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Se7en comeback new minialbum release date confirmed as 21st July

The new album release date for Se7en for his comeback after 3 years has been confirmed.

Se7en will release his new minialbum on 21st July. According to YG Entertainment on 16th June, “We have decided that the release date for the new album will be on 21st July.”

With that, this will be Se7en’s comeback in Korea after his last album ‘Se7olution’ released in November 2006. Ahead of the minialbum release, one song will be revealed beforehand in mid-July.

Meanwhile, Big Bang TaeYang from YG Entertainment is also set to have his new album release on 1st July. And as for Big Bang, they will be back in August.


85 Responses

  1. welcome back Se7en! God bless you more and more…

  2. …. Big Bang in August!?!?! woot!!! cant wait 4 Se7en’s mini album and Big Bang’s album ^^

  3. se7en its good your finally back the only korean artist i like show these newbeis what real talent is

  4. The fuck?!
    I was so frickin happy when I saw so many comments on this article, but now after scanning through them I feel like tearing some of these peoples heads off.

    Obviously people don’t appreciate talent any more. And NO, Big Bang + 2NE1 =/= YG. Please don’t call yourselves YG fans if you don’t even know the rest of YG. YG is the shizz! But only when it includes all it’s other artists. That is: Jinusean + 1TYM + Se7en + Gummy + YGMA + Stony Skunk + Big Bang + Moo Ga Dang + 2NE1 = YG.

    You seriously don’t know shit if you think Big Bang and 2NE1 are the core of YG.

    On a positive note, I am so fucking happy that he’s coming back!!! Like finally!! It’s been four long years T_T Missed this guys so much! Can’t wait to see him on the stage again ❤

  5. […] The album was originally set for January release. But it has been confirmed recently that his minialbum will be recently next month on 21st July. […]

  6. Fully support se7en come back!

  7. the new kpop fans don’t how to respect. ‘Who’s Se7en?’ oh my…Se7en is one of the most talented artist in Korea. Better than some idols together!

  8. @heechul_donghae lol fucking fantard.

  9. This article is about SE7EN, not about 2ne1 or bigbang. Stop bringing thir names into se7en-related articles!! I can’t believe kpop fans these days can be so rude. Show some respect!!!!!

  10. I agree with its YG year,all artist comeback, gummy accept great position in chart,bigbang en se7en will comeback,TOP revealed new song and choose be actor in 71 with hallyu stars, Gd will duet with florida and his album shine a light have good rank in chart,its great for solois, and Goo Hye sun succes be an actres,singer,director,producer and novelis,she even received award from her movie as a director

  11. OH….MY….GOD….!!!! >OOO>>>>>>>>>> rain as a singer

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  13. yay for se7en~excited

  14. I can’t believe that a SE7EN article could have bring so much crap…
    and the half of it is not even about him!

    omg fuckin stop it with the comparisons between the artists and the companies. it’s never ending…

    and the other half who’s saying crap about him because they probably don’t know him, youtube and google are your best friends.

    trolls are really everywhere, right? pathetic.

  15. Rain is waaaaaaaaay better than se7en.

    • Well… at least he hadn’t kept using his bare torso as promotions like Rain did.

      • So true
        Se7en it is based on his talent not on his body, I adore Rain but for me Se7en is much better

  16. SE7EN is a ridiculous name 😀

    • Oh trolls.. What about “3hree Voices”? You’re ridiculous.

      • “3hree Voices” is not ridiculous.
        JaeChunSu = JYJ and they are way better than Big bang any day.

    • dude come on people why the fuck is their immature peopel like you that still surive in earth ….. if se7en is a ridiclous name thenwhy bother clicking this post and starts bashing…more than half of the page is full of bullshits…and to people that is saying rain is better than se7en that is fucking wrong… se7en can sing live way better than rain.. no offence…

  17. All u shup up. Jyp and yg music is crap compared to sm

    • Why don’t you just go idolize your SM gods instead of saying bullshit?

    • Lol cuz repeating the same word (Gee, Oh n oppa) in the whole song is consider good music right? Tsssk stupid Sones

    • Yes, “Ring Ding Dong” isn’t stupid at all.

    • Yes.. I’m still wondering the intelligent in Ring Ding Dong and NU ABO…

    • …………i wonder what is ring ding dong, gee, oh,sorry sorry, Nu abo,… no offence but i dont get why they have to repeat those words liek 1000 times…. and it doesnt even make sense.. at least JYP and YG ‘s music makes sense an is actually catchy…. SM=full of crappy music…

  18. one of the top k-pop artist ever known is coming back..

    can’t wait..

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 SE7EN.. woohoo..

  19. YES 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    ALL that’s left is 1TYM, Jinusean and StonySkunk to make a comeback 😀 COME ON YG! I want something out of you

  20. OMFG! can this b true?? if so my wishes has been granted!!

    unless YG makes another move -_- and i would so not like that!!!!!

  21. yay happy but I wished 1tym will be next on the yg take over.

  22. SE7EN My love!!!!!
    I’m so happy
    Oppa I miss you so much

  23. who the hell Se7en ??? rofl
    wtv, BB all the way !!

    • who the hell se7en??huh
      YGe would not exist without YG sunbaes like se7en,1tym and jinusean and it becomes so big and famous because of Bigbang
      sigh,some new fans are totally have no respect for sunbaes
      anyways,at least the girls know how thankful there are to their sunbaes

      se7en and Taeyang fighting!

    • Go check the Youtube!

    • Are you serious?
      who is Se7en ?
      He is the most incredible singer of kpop, In my opninión is much better than Rain.
      Some fans don’t have knowledge on the big talents of the kpop so sad.

