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Photo Of The Day! Kim HeeChul poses with SS501

Idol group SS501 was recently on SBS Kim HeeChul’s Young Street radio show as guest appearances.

And as usual, the production team to the show posted up a set of photos taken during the boys’ guest appearances on the show’s official homepage. And the response from netizens who saw the photos has been very positive seeing the fun behind-the-scene photos revealed.

Go under the cut for more photos.

14 Responses

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  2. heechul! such a girly pose in the last picture!
    he’s rather short compared to SS501…

  3. How cute<3

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  7. Can’t get enough of Heechul oppa..Cant believe he’s de oldest among de 6 of them..He lookz like hez de same age s all of de SS501 memberz..6 yummy guys in a pic,watz nt 2 luv..? =p

  8. kim hyun joong looks really cool these days.

  9. CUTE!!! But what happened to Kyu Jong? He looks hmmm…different from before SS501released the new album Destination anyway, SS501 FIGHTING!!!XD

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  11. Haha..Heechul oppa indeed the camera person..i hope he will put some of his pictures in twitter..=)

  12. OMG my 2 favorite 4D boys in the same place ^_^
    I can’t believe Heechul is the older one here kkkk

  13. lol why was hyunjoong isolated in a corner.

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