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Krystal’s shocking confession, “Unnie Jessica has taken away my money before”

f(x) Krystal gives a shocking revelation that her sister So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica has once stolen away her money from her before.

Krystal had revealed that during f(x)’s appearance on MBC Golden Fishery on 16th June that during their childhood days, Jessica and her fought a lot.

Shin JungHwa asked, “Your unnie has once apologised and cried on broadcast when talking about you. What did she do wrong?” Krystal answered, “Even though we are both sisters, before debut we have quarreled a lot. As sister, unnie has taken away my clothes and money.” The MCs on the show were shocked to hear that Jessica had taken away money away from her younger sibling.

Shin JungHwa then asked, “Do you have the same taste in clothes with your sister?” Krystal answered, “Right now, very different. Unnie is fresh and cute and really likes lovely pink. I like more ‘down’ style.”

Currently, f(x) is promoting the title song ‘NU ABO’ off their 1st minialbum.

S: Newsen

12 Responses

  1. That’s normal. My sister and I borrow each others’ clothes without each others’ knowing or just tell the other after using. We just don’t take each others money because we both have jobs.

  2. Everybody fights with their siblings its abnormal if u didn’t lol

  3. these mc’s are just pretending to be shocked. that is unless they’re completely blinded by their own illusions.

  4. ياهي ترفع ضغطي هالجيسيكا اختها تنبلع بس سنسد اسم نحس ونكسه اي شي لهم علاقه فيه بالبلاك لست 🙂

  5. I think I’m a good sibling. I never took my sister’s clothes or money! Hahahaha.

    But it’s common for siblings to take each others stuff… maybe the MCs were good siblings like me, and had friends who were good siblings.

  6. Brothers too ! Don’t tell me nobody fought with their siblings !!

  7. ^Yeah, same here

    No biggie

  8. It’s normal for sisters to do so.
    I often take my older sister’s money from her without her knowing it. And she often borrows my clothes without me knowing.

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  10. lol why so shocked. i’ll be more shocked if they dont quarrrel please. it’s normal. i quarrel with my sisters 24/7 for like the past 16 years.
    not that we pretend we dont quarrel in front of the cameras or something….

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