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Stephen Colbert, “Rain only won the ‘Biggest Badass Award’ because his movie title has ‘ass’ appear twice”

American comedian Stephen Colbert tells what he think is the reason why Rain won the ‘Biggest Badass Star’ at the recent 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

Colbert had talked about it on his show ‘The Colbert Report’ recently on 14th June, “Last week, MTV gave out their annual movie award. But I didn’t even get a nomination. Hey MTV, what about my voiceover work in the ‘Bounty Hunter’. But what MTV did next shocked me more was Ra~~in. Yes Rain, my Kpop arch nemesis. A man who takes true pleasure in beating me at things. And now he wins for ‘Ninja Assassin’? Clearly he only won the ‘Biggest Badass Award’ because his movie title has the word ‘ass’ appear twice. And was bad.”

He added, “Rain won me with ‘Ninja Assassin? The action scenes were impressive. But you know who didn’t appeared in that movie? That’s me. Who’s the better ninja now.”

Back in 2008, Colbert did a comical satire on Rain after Rain was ranked above him on Time’s most influential top 100 people, including a funny parody of Rain’s hit song ‘How to Avoid The Sun’.

It seems he is back at that again after 2 years. And meanwhile, a report was released on American famous site Entertainment Weekly on 15th June titled ‘Stephen Colbert did Scream Raaaaaaaaiiiin Again‘ which garnered much interests from netizens.

S: EDaily

Watch the clip with Colbert talking Rain’s MMA award here: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/312499/june-14-2010/who-s-not-honoring-me-now—-tonys—mtv-movie-awards



33 Responses

  1. omonaa!! i love his show!! he’s so funny roflmao….and did he just pretend to do wave dance? ahahahah lols…classy…love him!

  2. hahah! Awesome blog! Please come check out our blog sometime

  3. ROFL!!! I’ve been waiting for this since rain movie came out. hahahhahha colbert and rain are so funny xD

  4. colbert & rain, they BOTH are a pain!


    he rocks! i cant believe he’s still going with the rivalry thing

    so funny

  6. clever…ddnt notice that, “ASSASSIN” has word for “ASS” LOL Stephen!

  7. i’m a big big fan of Stephen. I’m not sure if you guys know this, but his character in this show is fictional. Yes it’s the same name, but the character he portrays here is pure fiction. That’s why he’s so thick skinned like this XD. it’s all about him in this show. He slammed Bush when he was invited as an entertainer for one of those White House parties years ago, this man is fearless. But Rain and Stephen are friends. You can tell. also i’m not sure if you guys know, but he almost became president. if it werent for obama & clinton supporters, he probably would’ve campaigned farther than South carolina. hehe imagine that guy being america’s president. mwahahahahahahahahaha. he probably would joke about not letting rain into the country XD

  8. Lol I laughed so hard at the ninja comment. It’s even funnier if you watch the video on youtube or something.

  9. LMFAO. This whole rivalry thing is hilarious! xD

  10. Haha People really shouldn’t take this wrong. It’s Steven Colbert, he plays a character on that show and he says so many bad things about so many things. And he has had Rain on his show before so for him to talk ‘badly’ about him really isn’t that big a deal. It’s like making fun of your friend. Mainly just to be funny, nothing meant.

  11. I wonder what the netizens think of this becuz I find this normal since it’s america

  12. aw can someone upload that clip on youtube. apparently it’s “not available in my region” D:

  13. SC is doing Rain a huge favor with all these freebie promotions ^_^! Gosh, I love SC’s one-eyebrow glares xD I hope Rain comes up with a funny response~~~ 🙂

    And come on people-who-don’t-think-this-is-hilarious – SC is OBVIOUSLY complimenting Rain all the time (with the tiny exception of Ninja Assassin being “bad” – which it was…I basically had to watch it on mute ;_;). But that’s of a more of a jab at the directors than Rain himself.

  14. he’s hilarious. too bad he didn’t made me laugh at the grammys! haha!

  15. kpop fans are goin to eat him up alive! goodluck! lol..

    kinda racist but i must say i that this is funny!
    Stepehn Colbert is singing Korean…wtf! lmao..

    • eat him up with their horrendous english? honestly this isnt the first time he has done this.

    • Come on… this is just a joke.. do you know what satire really mean?

  16. haha hes always after rain:))) rain i love you♥

  17. Haha I like how he keep promiting Rain. He need to have Rain guest on his show.

  18. That’s how America is. Ppl can just say whatever they want (even on TV) with their freedom of speech.

    • You understand that Stephen Colbert does SATIRE and is a COMEDIAN right? He’s doing this for laughs – not because he thinks Rain sucks.

      It’s a running gag on his show ever since Rain beat him out for the #1 spot on Time’s Most Influential People’s List back in 2007 (I think was the first year). Rain has even appeared on his show and they have “mocked” each other back and forth since. Stephen Colbert even was included in RAIN’s biography they did; he talks very highly of his “KPop Arch nemisis”.

      People really need to lighten up and get a sense of humor.

    • To understand the RAIN/COLBERT feud go to this link – go to part 3. Start at the 8:15 mark and then onto the 4th part and you will understand it’s all a joke. Rain and Colbert get along just fine!


    • Are you saying that freedom of speech is bad?
      Oh my god, don’t even TRY going into that alley.

    • I found it’s funny.
      and I believe Stephen also helping Rain with this. ^^

  19. Haha funny !

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