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3rd week with no filming for WGM Jo Kwon-GaIn couple, slowly making an exit on the show?

It has been known that this is the 3rd week that the filming for Jo Kwon-GaIn made-believe couple on We Got Married has been put on hold.

It seems that the ‘Adam Couple’ has come into friction with the production team of We Got Married after they had appeared in both MBC ‘We Got Married’ and ‘SBS Family Outing’ late last month. Filming for WGM has been put on a hold ever since GaIn took part in the filming of SBS Family Outing 2 on 31st May.

The couple would do filming every Wednesday, but for the 2nd, 7th and 16th June, there were no filmings. There are speculations that there are filmings sufficient for more broadcast content since MBC had a strike previously. So there was no need for filming.

But a MBC variety show official said, “It is not normal for shows to stop filming for 3 weeks because there is enough content left for airing. It seems the possibility is bigger that there is friction between the production team and the agencies.”

Unlike the Adam Couple, Jung YongHwa-SeoHyun couple did filming for WGM on 15th June in Seoul. It seems that the explanation that there is still sufficient broadcast content hence they are taking a rest in filming. There are careful observations that the couple maybe making their exit from the show with the friction between the couple’s agencies and the production team.

While there are also officials who revealed that the couple will not be leaving the show just yet. GaIn has been receiving many lovecalls from other variethy shows and her agency has been paying visits to MBC Ilsan office on several occasions. It seems that they are in tune on their stands about GaIn on variety shows.

S: HanKookDaily


28 Responses

  1. so THATS why the new eps didnt come out yet?!?
    i really hope they dont cancel it, more eps soon i hope!

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  3. if they leave the show, they’d better be dating in real life, otherwise i’m not a happy camper.

  4. they look so cute together wish that they could got together but they don’t i wonder why they are not >>>

  5. If they’re gone… at least I don’t have to keep waiting for WGM subs, because Adam couple is the only thing worth watching.

    Miss season 1. T_____________T

  6. I watch this adam couple and i admit that this couple brings so much fun especially jo kwon with his jokes and action. it will be pity if they leave wgm 😦 btw i think their wedding photoshoot has yet to be broadcasted so maybe their filming has temporary put on a hold.

  7. Honestly, They’re the only reason I watch this show. After the pioneer couples left I totally stopped. And no offense but SeoHyun&YongHwa are just so bland sometimes. Khun&Vic’s episode isn’t out yet so hopefully, hopefully they’re interesting enough to take Adam couples place if they do leave.

  8. NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *there goes the rating*

  9. @mi mi yea!!! couple outing!! i hope they will make once program like that haha

  10. i think if adam couple left this show, the show will never reach high rating again ><

    • well that happened with Andy&Solbi couple, their rating was really high.
      Not even adam couple highest rating reached AnSol’s.

  11. nooooooooooooo i don’t want them to leave…..

    but i sometimes got bored of how kwon keeps pushing ga in to move forward but ga in keeps resisting……………

    i want a couple outing!!

  12. Is it typo or what? if is normal or its not normal? lol

  13. Well it makes sense for them to stop shooting if they have enough footage. I mean why would you want them to film now if you’re not going to see it until months later? With the MBC strike, they are already behind with by airing episodes that were filmed back in March/April.

    Yeah the Sweet Potato filmed together recently, but the Adam couple should have a lot of more footage since they went to Bali for 4-5 days last month. I don’t think we should worry yet.

  14. OH NOOOO
    I hope that it is not true, for them I see the program, and WGM is the only program of variety that I follow

  15. I don’t want them to leave.

  16. this is probably a stupid question, but could someone explain to me why they’re called the Adam couple? I dont watch the show, so i dont have any background x( i just know they look adorbs together. 😀

    • coz Both Kwon and Gain look petite.

      • what does that have to do with adam? unless adam means something besides the name.

      • adam in korean (아담) means petite/small/etc. they dont literally mean the name Adam. its just that when its in konglish its adam (ah-dahm)

      • @secret and hellothere,

        thank you both 😀 i was wondering that for awhile and you both answered my question. much thanks!

      • lol thanks guys. been wanting to know that too! cheers~

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think adam in Korean means petite?

    • Because the korean word for small sounds like the english word adam.

  17. NOOOOO…. I LOVE ADAM COUPLE… as much as my love to Big Bang and BEAST… NOOOOO

  18. Nooooooooo!!!!
    The Adam couple is the main attraction for WGM.
    I hope they won’t be leaving… T_T

    • “GaIn has been receiving many lovecalls from other variethy shows and her agency has been paying visits to MBC Ilsan office on several occasions. It seems that they are in tune on their stands about GaIn on variety shows.”

      all depends of Gain.

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