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4Minute girls are cute in their bare faces on KBS Sukira

4Minute girls can be this cute?

Recently on Super Junior Kiss The Radio homepage on 13th June, photos of 4Minute’s recent guesting on the show were posted up by the production team.

And in the photos, the girls were seen in cute and funny poses. Especially for HyunA who had her lips pouting, she had looked really cute. The official from Sukira commented, “Fierce with charisma on stage. 4Minute who can be so cute after KBS Music Bank.”

Netizens’ comments are, “They look prettier without their makeup”, “I didn’t know 4Minute has such a cute side to them” etc.

S: TVDaily


10 Responses

  1. fugly

  2. well, it’s not their bare faces.
    but i’ve seen pics of ’em in bare faces and i gotta say, gayoon, who’s in the middle, is really really pretty without make-up. πŸ™‚ all of them are..

  3. ok we all know that’s not hyunas bare face and the girl in the middle is still wearing make up

    • lol thank u! i dont get why netizens call this “bare faces” when they should know better tahn anyone that stars ALWAYS wear at least some kind of very thin foundation. and the girl in the middle obvs. has make up on & so does hyuna.

  4. pretty

  5. These girls are so cute!

  6. i still have no clue who the leader in this group is…..

    but they all look cute without makeup…even tho the chick with the long black hair is obviously wearing some.

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