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Stanford University registrar Tomas Black speaks up on Tablo’s recent criticisms

As if the official verification and official letter from the registrar of Stanford University is not enough, Tomas Black of the college registra recently came out for an interview to talk about the false criticisms against Epik High Tablo regarding his educational certification.

Due to the overwhelming responses from fans and netizens surrounding the criticisms, Tablo’s activities is also put on hold for the moment.

39 Responses

  1. As a Korean, I am ashamed that they have to be this jealous towards someone instead of just accepting that he really is smart and talented. Yeah, getting a masters in 2 1/2 years is very impressive, but it is not impossible. Why can’t people just accept that people can be smart???

    And you know what, there was a newspaper article recently about a 10 year old boy that got into UF. Did they call him fake and make him prove that he graduated high school? No. They congratulated him. Why? Because they were willing to admit that people really can be smart.

    Sheesh, Korean netizens. Get a life and get out of his. Why should anyone have to prove something to this extent? There’s SCANS of his diploma all over the internet now! They really should be ashamed that they forced him to this degree.

    As a Korean, I am very upset, angry, hurt, and ashamed that they cannot acknowledge a genius.

  2. someone must post this to the site of the haters! why does it have to end up with this… i guess this is all the proof that the some of the knetizens want. what more do they wanna ask?!

    tablo’s activities are put on hold…and i think so does his tweeting. he’s not tweeting anymore..and i miss his inspirational blonotes.. TT

    • OMG, there are still idiots that are calling this guy fake. Yeah, you read that right. There are still haters that think the whole interview is fake, and I saw on youtube an argument about how it’s all fake because apparently the user graduated from Stanford and their seal didn’t look like Tablo’s seal.

      I don’t know what more they want from Tablo and Stanford!

  3. suck on that k-netizens 😛

  4. Gosh, this is ridiculous! Tablo does not owe anybody any explanation whatsoever! His life is none of your business. Who are you netizens? God?!
    It’s also an insult for Stanford university being asked whether the documents are falsified or not.
    Netizens wished they could study at Stanford and be so damn talented in music and have such a beautiful family.
    I guess netizens have such pathetic lives that they are bitter. So I feel sorry for them 🙂

    • Haha, yeah. No one should ever have to prove themselves like this. I mean, netizens are insulting not only Tablo but Stanford as well! I really do think that all this hate is coming from jealousy. They are all jealous that Tablo is a genius (in more than one way) while all they can do is leave hate comments online.

  5. K-netizen are crazy…they want to destroy another life before they’re satisfy…this is the reason to celebrity having depression…depression = suicide … and then they become apologetic … apologetic does not bring back lives … they need to stop this

  6. Korean netizens are crazy and have no life

  7. This has gone toooooo farrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

    What’s wrong with people nowadays? Why are human so harsh and cruel? They know nothing about limits..

    I know the reporters want to clarify all the possible issues but if I’m the one being interviewed, i will feel offended with this Q “Is the record really accurate?”. It’s like you doubting my professionalism..

    I’m not sure if this is an usual practice for Registrar to verify a record of a student but then this for sure sent a bad impression of the people in the Republic of Korea.

    Anyway, i really hope Tablo & his family not suffering any depression.. Be strong Tablo!!

    • Most of the time official transcript and letter would have been enough. I think this is the first time where Registratr Official made a video as a proof.

  8. pssh what the hell are netizen’s trying to prove?
    they have so much evidence that tablo graduated from stanford
    why ruin his life like this
    is this evidence not enough that you have to get an interview out of someone from stanford

    after all this i hope the netizens can clearly understand tablo had no fault in this situation

    I swear netizen’s ruin careers and ruin lives

  9. This is really getting out of hand. Is there really a need to ruin the man’s life? The officials have already provided evidents with regards to Tablo’s education at Stanford which has totally nothing to do with his music career. Those netizens who have no better objective in life, just leave the man and his family alone.

  10. I seriously don’t understand why it had to go this far. Him refuting the statement should have been enough, for him to have to get the college registra to prove himself is really.. i don’t even know. If this, an official statement, and a refuting statement isn’t enough to prove them wrong, I really don’t know what is.
    I remember when i first read that Tablo graduated from Stanford, I was so proud, I didn’t even bother to question it..

  11. The anti-fans are malicious and appear to have boundless anger, with no constructive way to dissipate their energy. I think they should all dispatch to the Gulf of Mexico and help clean up the oil spill.

  12. Who cares! I don’t listen to Tablo’s music because of where he went to school. I listen to Tablo’s tunes because they are the bomb!

  13. The Netizens spreading false rumors should be prosecuted for slander.

    They have no lives and are jealous of someone that is more talented and capable than they are.

