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SISTAR HyoRin and SoYoo’s impressive duet of ‘Stand Up For Love’ on Starry Night

Newcomer girlgroup SISTAR’s impression live performance on MBC radio Park GyungLim’s Starry Night previously on the 7th garners much interests amongst netizens.

Members HyoRin and SoYoo did a duet of ‘Stand Up For Love’ on the show. And video clip of their live performance received over 50K views after it is upload by fans online.

SISTAR voiced, “We are very thankful of the interests that many have on us. We will work hard to show even better performances in the future.”

Meanwhile, the group is promoting their debut song ‘Push Push’.


26 Responses

  1. i think people here are just criticing…and it’s not bad to be not impressed, so please don’t hate the others because they were not impressed by their singing.

    for me, well..hyorin’s voice is great actually, but somehow it didn’t leave a deep impression to me. and it’s not that im not impressed with here, it’s just that, there are also other idol singers like her who are on the same level as her. so yeah..

    sooyoo needs a bit more training though..i didn’t like her voice much..

  2. woooow
    SISTAR ^,^

  3. i think they’re good 😉 i like the voice of the girl with orange vest…

  4. I love the girl with the orange jacket.. she got the SOUL in her voice… she can really do well.. the other girl is good but need some more… emotion n soul i suppose..

    Man that girl with the jacket sure can sing…..

  5. i think that was impressive. espically from hyorin. totally UNBELIEVABLE! they both got more to come across.

  6. amazing *.*

  7. Ok and ? This doesn’t mean that they have good songs. It’s just too easy to say they are better than other idol groups and it also doesn’t make sense… their title song is… not good at all even with their vocals!

  8. It’s good, but I personally think Secret’s better. 🙂

  9. I personally am not impressed. I think Hyorin has a nicet voice and she sang the above song really well. I’m impressed by her live as well, she’s pretty awesome.

    The other girl on the otherhand sounded like she was screaming or something. It was really unpleasant listening to her singing the high note and I felt the same when they sang together. They look like they’re straining to reach those notes and it doesn’t sound nice or in harmony.

    I’m sorry, but just coz it’s an idol group singing doesn’t mean I should be impressed by average vocals. Good try by them though and it’s nice how they’re receiving some attention coz I like them and I think they could do well enough. hopefully they don’t fade away into oblivion after their debut though, their management better promote them right!

  10. haven’t really been into sistar but i totally love this song by destiny’s child so i watched it. the girl in the red, im assuming is hyorin, has really great control over her voice. the other girl’s voice seems strained at times. really impressed by hyorin’s voice. amazing.

  11. We should just lay low on arguing about the “most talented” group/member because it’s just bullshit in kpop lately.

    Don’t get me wrong, listened to the clip above and they do have good vocals. Bordering on being impressive personally speaking, actually. But then what? Like some idols and popular ones out there who had impressive radio clips like this one, they ended up promoting songs that barely showcase whatever these clips have shown.

    The performance up there was good, but enough of this they are the most talented/some groups are more talented. It gets nowhere.

  12. I really like Hyorin….. she’s like the Vocal version of CL….i just got that vibe.

  13. amazing!

  14. I thought that was impresive I mean considering I can’t even sing one note, that was really good.

  15. and for those saying its no an impressive…if this doesnt impress you then wtf does?? all those pop idol groups?
    all of the “IDOL” (keyword) girlgroups combined out there cant even sing half as good as this duo. thats pretty sad, and i think u need to get ur ears checked and look up the meaning of “impressive” on your way there.

    • even hyolins own partner was looking at her like “damn ur good!”. that girl has an amazing voice!

  16. I honestly wasnt going to watch this video cause I thought it’d be a good performance but not amazing since netizens call pure crap “amazing” a lot of times but I was definitely proved wrong this time cause they did sing fucking amazing!

    especially the girl in the red jacket. damn i had goosebumps all over my arms and shivers in my back. no lie but they deserve those 50k views and even more recognition. they fucking killed it! its jst a radio performance but its like if they were at the tokyo dome or something! wow is all i can say….

  17. hyorin<3

  18. Not bein an anti here, but I think that they are not “impressive”
    They sound ok, or maybe its just my ears…

    • I totally agree. It kind of sounds mediocre. I know not anyone can sing a Destiny’s Child song well but I think they’re just powerful?

      I think the girl with the darker straight hair has a edgier voice than the other girl.

    • meh, i guess you’re hard to impress. makes me wonder why you listen to kpop when 90% of the idols won’t “impress” at all (i guess you’re all about the looks and the groove – ain’t nothing wrong with that). you can count on one hand the number of idols who can sing this song as good as hyorin does here. idols. not solo artists or ballad groups. idols.

      soyu on the other hand…well that’s up in the air because she wasn’t that great i admit. but i totally did not expect her to at least show some talent, given what i’ve seen and heard from their performances.

      • rofl srsly.

        These girls are of the most talented in the KPOP industry and it doesn’t impress?

        Okay, sure then, go and call your other girls good when they can barely hold a note against Hyolin, especially.

    • I actually have to agree! LOL…they need to practice to control their voice a little bit more…I’m sure if they practice more, they’ll become great later on!

      • @Eltoshen:

        I’m sorry but most of Korean girl groups have lead vocal and those lead vocal can sure “hold a note against Hyolin”
        Just name them, it’s not that rare :))
        Like: TaeYeon (SNSD), SunYe and YeEun(WGs) or Bom(2NE1)…
        by the way, I don’t think they are one of the most talented, ‘___’ what to say, they’re like the other girl groups, just same same. I mean they have good lead vocal, vocal and rapper as most of Korean girl groups now

        p/s: I don’t think Push Push is a good choice to show off their vocal

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