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Big Bang TOP reveals teaser to solo song ‘Turn It Up’

The last member of Big Bang with his solo release.

The teaser photo to Big Bang TOP’s solo song ‘Turn It Up’ is released on 15th June. Already, he had revealed the song during Big Bang’s 2010 Big Show in January. The show is written and composed by TOP himself. While the song and the MV will be revealed, there are no plans for him to do promotional activities for it.

TOP who recently starred as student soldier in movie ‘Into the Gunfire’ undergoes great transformation into ‘luxurious prodigal’ for ‘Turn It Up’. TOP said, “For the past few months, I have been so busy with movie filming, and I wish to just promote as Big Bang for the future.”



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  1. that picture is badass

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  4. Yeah, hasn’t the teaser been out for a while? I feel like we’ve seen this before.

  5. Tabiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no wonder i dream of him few days ago….this is it! =))

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  7. This is semi-off topic but does anyone else think that the female voice in the teaser (the “uhhh” part) sounds like CL? She, CL mentioned in an interview that she was “featured”, I’m not sure if she was talking about in the MV or song though. Hurry up and release the full HQ song/MV already YG. I bet YG will allow TOP to promote it once or twice (like how initially Bom and Taeyang weren’t going to promote but ended up doing so).

    • LOL I did too. I saw another fancam of this song from the big show with clearer volume and towards the end of the song, you can hear a female voice overlap TOP’s. it is no doubt CL’s.

  8. can’t wait until 21

  9. if u wanna make TOP promote it.. so keep interest in it.. if it is HUGE then they will promote it! Same as YB, 2NE1 (try2followme) etc….

  10. simple explanation as to why there will be NO promotions for this song.

    back when it was revealed at BIG SHOW 2010, there was a pretty clear fancam of the whole MV and the view count for that video on youtube has reached hundreds of thousands therefore YG sees no point in promoting cuz the impact will be less and there’s no more surprise factor in the whole thing.

    i for once agree with YG. sometimes his weird tactics just work y’know? and this is TOP bigbang we’re talkin abt here. it’ll BANG whether he promotes it or not. if he releases the MV and proceeds to top the music charts, then i’d be freaking happy already. besides, YB said he wasn’t gonna promote where u at too and he still ended up performing it anyways. i’m expecting something abt the same thing to happen to TOP too.

    btw, YB’s album is due to drop on the 25th right?

    • agree. anyway, the YB release date is still a speculation but there really is a lot of hearsays going around that it will be around that time.

      • i think it’s gonna be around that time too. besides, shaun has been keepin us on our toes with his mischevious little tweets hinting abt it. some think it’ll be se7en but i think it’s YB. i don’t think YB trusts anyone else to do his choreography. they’re like the perfect choreogrpaher-artist couple. it just won’t work with anyone else i think. ehehe^^

        it might be se7en. who knows. he’s probably working with both of them for all we know. lol.

    • YG is a coward, he always releases song to see what the reaction is, if it’s good he then goes on to do promotions if the reception is not great he doesn’t. How many times has YG dropped the “no promotions” on a song only to go back on his word and promote it? nearly all of the 2NE1 girls solo singles weren’t supposed to be promoted but then YG come out with “:since the song is soo popular we will promote it”…LAME.

      • He likes testing the waters before jumping in. I don’t mind it at all, actually. When he decides to have his artists promote, I just take it as “giving back to the people” or simply, fan service.

      • @Hyuntae. i hope that you realize what you’re saying, it’s not lame.

      • nope. it’s not cowardice. it’s being smart. and sometimes, being smart can be lame. but being smart is also a good thing. therefore being lame is GOOOOOD~ thanks for the compliment.

        you obviously dunno what you’re talking abt btw. it’s a business. sometimes ppl take chances and risks, sometimes ppl take a step back and move slowly. being smart is knowing when to take these different approaches according to the situations presented.

      • Coward? LOL.

        I’d call it smart and at most times, calculated. What is so wrong with testing the waters, honestly? And anyway, why waste your time bitching about how YG “goes back on his words” regarding promotions when you should be glad as a fan that he did allow the single to be promoted in the end?

        This tactic doesn’t generate 100% success I’ll tell you that just to be fair, but mind you, this strategy makes YGE, his artists and the fans HAPPY for the most part.

      • @123grr: naah … i doubt this person is even a fan.

        by the way, why the heck would you care how YG manage his company and his artists? are you a business man with big companies of your own and with millions in your account?

  11. “there are no plans for him to do promotional activities for it.”

    YG pleaseeeeeeeee


  13. im sorry but i think TOP excels in group projects. hes oozing with charisma and he sure does KNOW that girls drool over him, lol.
    but i think hes pretty one dimensional when it comes to songs.
    gd raps too but he has a different flow to him which in turn, greatly compliments TOP’s style. this being one of the reasons why bb can be so versatile in their music.

    but idk, maybe he can prove me wrong since he hasnt been given a chance yet to shine individually outside of acting

    • I don’t know, I always enjoy watching his solo performances in their concerts.

  14. I am SO disappointed that Top won’t be promoting this! 😦 😦 😦

  15. no promotions? yeah right YGE..those were the press releases before, remember Bom, YB? and Dae was able to showcase his Cotton Candy, what about TOP? give me TOP or ill break YG’s neck, lol..seriously im curious if what would be the choreography if TOP is going to perform Turn It Up.

  16. can’t wait for a HQ MV now!

  17. YG I LOVE YOU ! let see, who’s the BEST ! haha lmao


    Omo, TOP!!!! Gahd I’m spazzing like there’s no tomorrow! Thie teaser and news about TOP (an a little bit of BB) felt like it came from heaven lol.

    bb, we’re waiting for you, taeyang’s..basically for BigBang really. But it’s alright, we know you guys always have something awesome in store for us.

    I liked the teaser, btw. very much!

  19. now look who’s BOSS!!! TOP!!!! BIGBANG is heating up the summer!!!

  20. “For the past few months, I have been so busy with movie filming, and I wish to just promote as Big Bang for the future.”

    – Awwwwww (: Omg loveee it ! I could hardly watch the fancams, because I wanted to watch it when it officially came out. Big Bang comeback = soon, (:

  21. hot

  22. @sookyeong teaser is out.

  23. it’s the T O P


    see guys.. YG will give us what we want, but spontaneously, and i love them for that. I’M JUMPING IN MY SEAT.

    but no promotions!? T_T TOP, you gotta go on TV and show what a BAMF you are. this is unacceptable.

    xD god i cant wait.

  25. oh i really wanna see it!

  26. yay! Teaser for TOP!! wOOT!

    TOP said, “For the past few months, I have been so busy with movie filming, and I wish to just promote as Big Bang for the future.

    WE ALL WISH FOR THAT! But that’s okay, can indulge in your solo for the moment! 😀

  27. 15 is today only like 4 hour for the teaser to come out can’t wait.

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