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Super Junior ‘Victory Korea’ voted #1 for best World Cup-inspired song on ESPN

Super Junior’s World Cup song ‘Victory Korea’ set to cheer the S.Korean team in the top 16 garners interests overseas.

A poll was recently done on American site ESPN for the Best World Cup Song. And there were 11 songs shortlisted for the poll including Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’, K’Nann’s ‘Wavin’ Flag’, Akon ‘Oh Akrica’ etc. And #1 on the voll is the song ‘Victory Korea’ by Super Junior with over 90% of the polls, confirming the popularity of the song as well as having S.Korea more known through the poll.

Super Junior said, “We wish to cheer together with the rest of the nation for the S.Korean team, and at the same time show off the tagline of the S.Korean representative team while incorporating the ‘Ddan ddan ddan’ of our 2009 hit song ‘Sorry Sorry’. ”




36 Responses

  1. ofcourse suju will win power of ELFS !personally i don think suju’s vicotory korea is the best song world cup song in the list ( i voted for SHakira)but probably most people is biased so yeah…

    • probably, but there must be people who are not biased voted for Victory Korea too since everyone has different taste so this song may sound best to them and so-so to the others.

  2. bwahahahahahahahaha, the power of KPOP fans, or actually in this term, suju n sm’s fans. i gotta be honest, im a suju fan but big bang’s n kin yuna’s world cup song is better and cooler, but oh well~~~ its a voting match anyway, of course suju pawns

  3. k’naan song is a millions times better then all the songs in that poll. if suju weren’t in the poll it wud have won. it’s amazing!

  4. lol tsk tsk the power of fans. personally i think big bang and yuna’s song is wayyyyyy better.

    • Even if you do think so, ESPN chosed suju’s song.

      You make it sound like it’s a bad thing for fans to vote for their idols.

      People should be happy that a kpop song made it on the poll.>>>>>>>Now this is where the “tsk tsk” for fans come in.

  5. i totally have their same shirts =D

    not a bad song, but my vote would be with one of the other three mentioned above.

    the expressions of the fans’ faces in the beginning was super amusing – that was me a few days ago =)

  6. What I like about this is that out of all the korean world cup songs, ESPN chosed Suju’s “Victory Korea,’ for this poll.

    and this song is damn catchy and fun.

  7. Yay. I love this song, its so catchy

  8. Big bang and kim yuna’s song was wayyy better

  9. lol @speed and Jason. yeah. but this is mean another promotion for those beloved suju members. ❤ haha. i also think that shakira or akon's fans are not bother to vote this. it's different if there's a jpop song or another kpop song~ 🙂

  10. They won because we all know kpop fans are anal about their artists winning any kind of poll

  11. lol anything related to polls regarding kpop is a given that kpop will win….hahaha

  12. suju fighting!!! =D

  13. i think the song won because SuJu fans or KPop fans generally were voting like crazy..i don’t think Shakira & Akon’s fans bother to vote in this at all…lol!

  14. I swear I start to cheer for Korea after listened to this song
    and not even a Koren

  15. they voted like crazy huh

  16. Inspiring…very inspiring and catchy. Now it’s stuck in my head=D VICTORY VICTORY VICTORY KOREA!!!

  17. Inspiring…very inspiring…VICTORY VICTORY VICTORY KOREA!!!

  18. kpop fans voted until their little fingers fell off…really not surprising that they won this one.

    • I think yo can do the voting just once. cz I just vote once, and cant to try the other

  19. well, asking kpop fans to vote in the first place was not gonna turn out pretty lol. like how rain ended on top of Times influencial people list o_o but anyways, korean pride neh.

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