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TaeYang to be back with 1st full length album ‘Solar’ after 2 years on 1st July

Big Bang TaeYang will release his first full length album ‘Solar’ on 1st July.

According to YG Entertainment on 16th June, TaeYang will be releasing the album in deluxe edition on 1st July and from normal edition from 9th July. His solo song ‘Look Only At Me’ released in 2008 has received great interests and love from music fans.

The album will include 13 songs including bonus tracks like ‘Prayer’, and ‘Look Only At Me’. He will start the promotions of this new album after it is officially release. And the songs will also be revealed one at a time from 25th June till 30th June on the official site.

YG said, “This is an album with the music that TaeYang has always wanted to pursue since he was 13 years old and worked hard on. We hope that this will be a good present to fans and fans will look forward to the album since TaeYang has spent a long time preparing hard for it.”

The title song and the MV will be revealed on 1st July on online music sites on 1st July.



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  1. […] Meanwhile, TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ is set for release on 1st July. More information about the comeback here. […]

  2. […] Meanwhile, TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ is set for release on 1st July. More information about the comeback here. […]

  3. […] Meanwhile, TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ is set for release on 1st July. More information about the comeback here. […]

  4. […] Meanwhile, TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ is set for release on 1st July. More information about the comeback here. […]

  5. yayy! can’t wait to see taeyang again! (:

  6. Why the comments here are suddenly become a war-ground for YG-lovers and SME-lovers?

    No offense everyone, but can’t these bashing behaviour leaved out?
    Can’t we netizens just stay supportive to our fave artists and sportive on heading the competition of tallent and professionality our fave’s on?
    I’m tired of reading bashings everywhere..
    Let’s just respect each other please!

  7. so many annoying, pathetic sm fans here.

    • well.. u cant blame them.. really!! they just feel insecure.. whats with all YGs comeback.. how do u supposed their little idols will survived this summer??? one can never blame these scared little kids.. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. so much hating


    • that’s because these haters are just too scared for their favourites cos they know that their favourites are no match for Big Bang and YG artists in general. they are a bunch of pitiful little fans who have nothing comparable to back up their boasting about their favourites. that’s why they resort to bashing … pathetic rite?

  9. Why you say that is his came back after 2 years ??

    he has wedding Dress song before some months ago


    OMG OMG OMG! BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JULY 1sT!! yaaaaaaaayyy!! Great music coming up!! YES!

  11. YES! today’s a good day. comeback announcements galore! yoo jaesuk, tae yang, AND seven! yaaaayyyyyyayayay

  12. OMG
    BIG BANG ❤
    SEV7EN ❤

  13. wooooohhw… I CANT WAIT!!!
    im excited

  14. woohoo~!!! YB in the mothereffin building!!! wooo~!!

  15. aight Youngbae give us what you got…can’t wait

  16. 26th june, 1st july, 21st july! this is gonna be interesting!

  17. will not succeed. shinee will eat him in july!

    • as he said, he didn’t look for popularity and winning award, all he want is to show his fans and averybody his music. pathetic hater.

    • you little motherfucker sones! your a so fucking ignorant bitch like what the fuck bash on yg people all day and praise your SM people ! plzz dont be so stupid!obivously like lalalalala saiud ty really doesnt care about awards and stuff he is just the kind of singer that wants people to admire his music….your just a peice of dogshit that have nothig nelse to do and bash on peopel all day…seriously fuck all you little sones! and shinee will not eat him in july taeyang will kick asses in july so stfu! no wonder you guys are hated by so much other fan club cuz you guys hella bitchy! too bad the blackocean didnt happen again cuz i noe more than 1 millions of fans will want to celebrate about it!

    • f* shinee.

    • SHINee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bigbang any day 😀

      • BigBang >>>> girlyboy group that is shinee anyday & better music too.

      • sorry but SHINee babies are talented as hell and Bigbang are cool and all but they will never be like Shinee (talented AND good looking). 😀
        SHINee are the BEST <333333333333333

      • Shinee more talented than BB? Rofl! Even if SM let them compose a song it wouldnt even be able to match up one of BB’s intros.

      • oh my shinee is more talent than bigbang…. yeah really funny(NOT) i mean even if you love your SHINee and blah blah SHINee CAN NEVER be as talented as bigbang.. and for MUSIC do you really want be to talk about it? any BB song/intro>>>>>>>>>SHINee’s song…. i’m sorry but that is the truth and wtf is RING DINg DONG ….and also not to mention bigbang members can compose and choreagraph their own song…

    • Well at least he doesn’t have to sing Ring Ding Dong….

