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f(x) Sulli, “Kim HeeChul has teased me a lot when I was young, like saying that my feet smell”

f(x) Sulli talks about how she had cried a lot because of Super Junior Kim HeeChul.

During the girls’ appearance on MBC Golden Fishery on 16th June, Sulli revealed, “Since I was young, Kim HeeChul had made fun for me a lot. He would tease me that my feet smell, or come up and ask me if I washed my hair. Because I was young, I have felt very hurt by them.”

But she added, “I have also teaser Kim HeeChul. I have smeared mud on his pants with a muddy ball.”

Meanwhile on the show hat day, Super Junior Kim HeeChul made a special appearance as he was filming MBC Come To Play at the same time too. He said, “Please love the f(x) dongsaengs.”

S: MTStarNews


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  5. Heechul only picks on people that he likes and cares about.

  6. Self proclaimed cold hearted man really is a kind hearted person. They are like siblings just like how he is with Yoona on FO2 and Jessica (SNSD). What’s cool is both Heechul and Sohee think Sulli cute. Nice to see his secret girlfriend like Sulli to.

  7. Everybody knows that when a guy makes fun of a girl like that, it’s because he likes her. They look really cute together and even with the age gasp between them, I wouldn’t be surprised or unhappy to hear that they’re dating.

    • F(x) sulli is Kim hee chul’s godsister. They are just like sibblings. Romance would be gross. Heechul is pretty honest about his feelings for Sohee. Sohee likes him to.

  8. عليه تعليقات , عذبها المسكينة . .

  9. I will be so HAPPY if I have someone like HEECHUL to take care of me the way he take care of Suli
    I will always laugh

  10. they have a bro/sis relationship xD

  11. Heechul oppa neva fails 2 amuse mi everytime..I’m sooo in2 him nw..Heechul oppa daebak.. =p

  12. golden fishery? that’s not right…its supposed to be radio star right..

    • exactly what i was thinking, LOL.

      and it’s so sweet that heechul visited his dongsaengs.. 🙂

  13. cute

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