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Orange Caramel reveals album jacket cover, teaser video to be released on the 14th

After School unique group Orange Caramel consisting of members Raina, Nana and Lizzie reveals their album jacket cover.

In the photo revealed, the girls dons pink and sweet outfits, doing a concept that is different from After School’s usual concept. A Pledis official revealed, “For this album, the girls will be doing a concept never tried before as After School. The youngest members Raina, Nana and Lizzie will show fans a different side to them – a lovely and cute side of them.”

Orange Caramel will also be promoting in Asia, they are also even the Chinese name of ‘등자초당'(橙子焦糖) so as to let Chinese fans feel more close to them. They are expected to be joined by new members from the 3rd country and will be more active in Asia.

Showing a new Candy Culture, the title song for Orange Caramel will be ‘Magical Girl/마법소녀'(魔法少女). There will also be a solo song in the album by Raina titled ‘Can’t Postpone Love’.

The teaser video for Orange Caramel will be revealed at 11am on 14th June.



19 Responses

  1. Orange Caramel hwaitin!! Even though they look JPOP, they are an original of Korea, of Pledis!! And they make much much more sense than JPOP girl groups, sorry to admit. Magic Girl is a wonderful song, not too flirty, too girly, and sooooooooooo FRESH…Wonderful refreshment after all the black and white concepts KPOP has been spoiling over and over again.~~

  2. Very J-POP ish

  3. … raina looks really japanese here, and nana … even though she’s really pretty normally, the expression she’s making here is kind of like ;\ lizzy looks pretty though.

  4. Orange Caramel ????? WTF is that ????
    cute concept is ewwwww

  5. Go Raina and AF

  6. Yo!! bring back the cutesy since everyone seems to shed it. ^^
    Plus the members here are the youngest in AS.

  7. for some reason they remind me of Japanese girls……LOOKING FOrWARD TO THEM!

  8. i hope it’s not a bubble cute song…

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  10. fuck more sugar no T_T

    Orange Caramel? and this cove/dressr? lol seems an a Hello!Project sub-group XD

    • Que demonios~! :s this looks like C-ute,berriz …, Momusu and other japanese idols ughhhh

  11. i’m looking foward! Raina is an amazing singer!!! good to know she’ll have a solo song. Nana is extremelly pretty like a doll, she’s one of the prettiest idol group members out there and her singing is that bad. And Lizzy… I have no opinion about her. lol

    Awww but why does Pledis only let their artists to release singles???
    They took a long time to let Son Dambi release a full album! 😦
    And they only let After School release singles!

    • EDIT: I mean NANA’s singing ISN’T that bad. She’s okay singer specially when you consider her beauty. Normally pretty idols are terrible singers, but Nana is alright.

  12. I LOVE NANA.

    Huh. So they’re going to add more members?!
    Geeze. I thought seven was enough. I wonder if the Chinese members’ll be joined with Afterschool or just Orange Caramel…

    • Actually there are 8 members in After School, remember Uee??… Wow, at this speed, they’ll become the female version of suju!

      • Or one more and the sexy/older “SNSD” lol……… :/
        Not that I’m comparing people, but there would be 9 girls in both groups.

  13. Hm, Lizzie sort of looks like Kang MinKyung here, no?

    Can’t wait to hear Nana and Lizzie truly showing off their vocals! 😀

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