      • YES!
        at least his song have beautiful meaning…not like SHINee…
        there is just 2 of shinee who can sing, the other is supposed to be “the pretty boy rapper”…..and one is gay who is supposed to be with f(x) instead of amber,,,,,and the last one is the “dancer”..lol….
        and taeyang have GREAT VOICE, GREAT BODY, MANLY, CAN DANCE….4(and more) in 1 person…

        and WTF is RING DONG DONG DING RANG DONG, do you call that a song.
        and noona you are pretty,,,, make up, shake up break up…!!! do call this song!!

        i know taeyang might shorter than other boy-band members, but at least he have TALENT

    • We’ll see.

    • What’s with all the bashings?!?!?
      Can’t we jst respect each other?
      Both Taeyang and SHINee are great and they have their own style.

  18. Cant wait. . .

    Cant patience. . .

  19. omg,i cant wait~i love great music from the great artists~ yg totally dominates this summer,go go yg family~cant wait for 2ne1 and big bang’s comeback too~

  20. hahaha!!! YG is really something….after months of silence …now he’s releasing it all at once…first TOP then Taeyang!! ❤

  21. June 21st= TOP
    July 1st = Taeyang
    July 21st = Se7en

    i wont be surprised if Big Bang comes out on August 1st & 2NE1 on August 21st because of the pattern LOL

    • lol.. *cross ur finger*

    • That would be sooo awesome!! july-december will be dominated by YG fo sho! TOP – Taeyang – Se7en – BB – 2NE1. HELL YEAH! 21st = 2NE1 YG = numba 1!

    • On the 7th and 8th they’ll be in Japan performing at the Summer Sonic 2010 music festival. Big Bang will make their comeback at the end of August.

  22. Solar???? se que su nombre significa sol y todo eso pero
    ‘Solar’ es un nombre ridiculo para su album LOL.

  23. excitedd! but why is the DELUXE edition going to be released before the NORMAL edition?

    i wonder if “solar” has anythign to do with “SOL” which is his stage name in certain situations AND means “sun” in spanish

  24. i can’t wait, Taeyang got so much talents

  25. OMG! YG is getting the fans all hyped with all these infos…Gummy TOP Seven then TaeYang…cant w8

  26. that’s cool
    vip, let’s ready!!!

  27. YUP!!! Looking forward for this. YG Family’s going to dominate so be very afraid!!! Bwuhaha!!!


    This is like the best news EVER! :DDDDD I AM EFFING EXCITED!

    But then that means Big Bang will probably comeback next year seeing how Se7en is also coming back. I am conflicted DDDDD: Happy for Se7en and YB but sad about Big Bang.

    • BIGBANG is scheduled to make a comeback around August. Probably towards the end of August or early September.

  29. ABOUT TIME. 😀

    My goodness, I know this summer’s gonna kick ass because YG fam are slowly coming back for real. TOP, SE7EN, TAEYANG…then BB, 2ne1 (I hope so!).

    Cannot wait! 🙂

  30. This kid’s voice is one of my fave.
    His music’s cool too…
    Like him!!! d^_^

  31. WOOHOOOO! 😀
    I hardly cant waitttttt!

  32. First was Only look at me then wedding dress now a full lenght album oh i cannot wait 🙂

    • Taeyang looks like a midget in that pic hahaha….

      • he is a midget for real

      • N taeyeon is so not midget right >__> tsssk stupid sone hope snsd will get another black ocean

      • you little mother fucking sones get the fuck out of this page ! why the fuck commenting here hope the stupid sones get beat up by cassies,vips,blackjacks,triple S ,ELFS,wonderfuls and all the other fanclubs cuz you guys are hella fuckign annoying! ! no wonder snsd got they black ocean on 2008 dream concert ! because of you little motherfuckign sones that have nothign to do buy comment bash!i swear if i see you bashing again on this page or other page i’ll fuckign cuss you to hell!

      • agree with ‘donghae lover’

        Taeyang is just a midget LOL poor thing.

      • and heechul is a girl LOL poor thing

      • He’s a midget but with an enormous talent..

  33. this better b true…or YG’s in for it bad >:-(

  34. *tears of great happiness*
    been waiting so damn long for this
    why can’t it be july 1st already??

  35. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Patty Panther~ and Belle Fuentes, Amanda Lee. Amanda Lee said: RT @sookyeong: TaeYang to be back with 1st full length album 'Solar' after 2 years on 1st July http://wp.me/phE2s-9lS […]

  36. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Thats all I can do at this point! Summer filled with pure awesomeness.

  37. TAEYANG. OMGGGG. NEW ALBUM. Actual news confirming it.

    Countdown and slow reveals to his songs, whee~~

    Can’t wait!! ^^

  38. yes yes yes yes yes!!!

  39. super excited! i can’t wait!

    spazzing!!! i’m definitely buying the deluxe edition! 🙂

  40. YES!! CONFIRMED! 1st July~ Here I come~

    Taeyang Have a Marvelous Summer! Wohoooo!

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

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