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SISTAR SoYoo known to have prepared for debut as part of 4Minute

Recently debuted with the song ‘Push Push’, it is known that group SISTAR member SoYoo almost made it to be part of another girlgroup 4Minute.

SISTAR’s officials told MTStarNews recently, “SoYoo was a trainee to debut as part of 4Minute, she even did recordings for her debut then.” Before SoYoo met her current agency StarShip Entertainment, she was preparing to debut as part of 4Minute. But she did not continue to debut as 4Minute on reasons that the music style does not suit her.

The official added, “Even though SoYoo did even recordings for 4Minute’s debut album, she felt that the team style does not suit her. After that, she met us and joined SISTAR. SoYoo’s vocal capabilities are outstnding. There will be opportunities in the future for her to show off her vocals though various activities.”

Meanwhile, SoYoo had earned the nickname of ‘little Lee MiYeon’ after her face was revealed.


20 Responses

  1. i’m thinking she realised she wouldnt get much face time in 4min so she dropped out … but idk

  2. so i guess ‘push push baby’ is a great song to debut with…..

  3. obviously you guys have not watched sistar’s training videos. she’s actually pretty good. its just she sings in a certain way for the song, her part leaves no room for showcasing her vocals.

    • if she’s a good singer, you can throw her any song and she’d be able to sing it well.

  4. omg that is hilarious, her vocals are so NOT outstanding, from what sistar has been presenting. she’s the pretty face of the group.

  5. I find the reason a little bit weird. I mean I personally think 4minute is in the right direction when it comes to their music. I also think Sistar’s concept/music isn’t that different to begin with. I read this a week ago and her reasons weren’t exactly specified there, so ppl assumed that she got kicked out at the last minute. Which is a wonder for most, too.

  6. lol outstanding…..
    But she sound terrible in push push.
    if is the rapper says will show her outstanding vocal skills in the future i still believe but her?lol.

    • I agree, the saving grace of that group is the girl who sings “Puss, puss, baby.”

  7. idk. i see seohyun and uee mixed in her lols. just that picture i mean lols. but she is pretty.[:

  8. she looks like more of an actress than idol
    very pretty !

  9. what’s the point of the company pointing out the fact that she was preparing to debut as part of 4Minute? getting more attention? -_-

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: SISTAR SoYoo was debuting as part of 4Minute http://bit.ly/boXvwA […]

  11. That’s odd. I mean Sistar’s concept is not that different from 4minute. So she dropped out on purpose? And people were feeling sorry for her because they thought that she was kicked out last minute or something.

  12. Cool! She kind of looks like a longer face version of Hyoyeon. Kyaa…

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