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Sandara Park past features garner interests once again, “Is she on human preservatives?”

2NE1 member Sandara Park garners interests once more for her ‘human preservatives’, maintaining her young looks.

Recently on a community site, photos of Sandara Park in her drama appearances while she was back in the Philippines 5 years back were shared and posted up by netizens. Many fans pointed that her looks now and 5 years back have not changed much, only the fact that she looks more chubby in the face 5 years back as compared to now.

Netizens’ comments are “It seems that she eats preservatives”, “She looks younger now”, “No need for words, really pretty” etc.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 has not been active after their single album ‘Try To Follow Me’ released in February.

S: Newsen

Some of her drama cuts back then

66 Responses

  1. the more the haters,the more she become famous.

  2. the video is about how she became famous

  3. 1st they said she’s a vampire, and now this? What’s next? Lol!
    Dara, please tell us your secret already!
    And guys, just don’t mind those haters!
    We should be proud instead,
    Because this just means that dara has this appeal that attract not just us but also the haters!
    And they’re hating coz she has this appeal that their idols doesn’t have!
    So let them hate!
    And GODDESS DARA needs those HATERS!

  4. dara is really pretty who looks younger as time goes by

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and 21BANGS, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Sandara Park past features garner interests once again, “Is she on human preservatives?” http://bit.ly/aMNDVV […]

  6. Haters gonna hate. Go ahead, comment, make yourself like the big bad wolf.

    I personally like her with make-up (eyeliner, mascara, mainly eye makeup). Other than that, she is gorgeous.

    Maybe cause of all the WGM thing, I want Khun to be coupled with Dara, now that is a gorgeous-ass couple! Mind my off-the-topic comment.

  7. Regarding some comments saying they don’t understand why Sandara is popular and was loved by Philipines,
    before Sandara debuted in Korea, I also wondered the same thing. I always thought: “why is this girl so loved?”…
    But after 2NE1 debuted and after watching interviews with Sandara and watching her 2NE1TV and other tv shows, I understood why people liked her so much.
    Sandara is REALLY charismatic and lovely. Once you get to know more about her, it’s impossible to not like her.

  8. Dara is LOVE. Trolls are trolls, they write stupid stuff because that’s what they are good at. They were not properly raised by their parents, we should understand them. Also, we should pity them because apparently they do nothing good in this world.

    Always remember that Hating is the sincerest form of flattery and that Haters only hate the things that they can’t get and the people they can’t be.

  9. Dara <333 her Skin omaghad i'm jealous

  10. i cant understand anti’s sometimes
    if you watch 2NE1 TV, most of the time you will see them with out or barely makeup on
    she live in korea, so whats wrong with her face being white? if im not mistaken, then most korean are pale
    and may i ask, can you mention one celeb who go on a show without makeup?
    i bet your idol SNSD do put A LOT of makeup on when they go on a show too
    if you gonna bash dara, go and look at your idol BACK THEN photos
    if you cant find it, tell me, i saw tons of photo of SNSD back then
    compare to dara…….they are ewwwwwww

  11. in my perspective, she is clean and pretty. not the most beautiful of course, but she has charming?/ lovely? features that sets her apart from the majority of the idol girls and even from some korean actresses. i don’t know, many idol girls are very pretty, others even look almost alike. but dara’s features stand out fresh and..diferent somehow. her pesonality could play a part with that though. living in a different country like that i’m sure helped her become the character she is now. i can see some of that from his little brother too. in actuality he acts less korean than dara.

    • acts…as in, simple body movement, the way he talks..simple stuff nothing bad k?

  12. all this ageless thing about sandara will put a sudden heavy burden on her later on probably, b/c now she is expected not to age lol. you know how knetizens are with small details…not bashing.

  13. I don’t get I like sandara just as much as the next person but are netizens bored she looks younger in the phillpines she doesn’t have that baby face anymore because she lost weight and no one should age a considerable amount in 5 years or even ten years unless you are going through puberty or living a hard life,

  14. well sandara’s face is prettier than your! no need to bash other people just to make you SNSD girls look good! we all noe your ugly from inside to outside so shut up!

  15. her nose looks different.

  16. she is natually pretty unlike other plastic celeb.. she looks younger than 20 yr pop idols in k pop industry.. with or without she is a pure beauty no doubt..

  17. dara share your secrets with us!

  18. About the make up thing isnt it rediculous saying coz she had lots of foundation or a miracle make up lol lol lol what the heck is that?we’ve seen her with or without make up and shes honestly has a pretty feature..some people here saying oh coz she uses lots of foundation and make up during her drama or show in the phil.blah blah blah compare her before and now..she’s wearing more make up now than before ok..Dis agreing with me is a fool coz its clearly that she wore’s or they let her wear a heavy make up now than before both in a promotional or daily basis..

  19. @babylove what did u say?ah ah ah wrong move..seriously why say that to filipinos?bitter? Ok if filipinos are bitter why do theres a lot of koreans who go there and promote their albums?why do theres a lot of koreans who study and put up bussinesses anf why do tgeres a lot of korean who try to break in to the entertainment industry?Do you really know what you are saying?just commentbase on the posted news not saying things like that to us..It seems that your the one whos bitter coz u think that way..tang ina mo!!!