      • this!
        he is so good at live perf,no offense to rain and his fans
        he beat rain as the most popular solo artist once,i can’t remember what year though


      • only once because he left for US after that
        hahaha,learn kpop history first before laughing like a fool

    • Someone clearly doesn’t know their KPop…. lol.

    • aww look a troll ! (:

    • IGNORANT obviously.

    • Well, He had been out of the Kpop scene for a couple of years now so it’s understandable than some new kpop fans don’t know about him.

    • I don’t know if I should be happy having a fan like you here.

    • Se7en?? I dont care…

      honestly, YG is 2ne1 and Big bang.
      the rest of ‘YG artists’ are crap.

      • if you want ppl to respect us, VIPs and Blackjacks, then at least respect other artists.

        ”I don’t know if I should be happy having a fan like you here.”


      • you are obviously a troll and not a fan of ANY YG artists

      • Hey a troll ! Trying to stirr up shit between ygfamily fans? It’s not gonna work

      • Totally agree with minji_mon

        gummy, se7en, ….all of them are ok
        but Big Bang and 2NE1 = YG <33333333

      • “Big Bang and 2NE1 = YG <33333333"

        sad but true

      • Hmm… I wonder if there are no Seven, then BB won’t have their first performance in a concert..

        No Teddy, then there would be no FIRE, BIGBANG, LOLLIPOP, etc…

        If there’s no YG,since YG is also listed as YG artist, then they would be no BIGBANG and 2NE1.

        I wonder what would happen to BIGBANG if they go to other company…

        GD wouldn’t have a chance to compose or even be in a group.

        TOP wouldn’t have a chance to act in various dramas and movies. His talent for composing would go unnotice.

        Seungri would be just like NORMAL IDOLS like nowadays. His talent in composing would be a waste.

        Taeyang and Daesung.. probably wouldn’t debut… since IDOLS nowadays need to have EXTRA GOOD LOOK to debut. TALENT IS SECOND.

        While CL and Minji.. these two wouldn’t have debut either… since they lack the STANDARD IDOL LOOKS.

        Sandara Park.. would probably be used only as a candy face and had no chance to improve herself….

        Park Bom?… wouldn’t have a chance a solo, since she probably debut in a group…

        minji_mon and Tabi21 aren’t BIGBANG’s fan.. they just some jealous bystander who probably don’t happy to see YG Fam close with each other…

  24. ok ok be ready with YGe…. move aside move aside… TOP digital single, taeyang solo album, se7en mini album, big bang album, 2ne mini album (???)…
    OMG sooo excited…

  25. dang all the yg family is coming back in july

  26. Strange!!! 2NE1 is considered still new. Why YG keep them out of sight? When is their comeback anyone?
    August also?

    • Probably at the end of the year. If it’s true, their promotios would proceed to early 2011.

  27. Finally! I can’t wait! I miss Se7en’s presence in the kpop scene.

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  29. Wow, after half a year of resting and preparation, YGE is going to be crazy busy. xD Someone send them some Vites!! >w<


    TOP. Taeyang. Se7en. Big Bang.

    So much goodness from YG! =D

  31. all this YG news is week is effing amazing. Taeyang in the beginning of July, Se7en at the end of July.. BIGBANG in august.. hell effing yessss…

    now 2NE1.. when the hell are you gunna come backk…?

    aah whatevs, i’m loving this YGness.

  32. step aside..YG FAMILY’s YEAR IS STARTING!

    omfg im so excited!! can’t contain it.

    • i second that!! YG 2010 Year! The best!!
      TAE YANG ~July 1st! It’s legit~it’s going to be a great summer!

    • YG family’s year??? LOL what a joke.
      2010 =JYP year 😀

      • wow. just wow. speechless

      • All JYP had gone to America. so step asside! WG just left not even winning Inki or MuBank.

        YG Family all the way!

      • lol,your statement is funny
        wait and see
        Koreans have good taste of music,so you know what I mean,lol
        JYP=Year of stripper—>IA

      • lmao,i don’t even know how to react with this omment
        it’s so ridiculous.
        why?because Bigbang is at different and higher level of popularity in Korea compared to 2pm/WG

      • JYP sucks
        no offense, but YG is the best company of Korea

      • please don’t bring up jyo because I both love those companies. BB, 2NE1, WG and 2PM (minus Taek~no offense, he’s so overrated.), 2AM..

      • typo=JYP i mean

      • JYP only Wondergirl are good the rest is average 2PM can’t even beat a girlgroup both SNSD and 2NE1 sold more albums than them.

      • Just a troll trying to start a fanwar between JYP and YG fans.

      • LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO 2DT_Khun, you’re such a joke !
        It’s more like it’s JAY PARK’s year.
        FYI YG is gonna own the summer.

      • 2010 IS SM YEAR

      • 2010 IS JYP YEAR !!!!!!!!

        YG fans are pathetic ROFL

        2AM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bigbang
        WG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2ne1

      • YG and SM will eat JYP in Album sale!

      • WTF !! 2AM > bigbang ??!! You have got to be kidding me.

        2am guys are funny and all but Big Bang boys are REALLY Talented (and Hot) 😉

      • o.o.o is that suppose to be a jjoke? cuz i’mm sorry 2010=YG’year and thats no joke cuz recoording to album sale last year both 2pm and 2am combined cant beat 2ne1 or GD … i dont even think wonder girls can beat 2ne1 …so imagine taeyang going solo… than Se7en?!?!?!??! the megastar that was on hiatus for lik about 4 years! then the BIGBANG! and 2NE!! so i’m sorry JYP have nothign on YG nor SM…..

      • yeaaa sure keep dreaming!! 2010=yg family year!!!

      • 2010 is HUMAN YEAR.

        I never know that a company could get a share on YEAR.

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