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Victoria talks about first WGM filming, “When Nich Khun appeared, I went dazed”

f(x) Victoria talks about her first filming with 2PM Nich Khun as made-believe couple for MBC We Got Married.

Victoria revealed through SM Entertainment on 16th May, “During the first filming, I was really curious who will appear (as my made-believe husband). And when Nich Khun seonbae appeared, my mind just went blank.”

She also said, “Thinking back, I wondered how I had completed the first filming with Nich Khun seonbae, because I was so nervous then.” The 2 were recently confirmed as new couple on the show, and their first filming took place on 1st June. They had gone into the first filming not knowing who they will be paired with.

Meanwhile, the 2 had already garnered great interests as the show’s first foreigner couple. Victoria is from China and Nich Khun from Thailand, and even though Victoria is a year older than Nich Khun, she calls Nich Khun by ‘seonbae’ as he had debuted before her.

Their first episode on the show will be aired within this month.



48 Responses

  1. people who hate Vic because they’re a couple are patetic. It’s only show!

  2. Oh man, she so lucky…
    Hope they will be a cute couple …Lol
    Fans will hate this couple b’coz we also love Khunnie..

  3. i dont feel the chemistry…theyr kinda look a like…looks like a siblings…d girl looks older…they hv uncanny resemblance…

    • have u heard of vict speaking in korean? her korean is just too weird, her china accent is to heavy… and when she speaks, her mouth will move foward instead of normal speaking movement..

      • LOL… so what?? This is WGM, not a show on how to speak Korean properly.
        Anyway, what’s the connection between their chemistry together & Victoria’s weird Korean? Your statement didn’t make any sense at all… LOL XD

      • hello.. there’s a connection.. u do need to speak korean in order to communicate in WGM.. it’s a korean show anyway.. and if one doesn’t pronoun korean words properly, how would the other party understands u and therefore build chemistry.. LOL.

      • Yeah, but Khun’s also a foreigner, i think he’ll understand Vic’s situation. And i heard Khun can speak Chinese too, so there’ll be no big problem for them to communicate with each other.

  4. Does anyone know when they plan on showing the first episode of them?

    ^^ I’m really excited to see their interactions together.

  5. hahaha really excited!
    but i‘m afraid that all of people said : i love this couple already, or, i ship this couple hard, or i‘m sure this gonna be interesting,
    and when it‘s boring, they stop talking about them.
    just like yongseo
    i‘m personaly love goguma couple much more than adam couple though

  6. This couple is going to become my favorite (: I heard the Korean fans are starting to call them ViNi… It’s really cute. ViNi the Pooh~ haha I’m so random.

  7. WGM is scripted. they alr knew who is their the other partner is before filming. do u think their company will allow this pairing w/o checking whether the other party is ‘famous’ enough to pull up their popularity. somemore, there was a kkorean article stating tt vict hestitates to join bcuz of khun’s popularity and has been delaying

  8. i’m starting to dislike her..

    • WGM is scripted. they alr knew who is their the other partner is before filming. do u think their company will allow this pairing w/o checking whether the other party is ‘famous’ enough to pull up their popularity. somemore, there was a kkorean article stating tt vict hestitates to join bcuz of khun’s popularity and has been delaying

      • khun’s so overrated. he’s just a pretty face and nothing bluntly speaking. at least junho’s really good on DT, junsu kinda can sing. wooyoung’s pretty good mc and on variety, chansung…..’s the magnae (well he’s not overrated so it’s alright lol) and taec, well he’s got the teeth? oh and scandal with yoona duh.

        that aside, if khun makes a good husband to vict, i might actually like him haha

      • @ ..,

        Khun’s overrated? I thought Taecyeon’s more overrated than Khun.

      • @notahater well i think so too. but u can see where he’s popularity’s coming from now that he’s on FO2 and cinderella sister. (although ive heard FO2 isnt doing too well and have yet to watch cinderella sister)

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  10. Oh i cannot wait for this episode to be air and with subs, love this pair already, they provide something different to the scene

  11. This marriage will be uber cute. I prefer this wayyyyyyyyy more than TaecYoon.

  12. who wouldnt be dazed seeing Nickhun xP

  13. I really really excited for this 😀

  14. actually i worried for this couple although nichkhun knows abit of mandarin but i wonder how they are going to communicate since they are in korean show, they will have to speak korean. Nevertheless this couple is interesting so i will be anticipate this foreigner couple. ^^ can’t wait to watch!!

  15. they are so cute..
    cant wait for this couple on wgm

  16. wa.. cute couple (=

  17. i’m so watching this couple!!! this is the best combination kekeke~~~ khun speaks chinese too, haha they can secretly say something in chinese and others wont know lol~~~~~

  18. wahahahhahaha I have been waiting for their news!!!! at last!!!!
    thanks sookyeong LOL
    cant wait for their episode next week~~~~ la…la…la…right after my exams, i can watch it!!!!!
    been waiting~~~~~

    @kathy: yeah i agree, it’s totally different concept from season 1.
    now, they mainly have the idols ‘not marrying’ each other but just ‘dating’
    anyhow, i still like the concept of pairing idols, coz in real life they cant really date publicly right??? plus, i get to see some of my fav idols’ dating!!! wakaakakakkaka ^^

  19. I miss season 1. T___T

    It’s not WGM anymore! It’s idols tentatively dating.

    • I know. My Fave was really alex and i forgot his wife’s name and Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo. Now THAT was like true love or something.

      Hey does anyone know if it’s all scripted? Coz they’re filming and such. I thought it’ll be like hidden cams or such

      • is not the same as Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo there the best couple.

      • yes ssangchu was THE BEST. nowadays, i watch them film w cameras obviously in their faces. at least in season 1, they made an attempt to hide the cameras and stuff.

    • Adam Couple saved WGM2 it seems. 😀

  20. cheena girl

  21. I hate the fact that SME&JYPE are collaborating so much because it’s getting annoying with all these manufactured scandals and mediaplays to cover up the problems these companies are facing.

    BUT, I think this couple will be interesting to watch! 😀 Victoria seems very funny and outgoing and the fact that she and Khun are both foreigners will be interesting! i’m looking foward to watch them together.

    Although I wish Khun’s wife would be KARA’s Gyuri! It would be hilarious to see Khun’s soft prince persona interacting with Gyuri’s goddess persona! 😀

  22. LOL! gurrll if nickhun becomes my husband id totally go blank too!

  23. Nichkhun seonbae hahahaha
    it must be dongseng – noona later on XP

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  25. she’s adorable, they’ll make a great couple.

    VicKhun ❤


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