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Stanford University release official verification to Tablo’s educational certification

Stanford University comes out to verify amidst the recent criticisms of Epik High Tablo faking his education certification.

Stanford University vice president Tom Black posted up a PDF file verifying that Tablo’s education certification of masters degree at the college on the college’s official Twitter on 12th June. The PDF reveals the official letter with regards to the the criticisms against Tablo recently.

Go under the cut for the full content to the letter.

S: Asiae

There is great interests as to whether the letter to stop the criticisms against Tablo to a stop


33 Responses

  1. there you go~ stupid haters need to get a life~ >.<

  2. I don’t get why people keep on thinking that he faked it.
    There has been already so much acknowledgment and proof of it

    But I guess they forgot one thing. You don’t need a certificate of any kind to be a MUSICIAN.

  3. […] if the official verification and official letter from the registra of Stanford University is not enough, Tomas Black of the college registra […]

  4. i don’t see why tablo needed to prove himself to the netizens, who are prolly some people with no lives sitting behind their computer desks 24/7. undirectly, tablo and this entire issue is actually giving netizens power. and now that even THE Stanford aka one of the greatest uni in the states wrote a verification letter .. this issue has been brought to a brand new level.

    honestly, netizens.
    why do you doubt someone for being smart just because that person decided to follow the path as an artist and not some other brighter careers?

    aha, let’s see YOU graduate from Stanford with the lowest mark A- (;

  5. […] if the official verification and official letter from the registra of Stanford University is not enough, Tomas Black of the college registra […]

  6. […] if the official verification and official letter from the registra of Stanford University is not enough, Tomas Black of the college registra […]

  7. The only thing is, when netizens say “We Want the Truth”, they don’t want THE truth so much as THEIR truth.

  8. I hope there’s a follow-up about this. I can’t wait to know what antis think about it.
    Those stupid stupid STUPID netizens. I hope they are ‘happy’ now.

    Go Tablo!

  9. yay i hope this will clean his name.. tablo is genius..

    haters pls stop doing nonsense thing.. try harder next time.. LOL..

  10. The thing that pisses me off is why did it even have to come to this? Why does a major US university HAVE TO come out in defense of a Korean artist? The Korean media verified Tablo’s school record MANY TIMES. So WTF??

    I wish I had the names and addresses of the 50K who joined that group of haters so we could ruin and degrade their lives just as they have done to Tablo’s and his family. I hope they STFU now but I sincerely doubt they will. Stupid people are just that – stupid.

    • I agree, we could try and ruin them like they tried to ruin Tablo, or in other words, a taste of their own medicine. You know a situation has gone from bad to drastic, when even the officials at the university are talking. i think these people need to get sued, because people can die from rumors. It sounds extreme, but when you are telling the truth, and no one believes but keeps trying to sink you down, where do you turn to? I think Tablo has suffered enough in his life and these idiots don’t need to be adding more.

  11. WOW once again omg!!!! Stop this stupid issue!!
    OMG some brainless haters can’t stop put trouble in Tablo’s head!!

    i don’t understand why he has to give proof omg WHY!! o.O!!
    anyway hope it’s really the end NOW!!!

    we are here just for enjoy his work that’s all!!!>>

  12. he doesnt have to answer shit to any of the netizens that dug up all these lame craps.
    hes multi talented and those retarded netizens are fucking nuts trying to pull him down


  13. Kudos 2 Stanford 4 clearin de air..Hope Tablo’s critics wld shut their mouth up aft diz..A minor issue has bcome so blown out of proportion juz bcuz of those brainless haterz..Perhaps they have plenty of spare tyme,bored wif nothin else 2 do..If diz evidence don’t shut them up,den i duno wat wil..Aniwae,there’s alwaez gonna b stupid haters everywhere..It’s onli right 4 celebs like Tablo 2 ignore de lame haters out there n focus on more important stuff like (family,music,Epik High n Infinite)..

  14. happy for tablo :> he’s genius!

  15. so Tablo’s clear now? Yay!

    Tablo shouldn’t be framed like that. It’s hard to have peace if the haters keep hating. Can’t they find someone to like? or keep the hate to themselves? geez…

  16. the NETIZEN HATERS are probably going to say the interns who work at the Stanford internet department who help out with the Stanford twitter account are liars and they made up the letter. that’s what they are probably going to say.

    those NETIZEN HATERS are most likely a bunch of idiot brainless jealous people who wanted to go to college but could not pass their entrance exams.

  17. It’s pretty obvious that the netizen’s against Tablo don’t want the truth. And I would bet my ass on the fact that they actually believe Tablo was a graduate of Stanford but they just want to ruin his life for the mere fact that they don’t like him. It’s pretty sad and pathetic but I hope Tablo knows that he has fans that support him.
    He’ll just have to live with the haters and hope they get tired of all this bullcrap and leave him alone.

  18. See..its true..i guess the people who bring this thing up must be ashamed og him/herself…
    tablo is indeed honest of his education ackground..Tablo oppa fighting!~

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Stanford University release official verification to Tablo’s educational certification http://bit.ly/bDGM4F […]

  20. tablo is smart and nice person !! haters please leave him alone !!

    • Don’t worry, there are little if no haters on this website.

      If there are, wow that is truly pathetic. No one deserves to go through this kind of fucked up shit. No ONE.

  21. I won’t be surprised if the “We Want The Truth” wouldn’t accept this or believing this letter is false.

    I don’t know if their naturally half stupid or what… if they really want the truth, they should have contact Stanford directly than denying everything Tablo said.

    It’s obvious that they aren’t after the truth. They just want to bring down Tablo.

    I wonder if there are KPop artist claiming themselves Oxfor graduate, would the “We Want The Truth” cafe would give it full attention like this one?


    I doubt it…

  22. now i’m curious about wat those netizens from that stupid naver cafe are gonna say about this (more than 50000 people joined)..
    coz u know, they didnt believe him when he released his transcript, and ended up analyzing it like crazy, trying to prove that it’s fake.

    wat r they gonna say about this? tablo hacked Stanford’s twitter account? tablo bribed them? or maybe they wud come up with something more creative…

    i really hope they wud leave tablo (and his family) alone.

  23. I really feel for Tablo..
    What has he done to face all these nonsense? It had been dragging for so long..
    I juz don’t understand the real intention of those netizens..

    Hope everything will be back for good..
    Tablo & Epik High hwaiting!!

  24. Tablo is a smart boy . . .

    • Hehe. Agreed! ^^

      Hope those netizens can stop being haters and study so they can do half as well as Tablo did…

  25. aww.STANFORD! I envy him. go Tablo!

  26. the length this ‘issue’ went to is so outrageous. such a bother to everyone involved. who the fuck are these netizens, tablo doesn’t need to answer anyone.

    • EXACTLY. Fuck netizens. Why should Tablo have to prove himself to these faggots in the first place?

      They’ll deny every single piece of evidence that comes in, asking for more, only to deny it further.

      Korean netizens are the biggest trash.

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