honesty, they deserve to be in a better variety program than FO2. IN MY OPINION, season 2 is tarnishing the reputation of FO season 1 not only in concept but also in its over all production. I know they are trying to create something fresh and new but for me, it’s not working. The show is overrun with idols to the point that it looks like a bad remake of Invincible Youth..

    Gosh, I’m ranting so I’ll keep it simple: they don’t make it like they used to.

  3. heechul is fantastic. seriously a one of a kind in the kpop idol world. he knows when to switch it on and off and how to change his material to fit the location, mood etc. he’s been like this since debut! check out videos of him on love letter and the old ysmm! he definitely brought life back into the show. now like others mentioned.. if only the pds would wake up and learn to take advantage of him so that the show can improve.. other wise he belongs on a different show that can really show off his talents to a bigger audience.

  4. Seriously the only people really worth watching in FO2. The cast just didn’t have the same chemistry as FO1. They just look like a bunch of people thrown together to do a project. FO1 had more of a family atmosphere and sorry for Taec-yoona fans but their love line got really old fast. I watch variety for the laughs more than the romance (I got Kdramas for that).

    Heechul’s variety skills is really note worthy though. I like his style more than Kwon. Still, the two are made for these things. ^^

  5. Yo!! Double the insanity….lol
    HeeKwon!!! I’ve never imagined having them together in 1 show.
    Do u know who I want to triple the dose?? BRIAN JOO!!!

    • OMFG — now THAT would be AMAZING!! YESSSSSS!!

      I would pay good money to see that! Can you imagine if they three of them got together and had a show? The entertainment value would be through the roof – and probably not fit for TV! LOL

  6. exactly how many members does FO2 need? Sometimes I see more than 10….. O_O

    Not working PDs….please cancel it.

  7. yesssss more of HEEKWON rather than the “lovestory” of taec and yoona… sorry but i am more entertained by heekwon… if they want a love story between taec and yoona, they should move to WGM… this is FO!! heekwon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. that show so not fair ):< how can they prefer some stupid love game over the 2 variety geniuses
    Heechul is the KING even if u hate him u must admit his talented
    he can run a whole show by him self
    JoKwon is the funniest idol out there

    I'm so disappointed

  9. Taec, this is what you should do.
    ‘Best bamboo shoot’ is NOT funny.

    I’m not a fan of FO2, but I keep on watching because of JoKwon and Heechul. They are worth watching despite all the lameness in the new FO. 1N2D FTW!

  10. Heechul was born to be a celebrity ><~~~
    I am so admire him :xxxx

  11. Kwon and Heechul together = AMAZING!!!

  12. love jokwon and kimheechul! ahahaha

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  14. Jo Kwon and Heechul they are so funny, however they deserve to be in a better show
    FO2 sucks

  15. i love jokwon to the fullest but some times he over does it and it comes across a bit try hard imo.

    i no ppl expect him to be super funny and crazy and what not, but it would be nice to see him not go suuupppeeer crazy all the time. he shud be a lil more like heechul and do subtle jokes/ ssanti performances once in a while.

    • haha i think kwon has toned down in heechul’s presence. heenim will teach him well 😉

  16. Like I said, more of HeeKwon and this show will be better.


  18. i love the two of them!!!!! theyre so funny1 and i love when they do girl dances haha so awesome XD

  19. They totally saved the show 🙂

  20. Kwon & Heechul truly are Great Entertainers.
    If it wasn’t for Kwon & Heechul than FO2 would already be…..

    Kwon & Heechul FTW!!!

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