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f(x) Amber, “My agency did not force me to keep the short hairstyle”

f(x) Amber talks about her short hairstyle.

f(x) members were on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 16th June when Amber revealed, “I’ve heard from many people that I am like a guy since I was little.”

When asked by the MCs on the show if she had kept the short hairstyle because her agency had made her to, Amber answered, “No. Because it is very comfortable, I cut it short.”

Also on the show, Amber mimicks the expression of her lookalike animal, which had everyone in the studio laughing.

Meanwhile, f(x) is promoting the song ‘NU ABO’ off their 1st minialbum.



14 Responses

  1. isn’t that show Radio Star…not golden fishery?! O_O
    anyways..LOL at the llama pic! ahahaha~

  2. well she needs better taste, that haircut is so unfortunate.

  3. Love Fx
    F(x) fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. whatever! Fx….you guys have nothing else issues.

  5. her haircut is fugly =_= her debut hairstyle was better …

  6. Amber and her gender issue is getting lame.
    It’s been a year since they debuted, doesn’t she have anything else to talk about?

    I also realized that f(x) members talk about the same thing over and over again
    Amber = gender
    Krystal = her sister/family
    Sulli = her past/cute childhood photo

    • Sulli enjoys talking about Heechul, as well :]

    • Obviously they have to talk about the same thing over and over again if they’re being ASKED about it. What are they supposed to do?

  7. Oh snap. I thought that this group had a male member, but it was her all along? 0_0 Woops. (lol). I was thinking, “oh, how cool. A girl group with one boy”…Guess I was wrong :-/

  8. F(x) fans know that Amber boyish image is natural.

  9. Well she did say she feels weird being in girls clothing and all. There’s no reason to force her to keep her tomboyish look if she really wants it.

  10. ahh, she’s soo cute!

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