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MV teaser to TOP ‘Turn It Up’ released!

The MV teaser to Big Bang TOP solo song ‘Turn It Up’ has been released on 15th May!

TOP is the last member in Big Bang to have his solo debut. Love it or not?

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  1. cooolll! (:

  2. Don’t understand Korean… but TOP just gave me a nosebleed…
    well… it was him and BigBang that got me interested in Korean music anyways…


  3. love you my baby

  4. Waaa definitivamente love it!!!
    mi housbend is alway perfect
    soo this is even more!!!

    Love you my love!!!!♥♥♥

  5. […] MV teaser t&#959 TOP ‘Turn It Up’ released! « K Bites […]

  6. Love it! He looks so damn hot and sounds so damn amazing!

  7. LOVE IT ❤ so cute when he blinks

  8. What the =.=, what image was TOP trying to portray, that of an egotistical playboy who obsessed with cars, women and designer bags hmm…

    And don’t even get me started on the song, overly processed vocals as expected from YG.

    • blablabla…

    • I’m not trying to stereotype here, but this is a hiphop/rap song, it’s about luxury and girls. I see there is nothing wrong with it, you should see the whole MV, it’s very unique, not just ‘luxury’ you see in the teaser. At least we are not getting the typical ‘dark image’ and abs or cute boys/girls that act like they are five when they are 20+ years old. [Im tired of those already] Also, YG keep showing more real image, than the typical ‘goodie’ guy/girl like other companies.
      It’s bad of YG to keep doing autotune, but then again, it’s the trend, if you listen to kpop songs these days, there are autotune in there more or less. Anyone who listened to TOP on stage before know he has a great voice and a great rapping ability.

      • I agree with you. Besides Shinhwa, Big Bang are the only ones who dont have to use gimmicks and images to sell. They dont need to show abs. They know how to make real music.

      • WORD!!

      • uh .. by the way Shinhwa is the first Korean boy band i fell in love with (still do) and then Big Bang …and until now, no other boy band can compare to both.

    • What the =.=!

      Why are you here anyway?

  9. Damn! That’s hot.

  10. love it!!!!!!!! can’t wait for full song and mv…

  11. omg amzing

    I love TOP

  12. @ning wht the fck r u talking about? Is it suppose to release a single first before promoting it or anything? Anyway whtever yg do there is no way he wil succeed over sm. Sm family rules kpop.

    • oh…shut up already…why need to bring up SM Town here..

    • puh-lease
      the only thing sme succeeds in doing is making their artists work like slaves.

    • Ah~ you must be one of SM Online Indirect Marketing Strategy Member…

      It seems like your modus operandi are

      1. Post SM related comment on SM biggest competitor – YG. For a big company AFRAID of a small company is a praise for YG. 😀

      2. Sometimes, need to look like he/she support the article but end it with praises for SM.

      😀 You must have been afraid of YG Fam, aren’t you?

    • grrrrrr you again i saw u on almost all the fucking post about YG seriously bitch get a life already ! sme is a motherfuckign slave company yeah they have good artist but they make them work like a slave! without DBSK sme is piece of shit now! and what the fuck have you to do with promoting are oyu the one incharge? NO so stfu dont act like you noe everything cuz YG’s CEO is way better than your motherfucking SME! sorry i didnt want to be mean to SME/artist but since that bitch is bringing it up so yeah..

    • SM is wayyyy better than YG huh??? may i know in wht way???? hurmmmm…… oh ok!! i know!!! the only thing SM is WAYYYY BETTER than YG is in promoting his talentless artists, which is PATHETIC!!!!! pathetic why??? because he is nothing more than just a coldblooded factory president, while YG is a great father of a very full of love family!!! thats why!!!!! ^^

      YGFamily rules!!!! ❤

  13. love iT~~
    it so hot!!!!!!!!!

  14. ah YG is waiting too long to release this MV. I can’t rouse the same kind of interest again when I first saw the grainy fancam in youtube. This feels like half-hearted effort from YG. No promotion at all? Not even a single performance?

    • TOP said, “For the past few months, I have been so busy with movie filming, and I wish to just promote as Big Bang for the future.”

    • Give the dude a break. I read somewhere that the release of the MV is part of the announced release of the Big Show 2010 DVD — where this MV was first featured.

    • “I can’t rouse the same kind of interest again when I first saw the grainy fancam in youtube”

      that’s why he’s not gonna do any promotions for it. YG already knows that this is the reaction he will get from audiences. it’s not half-hearted. it’s kinda smart. there’s no point in promoting a song that’s lost it’s heat.

      besides, YB wasn’t supposed to perform ‘Where U At’ either. yet he still did one cuz of fans demands. i’d expect TOP to do the same. it’ll happen. don’t worry.


  16. i loooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee TOP <33333333

  17. NICE

  18. why was the teaser released on May 15th?!
    it’s june this month right?! O_O

  19. omg i haven’t been this excited in a long time, i even squeeled lmao
    i hope the album has more hip hop than pop

  20. COOL ! Can’t wait .

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  22. the end when he raised his eyebrow *dies* can’t waitttt!

  23. Ooooh….HOT! Love it!

  24. hurmm.. 15th May?

  25. LOVE! ><

  26. L O V E I T ! ! ! !

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