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After School UEE caught in ‘belly fat embarrassment’ once again

A set of photos featuring After School UEE ‘belly fat embarrassment’ garners great interests online.

Recently, After School has participated in the filming of MBC every1 ‘Play Girls School’ and photos taken of UEE during the filming has attracted much interests from netizens. Known for her ‘honey thighs’, UEE was seen with ‘belly fat’ in the photos revealed. It seems that she has gained a little weight amidst the filming of her recent drama ‘Birdie Buddy’ where her role is a healthy golfer.

This is not the first time that UEE has been in the spotlight for such interests. Previously in her CF photos, many netizens have also pointed out her ‘belly fat’ showing despite her great S-line.

Netizens’ comments are, “I thought she is a mom-jjang (best bod) but knowing that she has belly fat too, she is human after all”, “It is only human to have that little amount of belly fat”, “She is still confidence nonetheless” etc.

S: TVReport

Here’s my 5 cents worth. Personally I really like UEE and her build, she is tall and fleshy which is sexy. I guess the ’embarrassing belly fat’ is also due to the very tight shorts

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  1. ^ but you still read articles about her and you comment in them. You love her in reality ^^

  2. she’s so fucking ugly tho.. im really glad that she’s not in the spotlight anymore… I went crazy that period of time when it was only “UEE this, UEE that oh and UEE etc. etc.” pfffff

  3. The shorts was too tight.

  4. the shorts are too tight, thats it. i still think shes skinny.

  5. she’s tall, so it’s okay. just that maybe the stomach abit obvious.
    if like me, short + belly= wintermelon

  6. lmao do netizens even know what belly fat is?
    it’s pretty obvious it’s because her pants are waaaay too tight.
    it’s kinda ironic how netizens criticize the smallest things.. :s
    i’m pretty sure the netizens themselves aren’t even fit either ;D

  7. ..her body is like Park Bom as well…

  8. i guess the belly fat come out because of the tight short & shirt that she wear..the situation also happen to Hara from KARA & Taeyeon from SNSD..her body is fine..=)

  9. It’s things like this that make me wonder if I want to go to Korea after all.

    • Trust me, it’s not like that at all over there. Unless you’re put in situations where there are teenage fangirls (which can be scary though, they’re rough as hell… no idea about certain etiquette), then otherwise it’s fine, the people are lovely!

  10. i blame the shorts xD

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  12. Come on guys 🙂
    Let’s be realistic
    she have prepared large compared to other girls in the band
    and also compared with girls of other teams
    Because she have a large body of generally 🙂

  13. jungah ❤

  14. Is it me or does the photos look edited/photoshopped?

  15. belly fat >>>> stick skinny (like most of the idols and celebrities in general)

  16. she’s fat? im now ashamed of my belly and me.. mine’s bigger,, they don;t even call me fat.

  17. Well sometimes it’s painful to watch girls that are skinny lil chopsticks dance and sing. They always look like they are on the verge of starvation.
    Uee is fine, she’s curvy, she has some fat, it’s not bad to have fat. They create luscious curves. She probably goes home and eats regularly like a normal person.

  18. seriously she looks fat in mbc shooting but looks fit in those cf shooting. they are all ‘recent’ photos but i wonder why there is such a big difference =S

  19. She looks great!

  20. thats embarrassing it isnt the shorts are too tight she is really hot

  21. she is criticized because she is UEE..

  22. I agree! Yes, the shorts are really tight, but I don’t see what’s so bad about her body. She still has a good healthy body, and it’s nice to see her getting into her role and being professional about it. No one wants to see a scrawny golfer, after all. And her healthy body is why I even like her in the first place. She has the honey thighs and the fit body, but not skinny, like many other girl groups today. Go UEE!!!

  23. well uee never looked that skinny to me anyways
    personally i think it’s the right shorts
    but she looks pretty ok to me with some belly fat >.<

  24. the fact that she has some curves makes her human and lovely to me. Which part of that body is ugly or unhealthy please?

    but then again, what else to expect from these brainless netizens.

  25. cases like these are the reasons for korean celebrities committing suicides..goodness gracious! it’s just due to an unflattering shorts! i never liked uee, but i cant imagine the feeling of being scrutinized this way..netizens, go get a life! it’s not even disgusting to look at..

  26. I watched After School ‘Bang’ performances in HD and in almost every video I can see the girls’ belly fat. Bekah ‘muffin top’ is the most obvious.

    Having said that, I see nothing wrong with it. The girls looks fabulous. UEE can strike a sexy pose even with that belly fat. Not many girls can do that.

    But that tight shorts got to go. It’s ugly.

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  28. totally agree with your 5 cents worth

  29. That’s disgusting !!!!!!!!!

  30. UEE’s belly fat is mostly because of the very tight shorts. I think UEE has a beautiful body! At least she has curves and meat and it’s not skinny like other korean celebs. Beyonce is far from being skinny, she is a bit chubby, but her body is beautiful too.

    • What does Beyonce have to do with this? Beyonce is nowhere near “chubby”. Both Uee and Beyonce are beautiful with nice fit bodies.

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  32. i guess it’s the unflattering shorts that caused it….at least she’s healthy and confidence… 🙂

  33. @ least uee is confident in her own body..Datz all dat matterz..No matter wat body shape celebs have,confidence is de key in pullin it off.. =)

  34. haha mine is still bigger than her 😀
    bu then she should be more careful next time
    Her belly is pretty ovbious

  35. is it jungah? the one standing behind uee with the eye smile? her body’s hot lol.
    and thats very some tiny shorts…

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