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Fan threw a bra at 2PM Nich Khun at WonderGirls’ American concert performance

2PM Nich Khun got thrown an underwear by a fan during their American performance.

A video was uploaded on the 13th on Youtube which had garnered much netizens’ interests. 2PM had performed as the opening act to the WonderGirls’ American concert tour on 12th June in America Anaheim House Of Blues.

One of their performances was their debut song ’10 out of 10′ and while Nich Khun was doing his solo part of the song, what seems like a bra was thrown at him from the audiences. Nich Khun had seemed flustered at the moment but continued the performance with his sexy butt dance.

It has been known that is is common for fans to throw underwears at concerts of top stars in the States. However, Korean netizens’ responses to that was, “Must be embarrassing for Nich Khun”, “Why of all things a bra? This is too much”, “Cultural difference? But I still cannot understand” etc.

Meanwhile, 2PM will have their own independent concert in July in Seoul and Busan.


Watch the clip from 2:00

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  1. thanks for your usefull post,i allready bookmarked your blog and will come back for read future post
    keep share

  2. It must be embarrassing for khun! But this just shows that he’s loved by people from all around the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. seriously i think those netizens are waaa~~y too sensitive. It’s not only happens in america, btw…you can also find those kind of things in asia also…it’s better rather than throwing something hateful….

  4. Hahah uhh whats the big deal??
    At an All Time Low concert i went to, they did a tour prank on We The Kings and threw litterally HUNDREDS of bras on stage while they preformed a song HAHAH XD
    it was the single greatest thing i have ever seen.
    in america thats sorta thing is common, just how like in korea, stalking an idol is common… nbd~ ^^

  5. ewww…that girl needs some manners….
    and attention at home too…

  6. I think it is unfair to assume that it is just something that happens with U.S. fans —
    It doesn’t happen all the time in the U.S. like some people are assuming. And, many people in the U.S. would also think that it’s rude/awkward..

    • Its sweet of you to try to stand up for concerts and fans in the US but, it really is true… hahahah
      Its just for fun! At alllll of the concerts ive been to, the artists usually pick up 5-10 bras and just hang ’em on the mic stand HAHA
      Its funny and yeaaa JUST FOR FUN^^
      Not rude or awkward… more like WOO YEA! BRAS! LOL

  7. blahblah blah.

    live for the moment.

    people clearly find ridiculous mediums for reasons to bash other artists some way or another. this is about 2pm and wg.

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  9. I was there and yeah it did look like a bra. The boys sorta kicked it aside and just went on with her performance… I think at the very end when the curtain went down the stage hands cleared it from the stage.

  10. I got mad respect for the girl who did that. It’s all for fun.

  11. Nich Khun is one of only 2 nice guys in 2PM, the rest are gutter trash! Don’t disrespect him, the fan should have thrown the bra at Junsu or Junho, THEY would have enjoyed that!

    • Stop insulting the other members of 2PM. You like Nickhun yeah? So how would you feel if I insult Nickhun. Just an example, I love Nickhun btw. You may not like the others, but keep your comments to yourself.

      • Yeah, exactly. I totally agree with you, Elizabeth. Raymond Funamoto, think before you speak.

  12. it got tangled up in his feet!! loool….poor nickhun…it’s ur own fault for bein so damn cute! hahaha..

    it’s still gross tho…this ain’t the 80’s…=/

  13. ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ู‡ ู…ุชุฎู„ูู‡ ู‚ุณู…

    ุดูˆ ู‡ุงู„ู…ุตุฎุฑู‡

  14. Lmfao. I wonder who took care of the bra afterwarrds.

  15. I want to know who threw whatever it is a bra, underwear, cloth. I don’t care…I want to know who did it….
    Cause you are the BOMB, love it…..shit I would have thrown my damn self on stage if I could …. you go gurl LOL

  16. ewww I guess they were too excited O.O

  17. they threw condoms at suju? wth >.<

    man they could have spent the money on gifts for the guys, but instead she buys a bra and throws it at him. Does it look like he needs one?

  18. haha, that was hilarious

  19. Hahah Was that Junsu or Chansung that was smiling after he and khun pass by each other xD

    oh man that’s funny..i just hope they were clean or new purchased bras LOL

  20. welcome to america boys

  21. in super junior’s super show in Philippines, someone threw a red thong to leeteuk and there are numerous fans also threw condoms & undies on stage.

    what’s the big deal? it’s just for fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. is is too much? and suicide petition for jay is ok? wow

    • stop treating it as if koreans are all the same.

      • I think the point taengo is trying to get across, is that the article suggests that Korean netizens are assuming that ALL American fans are the same… So taengo is applying the same logic right back.

      • I agree with pearllovestop.

  23. BTW off topic
    I noticed after 2PM took part in WG tour, their soompi thread got 150+ visitors all the time.
    JYP promo works. Spread 2PM love

    • well i think most of the fans at the WG concerts are 2pm fans anyway
      their fans even shout louder than wonderful

      i wonder who did it? lol

    • It’s ok for true 2pm fan

  24. 2pm/hottest = overly dramatic
    yawn,tiring and boring

  25. lol i feel bad for nickhun
    hes probably like “why me?..” or “wtf..”

  26. someone has gots to
    explain groupie rules
    to those fans in korea

    you see, it’s like this:

    fangirl really *WANTS* boy idol
    fangirl throws her bra, panties, thong, etc. at boy idol
    boy idol is then expected to jump on fangirl (offstage later)
    fangirl gets boy idol
    fangirl is extremely happy

    now, see, isn’t that simple?
    that’s the groupie rules on how a fangirl gets a boy idol in the USA

  27. there’s something wrong with me i guess.. i couldn’t see anything flying across-.- LOL anyway, it’s just different way of attracting the hotties’ attention!

  28. Hahaha I bet nickhun must be totally shocked!
    It’s just culture shock, relax
    On the bright side, people there seem to welcome them! Otherwise, they will be trowing something else instead of bra ^^

  29. That’s nothing compared to the condoms thrown at SS2 concert of SuJu in PH. :))

  30. as I see, there’s 2 “things” not 1 :((

  31. yeah “cultural differences”, instead of bras they send bloody letters…

    • thats totally unfair. there are way more fans in america who throw underwear than fans in korea who write blood letters. dont make it seem likea common thing.

  32. โ€œCultural difference?”<— way too sensitive those netizen..of course cultural differences.
    โ€œWhy of all things a bra?"<—-well then a thong would be more appropriate I think.


    • ahaha… lol. some even goes wild and take all of their clothes off! ahaha

      • Yup, and this is probably a whole lot better than accusing other fans that their fellow fans are stupid, horny, cheap, pathetic.

        Which is unfair, because only a select few ruin it for everyone.

    • ewww 2pm fans are cheap.

      • some elf’s threw condoms at suju on stage. who’s fans are cheap now?

      • lets be honest, ELFs are more decent and polite than 2pm horny fans.

      • “elf are decent n polite” ? Lol please. They are the ones who bullied an other elf until she kills herself, throws condoms n thongs at suju n the ones who keep shouting only 13 whenever Henry n ZhouMi performs with suju -_-

      • Oh please, elfs are more decent and polite? Throwing condoms is better than throwing bras? I see. So that’s how your brain works. So I suppose that to you, having sex is better than wearing clothes. Hmmm.

    • it looks like there is already a yellow thong there? O_O

      • It’s different cuture, the fan show their love but chant Jay name in dream concert when 2pm perform, I think it overload rude.

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