    • ok sorry let me repeat myself again.. some bitter filipinos.. are you happy now? lolz

    • There’s one thing about Filipinos that I don’t understand : Why are the Filipinos (especially k-pop fans) are so obsessed with Dara? I mean, the girl is not a Filipino, she’s Korean. She just happened to be a star there for a short period of time.

      Whenever I read news about Dara, there are always comments from Filipinos about her previous life in Philippines. That girl is happy now in Korea and rarely talk about her acting years in Philippines.

      Anyways, Dara is uber-gorgeous with or without make-up. Can’t believe that she’s older than me. So pretty!

      • I’m Filipino and I rarely mention how Dara’s life was here simply because I didn’t really follow her, but simply put, Dara spent most of her childhood in the country and was once really huge. It’s not obsession – it’s more like certain connection that would always be mentioned by some ppl, I guess.

        People here know she’s having it better there, okay? It’s just that these Dara fans in the PI are really some of the most loyal fans she has — and of course they would be this certain fondness/connection that they will always mention.

      • obsessed? not really an obsessed, a fan to an artist who is witty, dorky girl, shes diff.. shes natural, we know that… even tho she’s not a filipino, we love her, and even that shes in korea now, she always our sandara forever … Did you know that, way back, there a lot of foreign artist who started their career in the philippines? or they part of the entertainment here like Dayanara Torres, Thalia, even Carmen Soo, etc… (find their wiki)… For taengo, maybe your a bitter person thats why you said that… grow up kid… ur going to be a parent someday, you dont want ur kids like what ur attitude be, right?

  20. I wish people would quit bringing up her past because that was so long ago, at least 5 years.

    Dara has been working really hard to improve herself ever since she entered YG and the progress is visible. She can only get better with more training.

  21. I think it’s because of the makeup.
    You notice that her face is whiter in the recent pictures?
    More foundation
    The miracle of makeup

  22. actually she looks younger and prettier now compared before.
    gorgeous D indeed! here’s a link of one of her movies : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNdzt0B8vTE&feature=channel

  23. bitter pinoys! lol

  24. dara jjang!!!!

  25. maybe because she’s acting cute like what she always do in korea. there’s nothing she is good at. singing acting and dancing- all worst. she only uses her charm

    • troll on the loose huh

    • I don’t understand why people have to come into articles of people they don’t like just to bash. I wish your parents taught you more manners.

    • if you hate her.. just gtfo..

    • STFU just becasue you can never be that pretty you dont have to be so jealous..we all noe that your an ugly SONES that is fuckign ugly and retarded! she doenst even have to act cute because she is already cute… there is nothing she is good at? she can sing dance and act better than some other girl groups out there.. SONES get the fuck out of this page if your gonna bash one her!

    • Ur comment applies perfectly to more than half of snsd. Oh n the acting cute is what snsd have been doing since their debut

    • LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO taengo are you jealous ? 😦

    • oohh.. jealouse bitch.. -___-“

  26. i don’t know how to react on this… ~
    but yeah..she looks the same then and now!
    oh no! she’s really a vampire! O_O

    • i spot Lee Hyori in the 2nd video..lol
      btw, i just don’t get it why was she so popular in the Philippines way back then? i’m not trying to mean but she’s not a good actress…

      • she was part of a ‘couple’ team with some guy and acted in several movies with him. ‘love teams’ are really really popular and since she was korean, i guess filipinos were really excited to see some one of a different race speak their language? i mean i guess it isnt common there.

      • she had difficulties with language but the fact that she tried to break that barrier she was indeed successful..why she was popular ? because sandara was phenomenal back then…her charisma was overflowing…and presently it seems koreans notice that too.

      • omg korean foreigner speaking filipino!!!!!
        lol not really. she had a 4d charm and was funny without trying. her humor was offbeat. plus foreigner with horrible accents are always funny! suju fullhouse anyone

  27. that face is pretty? ridiculous.
    then how will you describe taeyeon? perfect goddess? yes.

    • troll harder. they’re both gorgeous

    • OMG… I love Taeyeon to death! But I realize why people hate SNSD fans so much. Try expressing your love in a more positive way, please.

      • this person seems to just be an imposter.

        i am a big snsd fan but i have respect for other artists. the person above is obviously just a poser posing as a SNSD fan to make snsd look bad.

    • Taengo, SONEs like you are one of the reasons why SNSD is a group hard to enjoy. You guys are really immature and make SNSD look very bad.

    • eeh…. this is sandara thread… why r you talking about your STUPID TAEYEON here??? sorry actually i don’t hate her… but since i read your comment here.. make me wanna say something bad about her…
      if you don’t like sandara… just don’t read kind of news about her.. so simple right??? bitch need a life.. -___-

    • shoo! haters are pathetic

    • taengo is a fraud. use your head and think.

      you truly believe “real” fans who support snsd for SNSD as in real people and not just objects of entertainment, would waste their time trying to bash another artist just for kicks?

      it can be, but most likely not.

      for all we know, its as much as an assumption for “taengo” being an snsd fan imposter AS this person to be a 2ne1 fan posing as a SNSD fan just to make snsd fans look bad.

    • What’s with the hate? They are both pretty.

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