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Stanford University registra Tomas Black speaks up on Tablo’s recent criticisms http://bit.ly/92MCYt […]

  15. Shouldn’t all the proofs Tablo brought forward be good enough to strengthen his lawsuit against the naver cafe ring leader?

    What happen to the lawsuit anyway?

    If Korean police and department responsible for technology in Korea do something about this, the culprit would have been questioned by now.

  16. ffs if someone said my creds were fake, i prove it to them with my manuscript
    if someone said that they dont look like a doctor, the doctor would have presented a manuscript of their education
    even before they are allowed to touch a patient
    why are these people so brought up that tablo, real name daniel is not who he is with the education
    he is fluent in english and korean
    and he is part of pop culture
    they should instead be proud of him

    i bet those haters are going to say that tablo, real name daniel payed the clerk who made the video
    the only way to clear the charges once and for all and only if deemed necessary is to compare his dob certificate and match it with the manuscript
    it seems this is out of control
    more out of control than the jaebum controversy

  17. i’m pretty sure this won’t stop here. why? because the objective of said netizens is not to discredit tablo. it’s to bring pain and suffering to tablo and his family/friends. this is just one way they could do it, and you can bet they’ll find another. these people are the lowest of the low, with nothing better to do than to spread hate.

    and to those who doubted, i hope they have the balls to apologize, like they would demand from others if the situation was reversed.

  18. K-netizens are always the same *sigh*
    They just keep pushing people to their end and then if something bad happens, they’ll go like:
    “Oh, we didn’t think that it’ll go this far”
    Seriously, they need to grow up =”=

  19. it’s time for tablo to teach them netizens a lesson
    let file a lawsuit against them,we all here will support you

  20. Ugh if THIS doesn’t convince those k-netizens then I don’t know what will convince them. All of this is so unnecessary and I feel bad for the registrar’s office to keep on finding more & more ways for verification. Yes it’s their job if someone asks “did so & so really go to this school & earned this degree”. Same goes for the NSC. There’s no freaking way you can falsify those documents b/c it’s illegal to do so and obviously these people can lose their jobs, & their reputation.

    K-netizens should just stop with the accusations and start believing Tablo already! Sheesh.

  21. I don’t get why must K-netizens do these kind of things…they seriously should be proud of him like Tomas Black said instead of trying to bring him down….I find this is sooo unnecessary because as long as he could he’s true to himself, I’m sure he’ll be fine…but netizens just wont shut up…

  22. yes korean should be proud of him instead of questioning him

    no wonder in recent years many stars commited sucide because of the stress that k-netizens bought them

  23. honestly?! they’re causing him so much pointless trouble that this situation was even brought it up to the school. the printed records should’ve been enough, why do they care so much if he did or did not graduate there? no matter what he’s still an artist who produces good and original music, does graduating from this university change anything? either way those netizens will still be bitter and try to bring him/his family down.
    do people really think he would’ve made up his education/past? as a celebrity everything gets magnified and exposed so there’s no way he would have been stupid enough to lie.

  24. O_________O”
    (don’t want & see the Vid) but……

    i think “people” should stop to talk about this ‘issue’ that’s feeds crazy haters who created this vicious rumor OMG, just let the time passed………..leave them, THAT give them a kind of “power”………
    (soon they’re going to focus on an other victim…..leave them with their Brainlessittude~~)

    sorry for my engrish lol!!

  25. Poor Tablo
    The knetizens are so pathetic
    I can’t believe that it has gone this far

  26. What a ridiculous situation! It baffles me that Netizens have nothing else better to do but to cause problems all around the globe. The registrars are very busy, they don’t have to be proving everyone’s damn education through recorded video!

    What relevance is his education at Stanford have anything to do with his musical abilities?

  27. i really don’t get it why this issue has gone this far?
    what’s the big deal about this?

    going to Stanford or not doesn’t measure Tablo’s intelligence..

    ever since i knew Tablo in Epik high, i never doubt his intelligence…all i do know is he makes good music with meaningful lyrics then i do believe that he is a GENIUS…

    music runs through his blood and he is one the people in kpop that i have so much respect..

    i hope everthing’s going to be fine for him..

  28. :/ like the old guy said, why cant the netizens just feel proud of Tablo as he finished his degree in 3 years?…. Now I bet the netizens will go “Oh you didn’t have to go this far to prove you are innocene” .. =.= sigh

    • OMG, yeah. They will always find the next “fault.” I can already imagine them saying crap like “If you realy were innocent, did you have to work this hard just to prove it?”

  29. Urgh I can’t believe the issue even went this far.

  30. Wow, this must be pretty deep to make Tablo go this far.

  31. I’m so surprised that it has gone this far. Tablo shouldn’t have to go this far to prove his innocence.

    I blame past celebrities, whether they are TV figures or whatever, that faked their studies on their profiles. I’m pretty sure that’s why people are being so harsh. That and they’re probably being hateful.

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