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Famous composer arrested and charged with rape of female singer

It has been known that a famous composer had attempted to rape a female singer.

According to Seoul GangNam Police Station on the 15th June, “A famous composer Kim (33) has been arrested for attempting to rape a female singer A.” It was also revealed that the composer has asked the female singer to the recording room to sing a song he has composed on 28th May. And Kim has treated Miss A with violent including hitting her head against the floor when she put up a strong resistance against his act.

Fortunately, Miss A had managed to escape and seek refuge in the next building and called up the police for help. It was known that Miss A was almost naked and not dressed properly when she had called up the police.

And on the 14th, the composer was arrested by the police.

S: TVDaily

26 Responses

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  2. Why is it that when news comes out like this, the FAMOUS ones are protected and have their names out of the papers. Why is the Korean media protecting this guy? That’s ridiculous.

  3. horrible. just horrible. fortunately, the girl escaped.
    poor her, but at least, she had the power to report to the police.

    such a pig, really.
    agree with @alife.
    have they no conscience at all?

  4. disgusting. power corrupts people and i hate males in high positions that abuses that authority

  5. why are the police protecting that bastard for!! they should release his name so the nation can no what a disgusting piece of shit he is!!

  6. Yay! Let’s all condemn the guy based on a simple newsblurb! Any accusation will do!

    Everyone commenting here has had sex with kittens! And with their own fathers! Ewww! You all are disgusting and should be jailed!

    • maybe u have but the rest of us aren’t nasty like u.

    • what’s up with your brain ?

      we don’t even know the guy, so why are you protecting him ?

      according the news, the guy is guilty.

      you’re the disgusting one.

  7. I hate wild disgusting animals like him -.-

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  9. Hmm..Wonder who de female singer iz..?Hope she wil get diz traumatic incident over soon..aniwaez,hope justice will b brought on 2 dat perv composer..He really gt sum nerve 2 do sumthing like dat..So desperate..Perhaps he has been eyeing and targeting de singer all diz while.. What a creep..

  10. I’m assuming it’s a solo singer because groups usually record with more than once person in the studio for efficiency.

    Just gonna take a guess but it might be the real reason why Hyori’s not gonna have a follow up single lol

  11. whoa, this was very shocking and intense.
    I feel bad for the singer, luckily things were set in place.

    whoot~ go her for fighting back as well.

  12. poor girl
    shame on that guy
    if he wanted it that bad
    get a porno
    hookup at a bar
    or worse
    get a hooker

    why get into this much trouble

  13. poor girl if i were her, i wouldn’t know what to do but keep on crying. Miss A is brave enough to call the police.

  14. I’m very glad she did something about it. What a horrible, horrible man. I assume the singer was in preparation for debut so he took advantage of the situation.
    I doubt the producer would have been so bold as to lay his hands on someone already really famous.

    • True, I feel that it may be someone preparing for debut or someone who isn’t that famous yet, allowing that composer to wield more influence over that poor girl.

      Entertainment industries all over the world is full of dirty and shady business, but girls and guys please stand up for yourself! It may be hard to give up your dream, but don’t sell your souls and bodies to perverted people :C It’ll only make them bolder and pick more targets.

  15. that is really devastating for her …

    hope she got a good help

  16. Well damn O_O

    I’m so glad that she got help instead of just staying quiet, though. Very smart (and sadly, rare) move.

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  18. I’m glad she stands for herself..
    Whoever she is, hope she’s doing fine now..
    It’s a nightmare or trauma for her..

    Justice should serve this itchy Kim!!

  19. miss A,JYP girl group???
    lucky she is safe
    and that man should go to jail

  20. wow..i wonder who the singer is..
    is she from an idol group or a solo singer?!
    good thing the composer was arrested.

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