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Family Outing season 1 members for Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show

Yoo JaeSeok returns to the variety show scene on SBS after 6 months.

After leaving the show SBS Family Outing in January, coming July, Yoo JaeSeok will be appearing in a new variety show on SBS. It seems that he will return to the show down of the weekend variety show kings with Kang HoDong and Lee KyungKyu.

There are plans for stars like Kim JongKook and Haha to appear as fixed appearances on the show, and also Lee Hyori will be doing guest appearance on the first episode.

S: JoongAng


22 Responses

  1. omo!!

    cant wait! just hearing about MC Jaesuk with KJK and Lee Hyori makes me excited! Missed them so much!!!!

  2. This is the best news since FO 1 ended! It will be like the ole days of xman! I was hoping now that Haha was out, he would be on a show with KJK and who better to MC but Master Yoo of course! Looking forward to this!!! 🙂

  3. omg i cant wait for it then!! im so happy to hear that some of the ‘family’ members will be in it as well. i really want to see the nation’s siblings again and the ‘awkward/hate’ couple! when will the show air?!!

  4. yehessss!!! what we’ve all been waiting for!
    i hope some of the FO1 guests will soon be fixed mc’s!!!

    mc yoo ftw!

  5. now i’ll get the chance to laugh again. yoo jaesuk is the best! jongkook hyori <3!!

  6. YAYY!!!! i hope someone subs this!! =D

  7. There’re no one that can make me laugh crazily like YooJaesuk.
    He’s the best!!!!!!

  8. yay~! the return of the grasshopper!

    i totally miss the ‘first’ Family… ^^

  9. I miss FO1 family :’/
    Chunhee and YeJin leaving in the middle of the program was sad enough . So happy Jaesuk is back 😀

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, land and Tin-tin, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Family Outing season 1 members in Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show http://bit.ly/c2ga6u […]

  11. sickk

    HaHa is hilariousss! i hope mc mong will do appearances and well

  12. YESSS about time, we need Jaeseok, JKJ, and Hyori. I hope Daesung join them too =)

  13. I just love YJS. He’s such a funny MC with a kind heart 🙂

  14. MC Yoo is the bomb!!! I really like how he handles a show whether its Family Outing, Come To Play or Happy Together. He’s just a great MC. Looking forward for his interaction with Lee Hyori. Missed missed the Nation’s Siblings.

  15. excited!!

    AND i don’t really think it matters what the show will be about.. i’m sure whatever it is will be FUNNY!!

    i can’t wait to see the interactions between nations siblings and hyori/jong kook

  16. THE RETURN OF YJS! love this guy, definitely going to watch this 🙂
    Though it seems that if this show is coming out .. family outing 2 will surely die.

  17. MC Yoo with KHD! And Hyori! And KJK! Going to be epic!

  18. i’m curious as to what kind of variety this will be…

  19. mc yoo.. I have faith the show is going to be succeed.. XD

  20. Oohhh MC Jaesuk. ❤

    KJK, Haha, and Hyori?? =D

    What's the show about though, haha? ^^

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