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Big Bang spotted with their unique fashion sense at recent World Cup event

Idol Big Bang appears in front of local fans after being awhile for a while.

Big Bang was spotted at the opening of Hyundai Fan Park on 11th June at 8pm. And walking down the red carpet for the event, members GDragon and TOP’s fashion have caught the attention of many fans.

GDragon ‘blue jeans fashion’ with the contrasting red tee he was wearing has earned the praises of many netizens. He was also seen with a simple pair of blue shades, with an image different from his usual ‘bling bling’ accessorised concept. As for TOP, he was seen with a black zipper jacket and dark jeans, paired with the red shirt he was wearing. His unique fashion accessories like his red hat with the prints of 2 horns and red shades have caught the attention of many netizens anf fans.

S: Newsen


52 Responses

  1. kekeke~ gd rocks

  2. Unique fashion sense my ass….in that particular event that is. I love their style but what they’re wearing in the above pictures is just casual and what an average person would wear at home or on the streets…well minus TOP’s cute cap and both their fug sunglasses.
    BB you need to make a comeback like now…even korean reporters are finding it hard to write articles about you guys that they resort to analysing average clothing that you wear..

  3. stop criticising if you cant dress better than them.

  4. miss those boys!!! great to see them again… πŸ™‚

  5. I was hoping for these 44 comments to be positive ones related to the article :/

  6. unique? i think most bb fans would find this rather normal? lol. gd looks way dressed down, like he just rolled out of bed.

  7. TOP’s glasses looked like something someone would wear on a construction site, lol. Still love him to bits, tho. ❀

  8. Kpop Love..

    No bashing pls…

    I love ’em all..

    Really miss Big Bang..

    At least SUJU & 2pm already made theirs comeback..

    I can’t wait for August to come… It time for Big Bang to Big Banging.. πŸ˜€

  9. LOL @ all the trolls and haters πŸ™‚

    This is why GD wrote Gossip Man.

    Now ain’t you guys proud of yourselves? GD wrote a song for you guys.

  10. GD wearing gucci shades….

  11. lol gd looks 5 years younger with that hairstyle. his colors are nice but why the small denim jacket? -___-

    tops hat is dope. do the boys share hats? because i know yb has a massive hat collection. but is top wearing goggles?

    • no. the sunglasses(?) are connected to the hat. that’s why it’s tilting with the hat in stead of staying straight on his face.

  12. haha GD kiddo πŸ˜€

  13. BIG BANG is the BEST!!! Come BACK!!!

  14. Keyboard warriors talking shit behind their computer screens cause they don’t have anything better to do. Well let me tell you this BB could care less about what people have to say about them because they’re too busy counting the number of fans they have and the number of cash they have in the bank.

  15. GD looks like a kid, hehe. He looks fine~~ Just regular.

    I like TOP’s outfit too.
    Cool jacket. His cap with the horn prints isn’t really that bad.

  16. unique isn’t always so great. i mean looks wise. not trying to hate, but i don’t find g-dragon’s fashion to be appealing in any way. sure it’s unique, but it doesn’t look good to me. sometimes he looks like a fag, and other times he looks like a kid, like here.

    the dude is talented though, no denying that. one of the few real “artists” in the idol world.

  17. LOL. really? so many haters here. believe what you want to believe…coz BIGBANG will show you who’s boss when they come back. GD and TOP…always amazing!!!

  18. all i see is haters goin blablablablabla….. trolls.

    spend what little intellect you have on figuring out where the red x icon is at your browser window and leave. go be a hero and do that. a lot of us would appreciate it if you did.

  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the above comments were from the same person. kekeke how sad. GD looks relatively normal, TOP looks odd but not too bad.

    • ^

      GD looks normal but I don”t like what TOP is wearing.

    • At first glance, I though Top was GD. O – O

      • yup! not until i realized GD pix was right next to him…LOL
        GD looks like a kid…=P
        TOP should just take his hat off, that would be awesome!! =)

  20. G-Dragon is so gay.
    TOP looks good. Hate his glasses though.

    • Are you sure we’re looking at the same person?

    • yea sure i smell jealous!!! big bang and 2ne1 rocks!!! ooo and shinshim big bang and 2ne1 are very unique that’s what sets them apart from other groups and if you donΒ΄t care what are you doing here?? ¬¬

      2ne1 big bang please come back soon !!! show us some real musik please!!!

  21. Their style is ridiculous…

  22. oh BB, how much i miss you guys. please, come back to Korea NOW. i have faith you will come back in August (as scheduled!) but the suspense is killing me! i haven’t been blown away with any song this year, so please, do me the honors πŸ˜€ i know you will πŸ˜‰

  23. 2PM and Super Junior are much better than Big Bang !!!!

    • yeah, says a person who bashes both suju and 2PM in their posts and keeps changing their name. grow up.

      you trolls need just shut up and go somewhere else. sookyeong works hard to bring us this information but you all keep hating on every post. thats disgusting.

    • ARe u crazy? Big bang have huge fan ..

    • wow. 2pm can’t fucking sing. but yeah. super junior is better than big bang. who is big bang anyway? sm family rules,

      • sm family rules alright… at getting their money stolen by the greedy pricks that’s promoting them! that’s why they have to work 100x more than YG family… coz they’re getting jack from SM!

      • I don’t know Super Junior doing Hip Hop? I must have missed the news for people comparing these two groups. πŸ˜›

        Yes, SM Family rules. Always stress out that they are FAMILY. Once is enough. Too much.. annoying…

      • Who is super junior?

    • please… 2pm wishes they could be like big bang… they have to keep taking off their shirts just to get attention… since they have no talent!


  24. Fags.

  25. GDragon really looks like a kid hehe


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