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Full song to Orange Caramel ‘Magic Girl’ revealed

The full song to the title song ‘Magic Girl’ for After School unique trio Orange Caramel has been revealed on 16th June.

Orange Caramel will also be promoting in Asia, they are also even the Chinese name of ‘등자초당’(橙子焦糖) so as to let Chinese fans feel more close to them. They are expected to be joined by new members from the 3rd country and will be more active in Asia.


36 Responses

  1. Duuuuddes, it’s called a concept. Face it: cute sells. And there’s a reason Raina has a solo, duh.

  2. This is not a good song. Tsk Tsk. I don’t expect much from jooyeon and UEE also. only bekah and Kahi. jungah’s out since she has to take part in a musical.

  3. Raina deserves better than this, really.
    Afterschool have decent voices but yet, they have to downgrade their vocals to sound cutesy for this song.
    Honestly, their cutesy voices aren’t great. It’s grating and annoying to the ears.
    It sounds like an anime song and not the good kind.

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  5. The moment it started… I was immediately reminded of 1980s or 1990s anime theme songs. It’s like an old anime song remastered. Most anime songs now are less cheesy then this.

    Pledis, nostalgia is good and all but you didn’t have to import the entire thing exactly the way it is 😦 Still, good luck to the girls and hopefully their lives will convince me otherwise.

  6. Raina’s Love Doesn’t Wait is a lot better…this one sounds….really awful to me. Whatever, with a name like OC, I guess we had it coming 😦 PIty, cuz I like this trio.

  7. with the title orange caramel what you expect
    we had it coming

  8. how about the rest of after school . i want bekah, jung ah and joyeon to do totally opposite of this , so there will be a balance .

  9. stfu haters!

    • STFU !!

    • It’s not hating – it’s constructive criticism. Honestly, they are really pretty but there is definitely a better song out there.

      • LOL constructive criticism ? you gotta be kidding me!

        “Why did they go for this cute shit ? It’s terrible !!! WORST AS SONG EVER !!”
        “are they joking? yucks”

      • I was kidding you 😀 Well, poor choice of words on my part. Just trying to say that not everyone who dislikes this song is a hater.

  10. it’s sound like trot song i don’t like the song at all but the girls are cute and good luck to them ^^

  11. are they joking? yucks

  12. yuck

  13. Why did they go for this cute shit ? It’s terrible !!! WORST AS SONG EVER !!

  14. I didn’t like Magic Girl, to be honest. Some ppl likened it to an anime song, but I think Japanese anime songs are still more enjoyable to listen to.

    Love Does Not Wait, now that was a good one. Weird, but I appreciate AS and their members more when they do slower songs. I always gravitate towards their ballads.

    So OC would be promoting in Asia…does that mean we won’t be seeing AS as a group for quite some time? Wish them the best on their sub-unit gigs, tho!

  15. Wow that sucks.

  16. Is this a joke ?

  17. sounds like Momusu song

    • Exactly what I thought.

    • Morning Musume SUCKS.

      • implying orange caramel sucks too?

      • If sucking means being one of the most famous girl group in Asia then yeah…. i hope Orange caramel has the same fate as MM. WORLD WIDE SUCCESS!

      • They used to be one of the most girl group in Japan. Now they aren’t selling anymore. Get real.

      • Unfortunately, what 456 said is true. I feel that part of the reason why they’re still well-known worldwide is their previous successes, but they really aren’t selling as much now. So it’s not good to let Orange Caramel have the same fate as MM.

  18. what the heck this sucks

  19. they look like dolls in their concept photos. cant wait to see their live perf :>
    and well, i’ll get used to the song probably

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  21. sounds like a intro song to a anime, kinda grows on ya. Wish them luck.

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