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Why Lee Hyori will not be promoting a followup hit for her 4th album

After it is announced that Lee Hyori will not be releasing a followup hit after ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ for her 4th album, there has been great interests regarding her activities to come.

The truth is Lee Hyori’s 4th album ‘H-Logic’ promotions was somewhat disrupted by the CheonAhn naval ship sinking in May. With the great popularity that the songs like ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, ‘Bring It Back’ and ‘Swing’ received on music charts, there has been great interests from fans as to what the follow up hit to the album will be.

But with the CheonAhn naval ship sinking accident in May, the activities for her followup hit has become uncertain. After her comeback, her comeback stage was postponed for about 3 weeks due to the accident. In addition, with the opening of the 2010 World Cup games on 11th June, the followup hit activities was further postponed.

Another reason for that is also that Lee Hyori’s contract with her agency Mnet Media is coming to an end. There are plans for her to leave Mnet after her 4th album promotions and to set up her own agency with her manager during her Fin.K.L days.

But it does not mean that fans cannot look forward to Lee Hyori’s follow up song promotions. Lee Hyori will be participating in various World Cup events and there is high possibilities that she may continue to promote for a while after the World Cup season.

S: StarToday

22 Responses

  1. I hope she would release Highlight or Scandal, Get 2 Know is also a great song. I had to chuckle, when I read same losers going on about some plagiarism. Obviously, Hyori has nothing to do with that.

    • yes she have something to do with it. she said so herself that she picked out the songs she wanted. therefore she is responsible for some of it.

  2. Aww geez, disappointing.

    I really wanted Hyori to release a repackaged album with NEW songs and do a followup song. T_T

    The beginning of the article says she’s definitely not releasing a followup song. But at the end, it says fans may still look fwd to follow up song promos. Wtf?

  3. maybe HyoRi should return to DSP.

  4. Like the fuck! Why is she lying to us? I mean, I LOVE HYORI, but this is more disappointing to your fans than having that dumb scandal. Come Hyori, what happened to “Hwating”? You should at lease release your repackage… you don’t know how things may turn out… it may be better. Banhnus is the one to blame. Mnet should fire that guy. Right now, I’m just very disappointed.

  5. Wait I thought the ship sinking happened in April? So why they claiming that it have anything to do with her not promoting her second comeback single? Wow if they are going to lie to save mnet media rep at least use real reasons. As I been following this issue since it got reported back April 22nd and April 25th other places. She was already promoting chitty chitty bang bang already. The ship sinking issue already happened back in April if I am not mistaken. Therefore this article is total lies. It is because of the plagiarism issue not because of the ship sinking.

  6. Why don’t this Korean media admit the real reason? It is because of the plagiarism scandal and how people been discussing it since may 28th until now. Bahnus is becoming seen as a plagiarizer. People are half and half in discussions about this issue. Many people embarrased and upset about this. I am sure mnet phones been ringing off the hook for these past 2 weeks. More info on what really going on should be released soon. How soon I don’t know but you all will see.

    • stop hoping for a problem (plagiarism) that you created. no one cares about it except you.

      • I hope MnetMedia gets nailed.

      • i am not hoping for it. it is just there and no i did not create it. those 7 dumb ass korean composers part of bahnus vacuum created the plagiarism. next time they got to think that kpop is not just limited to korea. therefore stealing songs dont cut it.

  7. That’s funny that they say it has something to do with the naval accident. I was thinking the reason she wasn’t going to release a second single is because every other song – minus Chitty – was under dispute as to their originality/copyright infringement.

    Are you telling me that THREE weeks was all she had allotted for a follow-up single promotion? REALLY?? Can we just call a spade a spade?? Please don’t use the memory of the dead naval soldiers as an excuse when they are not the reason

    • yeah i’m not too sure either, and it would be really horrible if they were using the naval incident as a reason. Well on the other hand it could be because of the world cup, but they still have music shows right? idk

    • that is what I was thinking. maybe they are using the naval incident to cover up the real reason.

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  9. Wasn’t she supposed to release a Repackage Album with 6 new songs… ?

    • That’s what I thought 😦
      Given all the disruptions, wouldn’t she want to keep going since she’s barely promoted?

      I don’t get the last para saying “But it does not mean that fans cannot look forward to Lee Hyori’s follow up song promotions” when the 1st line says “it is announced that Lee Hyori will not be releasing a followup hit after ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ for her 4th album”… Thank you sookyeong for sharing this with us anyway!

  10. Disappointed~ >.<

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